Charities For Single Moms

Charities For Single Moms

Single mothers constitute 80% of single-parent households in the United States. They frequently have to battle financial difficulties, emotional challenges, social stigma, and the parental responsibility of growing up and raising their kids alone. Solo mothers face a unique set of challenges in their day-to-day lives from pressing financial challenges to the daily hustle of providing for their children. However, they should not feel alone in their journey as wonderful charities are working throughout the USA to give them the right assistance and support. This guide will help single mothers to explore some exceptional charities which will help them to navigate their single motherhood journey. Some of the best charity cars for single moms include Feeding America, Single Mothers Outreach, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and so on. Whether you are a young single mom seeking financial help to raise your child or financial support to pursue higher education these charitable organizations will ease your difficulties and provide your plethora of services.

How To Find Single Mom Charities Near Me?

Single moms can find a lot of helpful charities in their local area as well as in online communities that can help them navigate their difficult journey and reduce their financial burden. Single mothers should familiarize themselves with the mission, history, and values of the charity that they are applying to, therefore checking their website is the best place to begin your search. Here you can learn about the eligibility criteria, the application process, the deadline, and other additional information that will help you to decide the right charity for yourself. Choose a charity with effective and clear goals. Also before applying for help and financial status determine the eligibility criteria and make sure the criteria align with your needs.

There are a lot of popular charities which help single moms to pay for their expenses and bills. One of the easiest options that single moms can do is to simply Google search for the helpful charities that assist single moms with bills near them and enter the town or city that they are living in. This will help them to show a list of resources that are available near them. Besides they can get in touch with the local United Way chapter to locate financial assistance. By contacting your local United Way 211 chapter you can get in touch with organizations near your region and get support. They can help you to cover your needs like finding employment, locating shelter, meals, childcare, and so on. There are also many local churches throughout the United States which help single moms. Local churches can help them with food and clothing drives and even provide them with transportation, childcare, and shelter assistance. While some may not provide you with direct financial support to cover your bills, the supportive programs provided by local churches will help you in saving money. Depending on your location you can find tons of local organizations running in your community that assist single moms to cover their bills. Many communities have local food banks. Some communities also work with local charities to assist single moms to cover their basic needs like housing community bills, childcare, and so on.

Charities For Single Moms

If you are looking for charities that help single moms in their difficult times the below-mentioned organizations will help you to fulfill your needs.

1. Warrick Dunn Charities

Founded by Warrick Dunn the Warrick Dunn Charities is committed to making the dream of homeownership possible for single moms and dads. Warrick Dunn wanted to fulfill his mother’s dream and started the Homes for Holidays Program and even collaborated with a lot of local organizations and institutions to furnish properties and provide quick down payment assistance to single-parent homeowners. Single moms who wish to achieve their homeownership goals and offer a safe and secure environment to their children can seek assistance from this charity. The charity has already furnished 200 houses and has positively impacted around 541 individuals’ lives through stable and safe housing. The organization has raised around 5 million in donations to turn the homeownership dream of single-parent families into reality. Warrick Dunn Charities continue their aim with ongoing support from individual donors and partners.

2. Life Of A Single Mom

This is a charity organization that strives to help, uplift and educate single moms on a variety of topics related to finance, health, and parenting. Life Of A Single Mom offers supportive services through educational workshops and support groups so that single moms can attend self-sufficiency and get back on their feet. The charity does not offer financial assistance directly to needy single moms however it provides the right resources and programs so that single moms can use them in their tough times and know where and how to find assistance. The eligibility criteria to seek help from this organization is that you have to prove that you are a single mom.  This charity is dedicated to supporting single moms who are navigating motherhood alone. Single-mother support groups provided by the Life Of A Single Mom across the United States post a lot of social events so that single moms can network and expand their social circle.

3. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities in the US is a charity network that works to eradicate poverty and help single mothers and needy populations to become self-reliant. Catholic Charities provide numerous services like housing, counseling, disaster relief, national support, and healthcare services to millions of Americans every year. Originally formed in 1910 Catholic Charities were revived with a new mission of eradicating the poverty rate in America in 2007. The charity continues to assess millions of Americans in poverty irrespective of their religious beliefs. Every Catholic Charity branch has its own set of eligibility criteria however single mothers are required to receive public assistance like CHIP or Medicaid to apply. Also, your household income should be at or less than 60% of the HUD median income of the area where you reside. Catholic Charities have multiple food pantries that they operate and also distribute meals to the needy. Depending on your situation you can purchase prescription medication, cover childcare costs, utility bills, and rent payments from the charity. But how much do Catholic Charities give to single moms? Catholic Charities can help single moms with an amount between $200 to $1500 to cover rent, prescriptions, utilities, and more depending on your qualifying status and the availability of funds.

4. American Red Cross

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881. Her experience with wounded soldiers in the American Civil War resulted in the birth of this charity. Since its inception, the charity has been consistent and dedicated to offering aid and assistance to lots of poor Americans including single moms. This organization is renowned for offering international national relief for a lot of disasters, especially personal disasters like fires in residences. If a single mom needs help and support because of an unstable living situation then the American Red Cross can be of great help. They can help single mothers to locate a safe and secure place to sleep, get assistance with healthcare, and mental health support, seek good food and water, childcare, resources for disaster relief, laundry and so on. Single moms being affected by disasters will surely get a lot of assistance and support from the American Red Cross. You can visit the official website of the charity to locate the support that you are seeking.

5. The Salvation Army

This is one of the most renowned charity organizations which is working not only in the United States but across the world. The mission of the Salvation Army is to offer short-term support and financial assistance to families in need, especially single parents so that they can attain self-sufficiency and financial stability in their lives. The Salvation Army supports 10 million needy individuals. Founded in 1865 Salvation Army is recognized as an international organization that operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. The charity offers different services and solutions to communities in different parts of the country. The charity helps single moms with rental assistance, utility and bill assistance, food pantries, Christmas gifts, and other things. Sometimes assistance can also include things like floating, thrift stores, seasonal programs, etc. Unlike other charities, Salvation Army has limited funding and resources therefore they come with strict eligibility requirements which have to be met to become eligible for the services.

6. Bridge Of Hope

The main priority of Bridge of Hope is to assist the homeless population and eradicate foreclosure or eviction. The charity works closely with religious organizations and churches throughout the United States and strives to prevent foreclosure and evictions among low-income families and single-parent households. The Bridge Of Hope Neighborhood Of Support has been designed to provide long-term housing solutions to homeless people and this support lasts for one to two years. Single mothers get adequate opportunities and time to prepare themselves and acquire permanent housing in the long run. The eligibility requirements of Bridge of Hope may differ depending on the location where single moms are residing however you need to be at risk of eviction or homeless to seek assistance from the charity. The organization is headquartered in Pennsylvania and operates in 13 states of the USA including  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, California, Texas, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, and so on.

7. Feeding America

Earlier known as Second Harvest this charity is a large network of hunger relief organizations that works throughout the United States. The mission of Feeding America is to fight against hunger in America and maintain as well as establish partnerships with multiple food banks in the USA. The charity works with regional and national food support programs and provides single moms and needy people nutritious food and hot meals. Feeding America strives to offer a safe and secure environment for underserved families and hungry children. The charity supports disaster relief efforts and assists adults to attain financial stability and self-sufficiency in their lives so that they can feed themselves on their own. Single moms and their children can get nutritious and healthy meals at Feeding America centers. You can visit its official website to find more information about how you can seek assistance from the charity.

8. Carsformoms.Org

This charity car for single moms offers free vehicles to single-parent families so that they can become self-sufficient and carry out their day-to-day activities conveniently. This nonprofit organization is committed to assisting single moms so that they can obtain a free vehicle. Carsformoms.Org charity accepts donations and then uses the vehicle to offer free vehicles, public transportation, auto repairs, and travel to single moms. The organization believes that providing free automobiles to single-parent families will make them self-reliant and they can reach their workplace, healthcare, school, or emergencies quickly. Free car for single mothers is not a giveaway but an important tool to improve their status in the future. A single-mom household should be nominated on the website of the organization to receive a car or free automobile.


Being a single mom is a tremendously difficult journey. It isn’t easy to raise children and provide for them on one source of income. Fortunately, help and assistance is available for struggling single mothers in wonderful charities that help them make ends meet and get assistance to cover their necessities. No matter whether you are looking for assistance to cover your rental or utility bills or to pursue higher education there are lots of national and local single mom charities running throughout the United States whom you can turn to for help and support. Some organizations offer direct financial support, and some can provide you with indirect aid and give you referrals and information to reduce your financial burden.

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