Grants For Single Mom In Pennsylvania

Grants For Single Mom In Pennsylvania

Single moms in Pennsylvania have to go through a lot of challenges, both emotionally and financially. There are around 415,373 households that single parents head. The number of single moms in Pennsylvania outnumbers single fathers. Fortunately, there are grants and programs for single moms in PA that assist them in financial crises and help them with crisis assistance, food, child care, medical assistance, housing, and other services. To apply for financial aid for single moms in Pennsylvania, you must complete an online application to determine your eligibility based on your assets, household income, family size, and composition.

How To Get Help As A Single Mom In Pennsylvania?

There is a plethora of financial assistance for single moms in PA that can help them to cover their necessities. This can come through scholarships, grants, vouchers, subsidy programs, and supportive services, which enable single mothers to pay for their necessities and raise their children in a nurtured environment. Single moms who are seeking help in Pennsylvania are required to meet specific eligibility criteria to become eligible. Applications for many grants and programs are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and depend on the availability of funds. Single moms are encouraged to apply for the programs as early as possible.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Pennsylvania

Many financial resources in Pennsylvania are available for single parents and low-income residents that help them to find a financial lifeline and ensure the well-being of their families. By becoming eligible for multiple grants, you can get a sizable amount to pay your bills and fund your needs. Following are the grants and programs that are designed for low-income residents and single moms in Pennsylvania.

1. TANF, Pennsylvania Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The TANF program in Pennsylvania offers temporary cash assistance to low-income Pennsylvanians, including single mothers, so that they can pay for food, utilities, shelter, and other medical expenses. To receive cash assistance, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria that require candidates to sign an agreement for engaging in work activities and gain employment.

2. SNAP, Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is designed so that low-income families, including single parents, can purchase nutritious foods and remain in sound health. Eligible participants of this program will get a Pennsylvania EBT Access Card to purchase food and nutritious snacks at participating supermarkets and grocery stores. If you want to learn more information about the SNAP program in Pennsylvania, then you can visit your nearby county assistance office. The monthly SNAP benefits a household of three members can get will range between $192 to $362.

3. Child Care Works

Child Care Works in Pennsylvania is a subsidized child care program that assists low-income families and single mothers to cover childcare expenses. Low-income families and single mothers often need reliable childcare services while they attend work or school. The childcare subsidies will provide them with the necessary financial assistance to access high-quality and reliable childcare near their workplaces or residences. Families with income less than 185% of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive childcare subsidies. As an eligibility criterion, participants must work at least 20 hours a week or at least 10 hours every week and participate in an approved training program for a minimum of 10 hours per week. You can contact your local Childcare Information Services Office to learn how to apply for this program.

4. Pennsylvania Unemployment Insurance

The United States Department of Labor and Industry administers the Unemployment Insurance Program. Single moms in Pennsylvania who are unemployed or laid off due to no fault of their own can seek help from the government to cover their necessities. This program aims to partially replace the previous wages of eligible candidates who lost their jobs due to no fault. The program provides them with supplemental income while they search for new job opportunities. Single mothers who can meet all the legal eligibility requirements of the program are entitled to receive assistance for up to 26 weeks a year.

5. Pennsylvania State Grant Program

This financial assistance program in Pennsylvania provides funding to low-income students and single mothers who have a high financial need and want to afford college. Single moms in PA who face financial difficulty can receive assistance through this program. The minimum grant award you can receive through this program is $500. The actual grant award may vary as determined by the cost of tuition, availability of funds, and your financial need. If you want to be considered for this program, then you need to fill out FAFSA and also complete the Pennsylvania State Grant form.

6. Pennsylvania Medical Assistance

The Medical Assistance Program in Pennsylvania, also known as Medicaid, provides health and medical coverage to low-income Pennsylvanians, including single parents, provided they can meet the eligibility requirements. Although this program is free for some families and others who do not fulfill the income requirements may have to pay a small amount to avail of specific services ranging between $1 to $3. As Pennsylvania is expanding the Medicaid program, therefore, uninsured Pennsylvanians aged 19 to 64 and having income below 138% of the federal poverty level are also eligible to receive medical assistance.

7. Pennsylvania Head Start Program

The Head Start Program promotes school readiness for kids from low-income families aged 3 to 5 years. The Head Start Program in Pennsylvania offers comprehensive health, educational, nutritional, and social services and prepares them for early school and life. Low-income families earning less than 100% of the federal poverty level can apply for this program. It can either be offered as home-based services or center-based and can be availed entirely free of cost.


With no or little income, single moms in Pennsylvania struggle to survive and provide for their families. Single moms can use the resources mentioned above to get help with food, utility bills, childcare expenses, temporary shelters, job training, educational expenses, etc. The best thing about these programs is that they are free aid opportunities which means that single mothers are not required to repay them, unlike loans.

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