Health Insurance For Single Moms In Florida

Health Insurance For Single Moms In Florida

The state of Florida has a significant percentage of families headed by single moms who lack health insurance coverage or have limited coverage. Fortunately, there are a wide number of medical services and assistance programs available for struggling single moms in the state. The state government works with nonprofit organizations and local governments to expand medical services and health insurance programs to needy single mothers in low-income communities. To qualify for the program single moms need to meet the eligibility criteria and income limitations.

Can I Find Affordable Health Insurance For Single Moms In Florida?

It can be difficult for single moms to avail of free or affordable health insurance programs as they live on one source of income. However, to get coverage for emergency care and preventive care is critical to have the right health insurance plan. Fortunately the Affordable Care Act has made health insurance more affordable for adults who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Access to health insurance plans in Florida has rapidly increased for low-income single parents and their beneficiaries. Today single moms can access a wide range of federally subsidized and private health insurance programs to get affordable and high-quality medical services in America. Affordable single-parent insurance comes from the government and private companies.

List Of Health Insurance For Single Moms In Flor

Single moms looking for health insurance plans for themselves and their children can take a look at the below-mentioned programs and resources.

1. Florida Medicaid

Health insurance coverage is provided to low-income Florida residents including single moms by the Florida Medicaid program. The program also covers kids belonging to low-income families, single moms, and pregnant women. The Medicaid program in Florida covers kids below 19 years with family income below 138% of the federal poverty level. While for pregnant women the income level should be up to 196% of the federal poverty level. The state of Florida is not expanding Medicaid coverage therefore the eligibility criteria for nondisabled adults is limited to parents with income less than 30% of the poverty level or up to $6800 annually for single moms of two kids. The application for the program can be made through the Department Of Children And Families DCF or ACCESS Florida.


The Children’s Health Insurance Program is another option for single moms to avail affordable health insurance. Eligible single moms can get low-cost or free health insurance through this program. To receive medical assistance monthly you need to make sure your child is a citizen of the United States, has valid immigration status, is a permanent resident, is below 19 years of age, and is uninsured. Besides, you also have to meet the requirements related to household income. The program is available in particular areas that offer health insurance for single moms and dads. The income should be as low as 170% to 400% below the poverty level.

3. SCHIP, Florida KidCare

The Florida KidCare health insurance program provides low-cost and affordable health insurance to uninsured children in Florida. Single moms who have no healthcare insurance for their children can apply for the program. Florida KidCare covers kids from birth to 18 years of age. Health insurance coverage is provided through 4 government sponsored programs

  • Medicaid program which covers children from birth through 18 years
  • MediKids which covers children from 1 year to 4 years
  • Florida Healthy Kids which covers children from 5 years to 18 years.
  • Children’s medical services managed care plan which covers special needs children from birth through 18 years.

Children belonging to low-income single-parent families having income up to 215% of the federal poverty level are eligible for the program. A lot of families have to pay an amount of $15 to $20 monthly while some families need not pay anything to receive assistance under the program.

4. Employer-Provided Health Insurance

Single moms can seek health insurance programs from their employers to get the right coverage for themselves and their children. Employer-sponsored health insurance is purchased by employees and is offered to employees and their dependents. It is an amazing way for single moms to seek health insurance coverage. Around 155,000,000 individuals in the United States get health insurance from their employers. As per the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals must not contribute more than 9.5% of their family income annually to get employer health insurance.

5. FBCCEDP,  Florida Breast And Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

The FBCCEDP is a free or low-cost screening service that is funded by nonprofit organizations and the state government. The assistance and the tests covered under the program include a clinical breast examination, mammograms, lab work, and specialty care. Single moms who are looking to avail low-cost or free breast cancer and cervical cancer services can apply for the program by dialing 800-227-2345.

6. Children’s Medical Services

Public health coverage designed for kids with a disability or special needs is known as the Children’s Medical Services Program. Assistance is provided to kids who are uninsured and belong to low-income families. Single moms who have kids with chronic behavioral, physical, emotional, or developmental conditions may require extensive medical assistance. The program also pays for doctor visits, hospital care, routine physicals, immunizations, and prescription drugs.

7. Medicare

The federally funded Medicare program in Florida is known as MSP which offers free advice or financial assistance to needy patients. Medicare is a free or affordable government health insurance plan which is provided to uninsured individuals in Florida. Eligible single moms and low-income individuals who are eligible for the program get assistance to pay for their prescription drugs, meet their medical bills, or make copayments. SHINE – Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders provides free Medicare advice to uninsured or senior citizens in America.


Single moms can pay for a wide array of primary and specialty care, medical aid and prescription drugs by becoming eligible for the aforementioned health insurance programs. Disadvantaged single moms with no insurance or limited health insurance coverage should apply for the above programs to reduce their burden. The cost of health insurance plans may vary depending on your age, number of dependents, the type of plan you are opting for, and your location.

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