Charity Cars For Single Moms

Charity Cars For Single Moms

The United States Census Bureau report of 2020 states that there are around 10.9 million single-parent families among which 80.5% are headed by single mothers who have never married. Over a few years, the income of solo mothers has continuously decreased and most of them are living below the poverty threshold. As a result, single moms have to take up multiple jobs and deal with financial and parental obligations without spousal support. They are under extreme financial distress and hardship. Fortunately, some charities help single mothers to get a car and ease their daily struggles.

How Car Charities Help Single Moms?

Car charities for single moms have long been a source of current financial assistance for low-income households. Single mothers can apply for free car programs by visiting the official websites of the charities or contacting their local offices. There are religious organizations, charities, nonprofits, and government car assistance programs which provide free cars to low-income single moms so that they can attain self-sufficiency. Being a solo mother can be overwhelming as you not only have to support yourself but also provide for your family and be responsible for your children. Having safe and reliable transportation will go a long way to help you become more capable and independent to provide for your family. This guide will help you to know about the free charity cars for single moms and details about how you can apply for one. Single mothers who fail to meet the requirements of car grants or programs can look at used car websites to obtain cheap cars. This option gives you the flexibility to choose a wide range of cars to meet your transportation needs. Alternatively, you can check out Craigslist and Facebook groups to locate affordable cars which might not come for free, however, they will help you to save a lot of money.

Best Charity Cars For Single Moms

Being a solo mother is a challenging experience. You have to balance parenting, and the demands of work, and overcome financial difficulties together single-handedly. Financially challenged single mothers cannot afford a safe and reliable car to meet their needs. Fortunately, charity cars for single moms are available throughout the United States that help address the financial difficulties of single mothers and provide them with free cars.

1. Hands Of The Carpenter

This charity addresses transportation issues and offers donated cars for single moms. The services provided by this organization include automobile maintenance, placement, and repairs. The mission of the charity is to provide a ray of hope and positivity to single mothers living with minor children so that they can get adequate automobile services and remain employed. The organization strives to help single moms achieve self-sufficiency in their lives. Car donations impact the lives of single mothers positively. The automotive services and car donations have a plethora of benefits in the lives of single moms with dependent children. It not only helps them to reduce their financial burden but also gives them the ability to drive to work or school and move towards financial self-sufficiency. The organization gives a boost to their morale and gives hope to them in times of deeds. If you want to lend a helping hand to single moms in need then you can donate your vehicle to the organization.

2. 1-800-Charity Cars

1800-Charity Cars is a nonprofit organization for single moms and is a leading and one of the largest car donation charities which includes more than 9000 donated cars and vehicles. The organization is popular for its humanitarian efforts and aims to uplift single mothers and underserved families. The organization provides roadworthy vehicles completely free of cost to help single moms and low-income families attain self-sufficiency and economic stability in their lives. If you’re a single mom then you can apply for a free car ownership program provided by this charity in your area of residence as this car charity works throughout the country. Earlier known as Free Charity Cars this nonprofit organization provides free cars to single mothers and low-income individuals. The main objective of this charity is to help struggling families by getting donated vehicles free and making them self-reliant. The charity works with struggling families nationwide and takes pride in becoming the top car donation program where single moms avail of donated cars at no cost. As per the official website of 1800-Charity Cars, 84% of its donation goes directly towards program grants.p

3. Wheels From The Heart

This is a nonprofit foundation that addresses the fact that single moms have to face daily struggles of availing of reliable transportation. The nonprofit organization provides SUVs and used cars to eligible single-mother households with minor children. Besides, a nonprofit organization prioritizes needy single moms who need a vehicle or automobile to fetch groceries, drop their kids at school, or go to the workplace.

4. Wheels For Working

Wheels For Working is a popular program based in Alabama that helps low-income single mothers and poor individuals with safe and reliable transportation so that they can remain employed. Employed single mothers who have to depend on public transportation may find it difficult to reach work on time either due to unavailability or because of the irregularity of the public transport system in their community. Wheels For Working addresses the transportation needs of single mothers and provides them with free cars. If you’re a single mom in Alabama and want to qualify for a free vehicle then you need to showcase proof of your working hours, employment as well as income level. Having a valid driver’s license and car insurance is a must.

5. Wheels4Hope

The objective of this car charity is to offer economically vulnerable households reliable and affordable transportation. Wheels4Hope is a nonprofit and faith-based organization in North Carolina that offers a lot of car programs to eligible recipients including single mothers. These cars do not come entirely free of cost as chosen beneficiaries of the program have to pay a small amount of $500 to get a car. To participate in car programs provided by the charity you need to be nominated by their partner agencies. For that, you have to be an active member of the partner agency and also showcase a valid driver’s license based in North Carolina. Eligible single moms have to give proof that they are employed and do not have a vehicle in their household.

6. Carsformoms.Org

The objective of this nonprofit organization is to assist single-parent households to attain self-sufficiency by offering them free vehicles. This nonprofit organization is specifically designed to assist single moms get a car completely free. Reliable and safe vehicles strive to empower and encourage single moms so that they can move towards personal mobility. The organization gives away donated cars to eligible single mom candidates so that they can take their kids to work, and school, attend to emergency needs, and seek healthcare services without any hassle.

7. Good Neighbor Garage

This is a program that is available for low-income single mothers and others in the Denver area. If you want to attain self-sufficiency in life then having a reliable and safe means of transportation will go a long way to improve your life. Good Neighbor Garage offers vehicle placement and repairs to education and maintenance services to eligible single mothers. To qualify for a free car you need to meet the requirements of the car program which states that you need to be a resident of Colorado or Jefferson County and have a valid driver’s license. Besides, you need to showcase a robust financial need as to why having a car will help you to take better care of yourself and your children. Single mothers who are attending school, or employed and getting Social Security benefits are eligible to get a free car from the organization. However eligible candidates have to pay car insurance as well as an amount of $900 to $1500 as placement fees.

8. Good News Garage

This program accepts donated vehicles and cars which they repair before giving them free to eligible applicants. Good News Garage offers reliable and affordable transportation means to struggling families, especially single moms. Single mothers are required to contact the regional office to make sure they are eligible to receive a donated car for free. Struggling single parents can attain self-sufficiency and financial independence by getting a donated car for free. Since its inception in 1996, the car charity has become one of the largest car donation programs in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Around 5500 cars have been given away to needy families. The nonprofit organization includes 2 main types of car assistance programs such as Ready To Go and Wheels To Work. While Wheels To Work is a car ownership program that offers affordable car loans to candidates so that they can purchase a vehicle for themselves Ready To Go is a type of transportation assistance program that provides public transit vouchers, free driving licenses, and gas coupons to people living with disabilities. Besides children belonging to low income, single-parent households can also access free school rides services.

9. Vehicles For Change

This car charity and nonprofit organization is operating since 1989 and has awarded around 6500 costs to struggling families including single moms. The objective of the nonprofit organization is to assist low-income individuals and families with the right tools so that they can attain financial stability and independence in their lives via re-entry internship programs and car donation services. Single mothers living in Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia can access car programs to fulfill their desired needs. However, it is important to note that the cars provided by the nonprofit organization are not entirely free of charge. Your organization receives donated vehicles which they repair to ensure quality standards and then sell the car for a small amount of $950. Single mothers have to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the car charity to receive donated cars. For instance, you have to give proof that you have a job offer or are employed, are drug-free or insurable, and have no access to any other vehicle in your household.

10. Catholic Charities For Single Moms

Churches are one of the best sources of seeking assistance for single moms especially low-income families who need transportation assistance. The Catholic Charities in the USA include vehicle donation programs so that people who are unable to afford to purchase a new car can avail a safe and reliable means of transportation. Single mothers who need a vehicle can approach Catholic Charities near them and seek transportation assistance from them. Apart from offering a car, Catholic Charities have local churches which assist people with inexpensive vehicle loans and car repairs. Catholic Charities in the USA are widely known for offering free cars to single moms. Some other faith-based organizations apart from Catholic charities in the USA which provide free cars for single moms as well as vehicle assistance are the Salvation Army, Jewish Federation of North America, United Methodist Church, Knights of Columbus, and so on.


Single mothers who are unable to afford a new car can seek assistance from car charities, government organizations, and NGOs that can help them to purchase an affordable vehicle or get a car for free. Such car programs for single moms help them to become self-sufficient and seek reliable transportation. A lot of local churches provide free vehicles to single moms. You can make contact with your local church and fulfill your transportation needs. In case you are finding difficulty obtaining a car through a social service agency or charity then you can locate assistance from your relatives and friends.

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