Grants For Single Mom In Georgia

Grants For Single Mom In Georgia

If you are a single mom living with your dependent children in Georgia, you may struggle to provide for your family and raise your children on a single income. There are more than 15 million single-parent households in the United States, and most have to go through a similar challenging experience. Fortunately, there are a lot of private grants and state-sponsored assistance programs available to help struggling single moms and their children in Georgia.

Are There Financial Assistance For Single Moms In Georgia?

Yes, there are numerous charities, private organizations, clinics, distribution centers, and NGOs that provide assistance to single mothers and help them with housing costs, free food, rent and mortgage assistance, payment for energy bills, free healthcare, and childcare assistance across Georgia. Single mothers and low-income families are eligible to receive assistance and financial support in all cities and counties in Georgia. Financial aid for single moms in Georgia can be availed by locating your nearby social service agency.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Georgia

One out of every 5.9 Georgia residents is living in poverty. The poverty rate in the state of Georgia is 16.9%. Female Georgia residents are at higher risk of poverty than males. Therefore solo mothers are one of the most disadvantaged groups. If you are a struggling single mom in Georgia, then the following programs and resources will help you to cover your basic needs.

1. TANF, Georgia Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The Georgia Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program offers monthly cash benefits to low-income families with children under 18. The main objective of this program is to offer the necessary support and temporary assistance to single mothers and needy families with children. The receipt of monthly cash assistance in Georgia is limited to only 48 months in a lifetime. To be eligible for this program, you must participate in work activities for at least 30 hours weekly. The state of Georgia offers maximum assistance of up to $280 to a family of three members, provided their monthly income is less than $784 and their countable assets do not exceed $1000.

2. SNAP, Georgia Food Stamp Program

The Georgia Food Stamp Program, popularly known as SNAP, offers monthly benefits to needy families and single mothers so that they can cover the cost of food and get a nutritional diet. The Food Stamp Program is available in 24 counties in Georgia, and eligible participants are required to participate in work activities for a maximum of 20 hours a week or volunteer for an approved charity or nonprofit, or enroll themselves in a state-approved employment training program. Single mothers unable to provide a nutritious diet to their children can apply for this program online.

3. CAPS, Georgia Child Care And Parent Services

Georgia Child Care And Parent Services Program offer subsidized child care to low-income families in Georgia who cannot offer quality childcare services due to the financial crisis. This program is administered in more than 159 counties across Georgia by the Department Of Family And Children Services. Single mothers seeking child care assistance to attend college or work can apply for this program. This program was designed exclusively for low-income families who cannot locate affordable and high-quality child care. The program offers single parents access to affordable and high-quality early learning environments and helps them to attain self-sufficiency.

4. The HOPE Grant

This grant is for single mothers who want to fund their post-secondary education in Georgia. The eligibility criteria require you to be a resident of Georgia, be enrolled in an accredited program at a participating college or university in Georgia, and have a higher school diploma or GED. The financial support received through the HOPE grant can be used toward books, fees, and childcare expenses while the eligible candidate is attending school. If you’re a single mom in Georgia and wish to continue your studies, check the Student Finance Commission website and learn how to apply for the HOPE grant.

5. Georgia Housing Choice Voucher Program

There are a vast number of programs that enable single mothers to meet their housing needs and offer financial assistance so that they can meet their rent, utilities, mortgage, and other housing expenses, and one such program is the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program assists low-income families and single parents in Georgia through reduced rent payments. This program also covers elderly citizens, low-income populations, and disabled individuals who cannot secure safe and affordable housing. Georgia Housing Choice Voucher program offers vouchers to recipients so that they can cover a portion of their rent.

6. Georgia Medicaid

It is a health insurance program in the state of Georgia that enables eligible families and individuals who are unable to afford medical care or pay for their medical bills. This program covers single-parent households, low-income families with children, elderly citizens, disabled or blind individuals, and pregnant women. Single mothers can access low-cost or free medical care through the Georgia Medicaid program. Participants of this program are required to show their social security number, proof of residency, citizenship, and family income. The Georgia Medicaid program covers medical expenses like hospital care, doctor visits, prescription drugs, vaccination, dental care, treatments, eye care, X-rays and lab tests, etc.

7. HOPE, Atlanta Homeless Prevention Program

HOPE Atlanta offers a wide range of services like emergency services, shelter, permanent supportive housing, street outreach, case management, domestic violence services, homeless prevention, rapid rehousing, veteran service, etc. Single moms who cannot locate housing or are at risk of becoming homeless can seek help through the HOPE Atlanta Homeless Prevention Program.


Single mothers experience more hardship and struggles compared to married couples. The state of Georgia has tons of support and financial assistance programs and grants that help them to cope with difficult times. These programs assist them with food, childcare, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education expenses, utilities, etc. If you are a struggling single mom in Georgia, you need not worry as help is available to you, and you need to locate the program and apply for them after fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria.

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