Car Donations For Single Moms

Car Donations For Single Moms

There are many organizations and charities which accept donated cars and vehicles and help low-income families especially single moms to cover their basic needs. Single moms looking for donated cars can check the website of private charities, NGOs, and organizations to find a free car. Few organizations donate furniture to single moms, while some donate clothes to single moms. No matter whether you are looking for a free car, clothes, or free furniture, these organizations can cover your basic needs and this will leave room in your budget to save money for your next vehicle.

Car donation programs help single moms by selling the proceeds to give them free food, housing, healthcare, and financial support. Organizations and charities receive thousands of free car applications every year therefore you need to demonstrate a robust financial need to qualify for a free car or financial support. Single moms applying for the programs must check the eligibility criteria of every organization and charity and research to find the one that fits their needs.

Do People Donate Old Cars For Single Moms?

Yes, a lot of people in the United States donate their old unused cars to charities and nonprofit organizations instead of trading them or selling them. Donating a car will not only help them to enjoy tax breaks but also get the satisfaction of helping less fortunate single mothers. As long as your vehicle is usable a lot of charities and nonprofit organizations will try to make good use of it by delivering meals to elderly people or single mothers, taking people to doctors, or providing donated cars for single moms. The few best choices of car charities that accept donated cars are Goodwill, Salvation Army, the United Way, and so on. Also donating a car to a charity that works for single moms and underserved families is a popular way of reducing your taxes. You can save thousands of dollars in tax deductions through car donations.

Why Single Moms Need Donated Cars?

As a single mom, it can be difficult to get to school, work or raise children without a dependable and safe vehicle. Public transportation isn’t affordable, reliable, or available in every place therefore having a car of your own is a plausible way to reach your destination on time. For a lot of people, especially low-income workers, single moms and disabled individuals, purchasing a car may seem to be a far-stretched idea. Fortunately, there are charities and organizations which recognize the need for single moms and help them by accepting donated cars and giving away free cars. Depending on the location where you are living, having a car or a vehicle is a necessity. With a bit of hard work and research, you can find free cars or donated cars which will change your economic situation and help you in acquiring a free automobile. Many organizations also provide necessities to single moms and low-income families after selling donated cars. There are many nonprofit groups, charities, and government initiatives which recognize the need for cars for single moms and provide them with grants so that they can purchase a car.

How Donated Cars For Single Moms Work?

Many people donate an old used car to charities that work for single moms and this can be a win-win situation for the individual as well as for the charity. Tax deductions for car donations are decided by a lot of factors such as the car value, how the car was used by the charity which has received it, and so on. Financial incentives are a key reason why people give their cars to charity for single moms instead of selling them. A lot of nonprofit organizations like Vehicles for Change pick up vehicles for free. Certain documents have to be signed to transfer the ownership and a receipt of donation is provided for tax purposes. When people donate cars to charities that work for single moms they provide needy people a means of transportation to carry out their day-to-day activities. Car donation enables single-parent families to escape poverty and access job opportunities which would otherwise have not been feasible due to limited transportation means. Car donations help charities in growing as every car donation enables charities to raise their visibility. In other words, car donation not only provides benefits to the recipient of the car but also to underserved families and single mothers who get support from the charity.

Best Car Donations For Single Moms

Are you ready to donate an old unwanted car but do not know where to start? There are many NGOs and charities which accept car or vehicle donations. The complicated part is to find a legitimate organization or charity which qualifies for a charitable contribution dedication and has a mission to use the car donation efficiently for helping single moms and low-income families. Following are the top reputable charities that accept car donations as well as charities that offer free cars to single moms and low-income families.

1. The Salvation Army

Vehicle donations are accepted by the Salvation Army in certain locations. This nonprofit organization selects donated cars and vehicles for funding a lot of programs like homeless shelters, disaster relief, veteran service, food pantries, job training, and so on. Individuals who want to donate a car for single moms or a charitable cause can visit the official website of the Salvation Army and can locate a vehicle donation service near them.


This is an online charity that offers free care to needy and underserved families, especially people with disabilities, single mothers, domestic violence victims, families who are trying to become self-sufficient, homeless families living in shelters, nonprofit organizations, and military families or veterans. Single moms need a donated car which comes for free to carry their day-to-day tasks such as reaching their workplace on time and dropping their children off at school, or medical appointments. Public transportation may not be convenient or reliable like a car of your own. Single moms looking for donated cars can visit the official website of the charity and go through a simple application procedure. Here they have to provide basic geographical information as well as a description of the vehicle that they need. Once they submit their application it will be scrutinized and reviewed by the charity staff and on becoming eligible you can get a free car within 30 days.

3. Ronald McDonald House Charities

This organization has local chapters which accept donations of trucks, cars, RVs, boats, and any other vehicles. Ronald McDonald House Charities sell donated cars and use the proceeds for helping underserved families including single mothers who are without them during the hospitalization of an injured or seriously ill child. People who want to donate a car or a vehicle to RMHC can visit the car donation website of the organization. A nonprofit organization named Charitable Adult Rides And Services has partnered with this organization for vehicle donation and picks up vehicles or cars free of charge and sends documentation needed for claiming charitable contributions on taxes.

4. Cars4Christmas

This charity is operated by a group of people who operate CarsForHeroes. The charity offers basic and free transportation to all individuals including single moms instead of catering exclusively to first responders and military veterans. The mission of this organization is to assist people whose lives have been turned upside down due to death, illness or tragedy, natural disaster, or disability. The organization receives more than 20,000 applications every year and provides around 20 vehicles based on donations. It is worth applying and a private donor who becomes interested in their story can choose to donate cars to single moms and help them support their cause.

5. Habitat For Humanity

This nonprofit organization accepts donated trucks, cars, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, construction equipment, and farm equipment. The donated vehicles are recycled or resold for raising funds to support the mission of the charity of building an affordable and safe home for single-parent families and low-income families in need. The organization devotes around 73% of its budget towards supportive programs that are designed to help needy families. Individuals who want to donate an old or unwanted car or any other vehicle to Habitat for Humanity can use the Car Donation Wizard website to provide their vehicle information and then schedule a pickup.

6. Good News Garage

Amazon provides dependable and low-cost transportation to underserved and low-income families including single moms and dads. Good News Garage receives donated cars or automobiles which they repair and then distribute to eligible candidates. And 80% of the eligible candidates who are supported by the program are struggling single moms and dads who want to achieve financial independence and get back on their feet. Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire are offering programs to single parents by providing them with donated automobiles and cars. The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the state where you belong and where the programs are offered, however, you need to contact the neighboring regional office before applying.

7. 1-800-Charity Cars

This organization works with FreeCharityCars for offering free automobiles or cars to needy people including single mothers. 1-800 Charity Cars accept donated vehicles and raise funds for providing free cars to single moms and low-income families while FreeCharityCars is the place where you can look for a free car and apply for it. Single moms looking for donated cars can check the website of FreeCharityCars periodically. If you’re looking to donate a car to help needy families 1-800 Charity Cars provides free towing and even ensures that 100% of your donation is going towards a good cause. Cars that do not work will either be repaired to working condition and given away to eligible families or sold.

8. Vehicles For Change

This is a charity that collaborates with social service agencies for helping people who want to become self-sufficient and financially independent but need a car or a vehicle to access better job opportunities. Single moms can apply for donated cars from this organization which usually comes with a lengthy list of eligibility requirements that includes the following factors:

  • Single moms need to show a driver’s license in the state where they reside
  • Have a verifiable job offer or are working for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • There are no DUIs or DWIs on their driving records
  • They can cover the ongoing cost of car ownership such as fuel, insurance, and repairs
  • They can cover fees for tax, title, and taxes

A car award program is also operated by Vehicles For Change for the members of job readiness agencies and their partner social services. The car award program provides Vehicles For Change to qualifying individuals and low-qualifying families and provides low-interest loans. An individual cannot apply for this program on their own instead their cooperating agency or case worker has to apply on their behalf. You can also locate a wide array of additional options that will help you to locate a cheap car or a free car in Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia.


It is difficult to be a single mom as you not only have to sustain yourself but also provide necessities to your child on one source of income. Having reliable and safe transportation might not be a solution to all your difficulties and life struggles however availing a free donated car may help you to become financially independent and self-sufficient. There are many organizations and charities which provide donated cars or low-cost vehicles to eligible families like CarsForHeroes, Vehicles For Change and 1800-Charity Cars etc. The eligibility requirements of every car donation program may vary however they typically include employment status, financial need, participation in educational programs, and job training.

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