Non Profit Organizations For Single Moms

Non Profit Organizations For Single Moms

A nonprofit organization for single mothers provides support and assistance to moms who are raising their children alone. These 501©3 nonprofit organizations help them with food, education, emotional support, and many other help.

Different Non-Profit Organizations For Single Moms

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations which support single moms and run throughout the United States. These organizations include the following:

1. Bridge Of Hope

Bridge Of Hope is a nonprofit organization that has teamed up with Christian organizations and local churches to mentor and support single parents along with kids who are experiencing homelessness or foreclosure. The primary aim of this nonprofit is to assist underserved families find a roof over their heads and seek emotional support along with financial mentoring. The programs provided by this nonprofit organization range between 18 to 24 months and enable families to get ample time and opportunities to improve their life and get back on their feet.

2. Parents Without Partners

This is a multi-support organization that supports kids and low-income parents including single mothers so that they can cultivate feelings of belonging and acceptance. The nonprofit organization provides an opportunity to single moms so they can overcome feelings of insecurity and isolation. This nonprofit supports them with immense opportunities for boosting self-confidence, enhancing personal growth, and sensitivity towards other parents. The parenting techniques imparted through this nonprofit are stored in a safe and supportive environment that fosters friendship and encouragement among one another.

3. Modest Needs

This nonprofit aims to provide short-term financial assistance to families including single moms who are living just above the poverty line and are unable to receive government assistance programs. The self-sufficiency grant by Modest Needs helps single-parent families and low-income individuals to cover a variety of needs like healthcare, regular monthly bills for funeral expenses, car repairs, and household appliances. Single moms who are employed or earning low income as determined by the median income level in their area can qualify for such grants and financial assistance from the nonprofit organization.

4. Helping Hands For Single Moms

This is a nonprofit charity that works throughout the United States and assists single moms with scholarships, all-around support, and financial assistance so that they can pursue college degrees and raise their children properly. Low-income single moms who want to pursue career goals but are facing financial difficulty can contact Helping Hands For Single Moms. The nonprofit organization goes beyond financial aid and assists single moms with many other things such as car repairs, reconciling day-to-day costs, children’s textbook purchases, monthly support groups, professional counseling, and so on.

5. Single Parent Advocate

This is a faith-based nonprofit organization that supports and empowers single-parent families throughout the USA. The primary focus of this nonprofit organization is empowerment and it also works closely with businesses, nonprofits, and churches to build customized and unique support systems so that single moms can access counseling, financial assistance, education, childcare, employment opportunities, and legal advocacy.

6. Fellowship Housing

The priority of this nonprofit organization is to meet the needs of near-homeless or homeless single mothers. This nonprofit organization has a two-year program that provides qualifying moms with a safe and secure environment to dwell in comfortably in one of its apartment buildings. The nonprofit also provides financial training and mentoring programs so that single moms can increase their income and save money. Fellowship Housing administers access to resources such as career training, counseling, and food. After two years recipients of Fellowship Housing programs secures permanent housing for themselves.

7. Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities in the USA was founded in 1910 to reduce poverty in America. This nonprofit organization has a plethora of programs for single moms like food assistance, nutritional assistance programs, utility and rent assistance for mental health counseling, free dental and healthcare services, workforce deployment, parental and pregnancy support, long-term housing, emergency shelter assistance, etc. There are local Catholic Charity branches with different eligibility requirements. Single moms who want to qualify for financial assistance should make sure any one of the household members are enrolled in a public assistance program like Medicaid or the family income is less than 60% of the median income for the area they are residing.

8. Single Mothers Outreach

Single Mothers Outreach is a nonprofit charity that strives to encourage and empower single moms by providing multiple free services like access to childcare, housing, emotional support groups, legal representation, technological and financial education, and so on. The Single Mothers Outreach advises and guides single moms so that they can attain self-reliance and self-sufficiency in their lives.  This nonprofit organization also provides computer courses, English and Spanish language classes so that single moms can become job ready.

9. The Singletons

This is a nonprofit organization that administers financial and day-to-day support for single-parent families with children diagnosed with cancer. The organization offers bare necessities and household items like paper towels, laundry, detergents, and monthly stipends so that single-parent families in which the child or the parent is suffering from cancer can cover their rent or utility payments, nutritious meals, and seek emotional support groups. The organization has kids’ groups that are designed to create everlasting memories and boost their morale.

How To Start A Non-Profit Organization For Single Moms?

Starting a nonprofit organization for single moms can be a motivating and inspiring way to help underserved families and give back to your community. However, it is also essential to understand all the steps and legal requirements involved in the process before making a well-informed plan and moving forward. Starting and sustaining a nonprofit organization for single moms will take years of effort, consistency, and determination. Following are the steps to start a nonprofit organization for single moms.

1. Choose A Purpose

A 501©3 nonprofit corporation refers to a charitable organization that the Internal Revenue Service or IRS considers to be tax-exempt. Nonprofit organizations or corporations do not pay income tax on their donations or earnings received. The federal tax law states that if you are operating a nonprofit organization then it must exclusively pursue any of the following purposes: charitable, religious, literary or educational, scientific, testing for public safety, preventing cruelty to animals or children, and fostering international national amateur sports competitions. You need to make sure that your organization isn’t designed to earn profits from an individual and it must offer public benefit.

2. Form A Corporation

Once you have determined that your organization meets all the requirements and guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service you can proceed with your mission and start dealing with the next step. Hiring legal help will offer personalized guidance and suggestions about how you can eliminate costly mistakes however you can also try to manage them on your own. Non Profit organizations for single moms are formed at the state level therefore you need to find out a procedure to form a corporation in the state where your nonprofit organization will be based. The steps to form a corporation may vary however it includes the name of the organization, and you have to make sure that the name is permissible and unique. For instance, you cannot use a name for the organization which somebody has already used or claimed. Also, there are specific words that the US government does not allow you to use in an attempt to prevent businesses or companies from misleading others. Besides, you also have to prepare and file articles of incorporation, provide details of creating your corporation, and even point 1 or 2 directors as per the state requirements and your organization’s needs.

3. Filing Paperwork With The Internal Revenue Service

Once you meet all the requirements and legal guidelines of the state for forming a nonprofit corporation for single moms you need to apply for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. For this, you have to apply for an EIN or Federal Employer Identification Number. This is a must for every tax-exempt organization, even those who do not have any employees. You need to fill out the form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number either online through the IRS website or by phone, mail, faxing, etc. The next step is to complete filling and submitting form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. You can easily complete and submit this form online. All the details that you submit on this form will serve as the basis through which the IRS will grant your organization tax-exempt status. The main application is quite detailed and consists of 11 pages therefore you need to set aside some time to complete this task. You might also have to fill out schedules such as Schedule B for schools, universities, and colleges and Schedule A for churches. IRS form 1023 will ensure that you have included all the basic information in the application form and this will help in preventing delay in the process. The next step is to submit your application to the IRS who will let you know if you are required to add more information to review the application. Once the IRS gets all the information it needs it will provide you with a determination letter about denying or granting the tax-exempt status to a nonprofit organization. The overall evaluation process will take a period of three to five months.

4. Comply With The State As Well As Local Legal Requirements

Once your nonprofit organization for single moms gets approved by the IRS for Federal tax-exempt status you need to make sure that it is tax-exempt at the state as well as local level. In this way, you need not pay a lot of sales tax from a state corporate income tax and property tax. Once you meet the state requirements for operating your organization as a nonprofit for single moms you have to get a license or permit to operate the business and make sure to comply with the local regulations and building codes. Before you start operating your corporation you need to familiarize yourself with additional corporate requirements like keeping minutes, holding meetings, filing information returns, etc.

5. Maintaining Nonprofit Status

Getting approval for a nonprofit organization for single moms at the national, state, and local levels will help you to start your mission. It is important to maintain the nonprofit status of your corporation or else you have to face severe consequences for violating the rules. For instance, you need to hold regular meetings with the board of directors, make sure your organization is operating the way you have mentioned in the application, complying with the annual IRS requirements to file form 990 or form 990 EZ. Here you have to report your organization’s revenue, activities, governance, net assets, and expenses.


According to research single moms and their children are living below the poverty line. Fortunately, a lot of charity and nonprofit organizations are working for single moms to improve their situation. National, state, and local charity provides struggling single moms with a plethora of benefits and helps them to cover their basic needs. If you are a low-income single mom looking for assistance, you can visit the official website of the nonprofit organizations mentioned above and seek single-mom charity initiatives available near your region. The level of assistance provided by the organization will be based on your need and available funding. Starting a nonprofit organization for single moms can be an exhausting and complicated process. Before tackling the challenges you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of meeting all the tax and legal requirements when you start and operate a nonprofit organization officially.

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