Grants For Single Mom In New Jersey

Grants For Single Mom In New Jersey

Around one-third of single moms living in New Jersey with dependent children are below the poverty line and struggle to provide necessities for their children. Through the state programs of New Jersey, anyone in hardship can be eligible to receive assistance in the form of food, subsidized child care, free medical care, cash benefits, affordable housing, and many more. The financial assistance programs for single moms in New Jersey will help you to assist in terms of your needs, pay your bills and grow your child in a secure and nurtured space.

Does New Jersey Help Single Moms?

The population of New Jersey is around 9 million, among which one million people live in poverty. The state’s poverty rate is 11.1%, and single moms have higher rates of poverty and unemployment. New Jersey helps single mothers by offering a lot of assistance and support so that they can survive and get through their difficult times. The main objective of financial assistance for single moms in NJ is to enable low-income solo moms to care for their children and promote self-sufficiency, professional preparation and financial stability.

Different Grants For Single Moms In New Jersey

Financial aid for single moms in New Jersey comes from the government and nongovernmental bodies. These programs offer a great hand to meet their needs and carry out their daily requirements. Some of these grants and programs in New Jersey are as follow:

1. New Jersey SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in New Jersey offers food assistance to low-income families and single mothers so that they can purchase groceries and have a nutritionally adequate diet. Single moms who cannot provide well balanced and healthy food to their children because of limited resources can seek help from this program. Families earning a gross income less than 185% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for this program. A single mother of two kids earning less than $3380 monthly can qualify for SNAP benefits. An eligible family of three members can receive financial support up to $535 per month to buy a nutritional diet.

2. WFNJ, WorkFirst New Jersey

This is a welfare program in the state of New Jersey that offers cash assistance to poor families and single parents with children under 18 years of age. The main objective of this program is to ensure the well-being of New Jersey residents and enable them to become self-sufficient through education, job training, and employment activities. The financial assistance received under this program can be availed for five years in a lifetime. Disabled persons, children under 18, and older adults are exempted from this limitation. The recipients of this program can also receive emergency assistance under unforeseen situations. The WorkFirst New Jersey General Assistance Program is designed for couples and single adults without dependent children who do not qualify for the WFNJ program and have little or no source of income.

3. LIHEAP, New Jersey Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This program assists low-income households and single mothers in paying their utility bills so that they can stay warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. If you are a struggling single mom unable to pay home energy bills, you can be eligible for this program, provided your household income does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty level guidelines. You can contact your local Community Action Agency to learn how to get energy assistance through this program and pay for your home heating or cooling bills.

4. New Jersey Medicaid

New Jersey Medicaid is a federally funded healthcare insurance program managed and administered by the Division Of Medical Assistance And Health Services. This program targets poor and moderate-income households who have no access to healthcare insurance. This program offers health insurance to more than 6000 low-income single moms, children, parents, elderly citizens, and disabled or blind individuals in New Jersey. The health insurance services of this program include prescription medication coverage, hospitalization, nursing home care, doctor visits, and many other healthcare services.

5. CCSP, New Jersey Child Care Subsidy Program

New Jersey Child Care Subsidy Program offers subsidized childcare voucher payments to low-income working families and full-time students who can successfully meet the guidelines and eligibility criteria as decided by the New Jersey State. Families earning less than 200% of the federal poverty level can receive assistance under this program. The childcare subsidy received under this program will enable you to pay for childcare expenses for preschool-age children, toddlers, school-age children till 13 years, and children with special needs till 19 years. Eligible participants must enroll in a school or training program for at least 20 hours weekly or be employed full-time to receive childcare assistance.

6. New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant

The Higher Education Student Assistance Authority administers the New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant. It provides low-income students and single-parent students the chance to attend post-secondary colleges or universities in the state and cover their tuition costs. Single mother students who could not pay their tuition fees due to the financial crisis can apply for this program. The grant award will depend on the family contribution of the student as well as the institution they are attending.

7. SRAP, New Jersey State Rental Assistance Program

The SRAP program is a state-funded financial offering housing subsidies to extremely low-income New Jersey residents. The main priority of this program is given to elderly citizens, low-income families living with children, single parents, and disabled individuals. The program requires applicants to reside in the state for a minimum of six months before applying for the program. Single moms who cannot pay their rent and are looking for affordable housing can apply for this program.


Single moms in New Jersey have to go through a lot of financial and emotional stress or providing for their families, taking care of their children, providing them with a safe and secure environment, and paying their monthly bills. Fortunately, there are a lot of assistance programs and grants in New Jersey that enable single moms to stay ahead and reduce their burden.

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