Grants For Single Mom In Maryland

Grants For Single Mom In Maryland

Being one of the wealthiest states in the United States of America, the economy of Maryland continues to outperform in the fields of defense, aerospace, information technology, and telecommunication. Despite its economic development, the state’s poverty level is constantly rising, and to address the needs of its residents, Maryland has designed a plethora of programs predominantly for single moms and low-income populations.

How Financial Aid For Single Moms In Maryland Can Help You?

With limited resources, single mothers in Maryland struggle to provide bare necessities for their children and pay monthly bills. The state of Maryland offers financial aid, grants, and programs to cater to the necessities of single moms and help them to attain self-sufficiency. These programs help single moms with free food, housing, rent/ utility assistance, child care assistance, unemployment insurance, medical/ dental care, and other support. The benefits received through government-funded programs greatly help single moms in hardship. Maryland financial assistance programs and grants have been designed to serve many advantages and justifiable goals of society.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Maryland

The government of Maryland is interested in helping people in need, especially single mothers who have to go through daily struggles of providing for their families and meeting the household expenses on a single source of income. Following are the top grants and programs designed for single moms in Maryland.

1. Maryland Medicaid

Different groups of Maryland residents are eligible to seek medical assistance under this program. Maryland is expanding the Medicaid program and is covering adults under 65 years of age with income below 138% of the federal poverty level. To be eligible for the Maryland Medicaid Program, applicants must meet all the essential eligibility requirements based on federal and state law. The income limitation of the program may vary depending on your family size and income. Pregnant women, children from single parents, or low-income families can receive assistance even at higher income limits.

2. SNAP, Maryland Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamp Program in Maryland, offers low-income households and single parents to buy nutritious food and can remain in good health. Maryland residents can apply for this program if they struggle to seek adequate nutritious food for themselves and their families. Applicants must file an online application, be interviewed, and fulfill all the technical and financial eligibility to enjoy Food Supplemental Program benefits. You can apply by contacting your local Department of Social Services.

3. TCA, Maryland Temporary Cash Assistance

This is a time-limited cash assistance program that is provided to low-income families with dependent children who are unable to pay for their necessities. The main objective of the TCA program is to enable low-income Maryland residents to attain financial stability through work. Financial support is provided for a maximum of 60 months in a lifetime. Maryland’s TCA law requires participants to actively look for work or be employed to be eligible for this program.

4. CCS, Maryland Child Care Scholarship Program

The main objective of this program in Maryland is to offer financial support to eligible working families who cannot pay for their child care. Single moms who want to attend work or school can cover childcare costs by applying for this program. The local Department of Social Services will provide vouchers to eligible low-income families to make payments to the childcare provider of their choice. This is a subsidy program; therefore, a part of the childcare cost will be covered under this program, while the remaining part has to be paid by the eligible parents.

5. MEAP, Maryland Energy Assistance Program

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program covers home heating costs for single mothers and other eligible low-income households. A significant portion of income is spent on home energy bills in Maryland, and this is the reason why this program has been created so that struggling single moms and financially challenged families can pay for their home energy bills and can reduce their financial pressure. Households who qualify for this program in Maryland also apply for the Utility Service Protection Program to protect themselves against utility cut-offs.

6. GA, Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant

The state of Maryland funds the Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant for low-income Maryland students who want to afford college and pursue higher education. Eligible students in Maryland will get financial aid up to $19400 if they attend full-time college tuition at a recognized private or public college/ university in Maryland. Single mothers who want to attend college but are experiencing financial difficulty can apply for the Guaranteed Access Program by filling out the FAFSA form.

7. EA, Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance Grant

Like the GA grant, the Howard P. Rawlings Education Assistance Grant is another need-based grant program. The maximum financial award of this program is $3000, and the minimum annual award is $400. Funds for this program are limited; therefore, candidates with the lowest EFC will be awarded first. The eligibility criteria for educational grants in Maryland will be based on expected family contribution, cost of college attendance, Pell Grant funding, state scholarship awarded, etc.

8. MCHP, Maryland Children’s Health Program

This program offers health benefits to uninsured children from low-income families below 19 years of age. Children belonging to low-income families are required to meet the income limits as stated by the program. This program covers needy children under 19 years of age whose countable income is below 211% of the federal poverty level.  Uninsured children of single parents and low-income families below 19 years qualify for the MCHP Premium Program if their income exceeds the income guidelines of MCHP. The MCHP Premium requires families to pay a small monthly premium which ranges between $57 to $71 depending on their household income.


There is a wide range of grants and financial assistance programs for single moms in Maryland, and you can be eligible for any one of them if you can fulfill the eligibility criteria and can submit the application within the deadline. The resources for single moms in Maryland help them with housing, rental support, child assistance, utility bill payments, food, shelter, and many other benefits.

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