Single Mom Car Grants

Single Mom Car Grants : Grants for Single Mother to Buy a Car

Being a single mom can be overwhelming. You not only have to provide for your family alone but also be responsible for taking care of all the needs and requirements of your children. Although having reliable transportation will not answer all your struggles and problems, availing a free car through governmental organizations and nonprofit institutions will help you to become independent and provide for your children in a better way.

There are a lot of car grant programs that enable single parents, primarily single moms who cannot afford to buy a car of their own, to purchase an affordable vehicle or even get a free car. Single-mom car grants are designed to enable low-income families and single parents to become more self-sufficient by providing them with reliable transportation. While some car grants are area specific, some are available nationwide; therefore, you need to check the details of the car grant before applying.

Are There Car Grants For Single Mothers?

Yes, there are a lot of grants and programs offered by different nongovernmental and governmental organizations throughout the United States that assist single moms by offering them free cars or used cars. Not only single mothers but pregnant women, divorced mothers, low-income students, economically disadvantaged households, and widowed mothers are also the beneficiaries of car grants that enable them to acquire a used or new car and get a reliable means of transportation. The main objective of these grants and programs is to enable the program’s beneficiaries to get a car for free or at a low price. It is difficult for single moms to take their children to daycare or school without having access to a car. Most of them are likely to drop out of school or college if they do not get convenient transportation that can get them to college daily. Having a car of your own is a reliable option and is of great help for single moms. Free grants for single moms are available to ensure safe and secure transportation until they get financially stable and buy a car of their own in the future. Not only free car programs, but the federal government also runs donations and programs to help single mothers and their children.

How To Find Free Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car?

Single moms struggle to raise their children and pay for their living expenses. They must endure financial hardship to manage finances and seek employment opportunities to provide for their families. This may require single mothers to rush to work while their kids attend school. The only mode of transportation that single moms can rely on is public transportation which is highly challenging and inconvenient as single moms have to deal with a terrible and hectic life. To reduce their financial burden and emotional stress, a lot of charities, nonprofit groups, and government organizations have come forward and provided them with free cars or grants so they can purchase a car at an affordable price. You can acquire a free automobile or buy used cars with reasonable monthly payments through government programs, government subsidies, nonprofit organizations, and charitable institutions.

Different Grants For Single Moms To Buy A Car

If you’re a single mother who cannot afford a car, you can reach out to nonprofit organizations, governmental bodies, and charitable institutions to acquire a free automobile or even purchase a vehicle at an affordable price. Such grants for single moms to get a car are designed to enable low-income families to fulfill their transportation needs and become self-sufficient. Following are the different grants for single moms that can help them to purchase a car or get free cars.

1. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The United States government, under OFA or Office Or Family Assistance, manages many federal grant programs to promote economic security and stability among low-income families, primarily single parents. The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program assists disadvantaged single mothers and low-income families so that they can become self-sufficient and can take care of their children in a better way. Single moms apply for the TANF program to pay for necessities like housing, clothing, transportation, utilities, and food. Even though this program does not offer free cars to single moms, the regulation enables many states to utilize the funds to fulfill the transportation needs of eligible employed families, and eligible candidates can also use the funds for purchasing a car.

2. Carsformoms.Org

This is a nonprofit organization that enables single-parent families to become self-sufficient, and this is the reason why it offers them free cars. The organization is specially designed to enable single mothers to get a car. The donation and funds received by the organization help single mothers avail accessible vehicles, public transit, rides, and auto repair. CarsForMoms provides free cars to single mothers as it is an essential tool to help low-income families improve their situation and fulfill their transportation needs. Through its free grant program, single moms can be there for school, work, emergencies, and healthcare. Single-parent families should check out the official website of CarsForMoms to learn about the eligibility and application process.

3. 1-800-Charity Cars

This nonprofit organization is also referred to as Free Charity Cars. The organization distributes accessible automobiles to low-income individuals and single moms. The main objective of this charitable institution is to enable low-income families, including single-parent households, to avail a free vehicle and become self-sufficient in their lives. It is one of the largest free charity car donors throughout the United States and has helped many families. As per the organization’s website, 84% of its funds and donations go to the free charity car funding program. Single-parent households and single mommies are not the only ones who can benefit from 1-800 charity automobiles. Military and veteran families, individuals in transitional shelters, victims of abuse and domestic violence, and families transferring from public assistance to employment are also eligible to get free cars through this program.

4. Wheels4Hope

This is a faith-based nonprofit organization situated in North Carolina that offers dependable and cheap transportation to disadvantaged and financially challenged families, including single mothers. The cheap program cars that the organization provides to eligible participants are not entirely free since beneficiaries of this program have to pay an amount of $500 to avail of an automobile and showcase their proof of income. Once any partner agency of Wheels4Hope nominates you, you become eligible to receive the car. Participants are also required to be a member of the partner agency and have a driver’s license in North Carolina. Besides, it would be more helpful if you have no previous vehicle in your household.

5. Working Cars For Working Families

This car ownership program is part of a National Consumer Law Center project which enables low-wage workers, including economically disadvantaged single mothers, to purchase a new or used car. This car grant program is available to low-income families throughout the United States of America and has specific eligibility conditions that applicants must fulfill. If you want to qualify as a recipient of the program, then you need to visit its official website and determine whether this program is available in your area and the program standards.

6. OnlineCarDonation.Org

Battered women, physically disabled individuals, military families, homeless shelter families, and self-supporting individuals transitioning into public assistance can receive a free car through this organization. Every application is screened individually by OnlineCarDonation.Org, and based on the grant results; an operational vehicle is donated to qualified candidates. If you’re a single mom looking for grant programs to seek a free car, then you need to apply for this program by filling out an application form which you can avail of on its official website. You also have to explain your needs and your requirements for a vehicle. The organization will directly contact you if you qualify for the program and get selected to receive an accessible vehicle.

7. Vehicles For Change

This nonprofit has worked since 1999 and has given out more than 6500 cars to low-income and economically disadvantaged families. The group runs reintegration internship programs and automobile donations to assist single mothers and low-income families to become financially stable and independent. If you are a single mom in Michigan, Maryland, or Virginia, you can participate in the Vehicle For Change program to get an automobile. The cars that the organization stores are sold at $950 to deserving families. If you want to seek a car from the Vehicles For Change group, you need to meet the fundamental requirements set by the organization. The main eligibility criteria of this program require applicants to have a job, be insured, and not own any other car.

8. Good News Garage

This program offers reliable and affordable transportation to single mothers and other eligible needy families. Good News Garage accepts used or donated cars and offers grants to help single moms with auto repairs so that eligible applicants can have a car of their own. It is a car donation charity that accepts donated trucks, vans, and cars. According to this charity’s website, more than 80% of recipients are single mothers who are facing financial difficulty in raising their children alone but are working hard to fulfill the needs of their families and overcome all their struggles. The charity has been providing free cars to candidates for a long time in different states and so the eligibility criteria from one state may differ from the other. You can visit the nearby regional office if you want to know more about this program and see whether you are eligible for this program or not.


It is indeed challenging to be a single other. You not only have to sustain yourself but even take care of your child and fulfill their necessities. Having reliable and safe transportation will go a long way toward providing for your family and becoming self-sufficient. Car grants for single moms are free financial aid that need not be repaid. Therefore, single moms can benefit the best through these grants and programs. You need to contact nongovernmental organizations, government bodies, and charitable institutions if you are searching for free car grants for single moms. When you become eligible for a car grant, you can go to work, school, or college and even pick up your kids from school for daycare without any inconvenience.

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