Grants For Single Mom In California

Grants For Single Mom In California

Parenting is a demanding job, and it can be more challenging if you do it solo. Being a single mother is challenging, regardless of whether it was planned or due to life circumstances. Single moms generally endure a roller coaster of stress and emotions while raising their children alone and managing household expenses.

Are There Financial Assistance For Single Moms In California?

Yes, there is a lot of financial aid for single moms in California, as in the rest of the United States. Numerous agencies and organizations are working throughout California to enable single-parent households and low-income individuals to get food, low-cost or free healthcare facilities, foreclosure/ rental assistance, child care assistance, prescriptions, and many other programs. Financial assistance and support are provided to the recipients who belong to low-income groups and are going through a financial crisis.

Different Grants For Single Moms In California

Single-parent households in California have increased significantly over the past few years. There are a lot of federal government benefits, tax incentives, provincial government programs, scholarships, and other financial assistance for single moms in California that helps them to balance their financial burden. If you’re a struggling single mom in California, then you can avail the following programs and resources to provide for your family.

1. CalWORKs

This welfare program runs in California and offers financial services and cash to needy California-based families. Eligible families with minor or no resources can seek assistance to meet their housing, utilities, food, medical care, childcare, or clothing needs. If you are a single mom in California, you can seek short-term help through this program for a maximum of 48 months. In some counties, eligible children get voucher help instead of cash benefits. Low or no-income single moms who are the sole provider and breadwinners of their families can receive cash assistance of around $925 every month under this program. The exact grant amount may vary depending on your location.

2. CalFresh

California’s version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is known as CalFresh. This entitlement program offers monthly benefits to low-income families and single parents so that they can purchase food and have a nutritional diet. Monthly electronic benefits are provided to eligible households and individuals so that they can purchase food at food stores and markets and can be in good health. If you’re a struggling single mom unable to provide quality food for your family and your children, you can be eligible to receive food assistance from this program.

3. California Medi-Cal

Low-income families and single mothers in California can receive medical coverage through the California Medicaid program. The program requires candidates to be a resident of California, a national citizen of the United States, or an eligible non-citizen. Besides, the candidates must prove they require insurance or healthcare assistance and belong to a low or very low-income group. The main priority is given to pregnant women, single parents who are caretakers of children below 21 years of age, elderly citizens, and disabled individuals. The program offers a wide range of medical services to eligible applicants.

4. HRSA, Health Resources And Services Administration

The Health Resources And Service Administration in California is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that mainly works to offer low-cost or free dental and healthcare to low-income individuals, including single mothers. The agency covers a wide range of medical and dental care services. It also provides a 24/7 confidential and accessible mental health hotline for new moms and pregnant women. If you want free or low-cost medical services or dental care, you can approach this organization by contacting your nearby HRSA Health Center in California.

5. CSBG, Community Services Block Grant Program

This program was designed to assist low-income single moms and poor individuals in California to attain skills, knowledge and achieve self-sufficiency in life. The program offers financial assistance so single mothers and low-income families can fulfill their food, shelter, and healthcare needs. Low-income families can fulfill their immediate necessities through the Community Service Block Grant Program.

6. WIC, California Special Program For Women, Infants And Children

Low-income families can get assistance from the California Special Program For Women, Infants And Children Program to purchase healthy supplemental and nutritious diets from WIC-authorized vendors. The program also enables California residents to access nutrition education and healthcare services. Candidates must meet the income guidelines as stated by the program and be new mothers, pregnant women, or single mothers with children under five years of age. Eligible candidates who are determined to be at nutrition risk by health professionals will receive financial support and assistance.

7. CalWORKs Child Care Program

The Child Care Resource Centre in California provides financial assistance, programs, or subsidies to low-income qualifying families so that they can pay for their childcare and reduce their financial burden. Single parents who are looking for childcare assistance so that they can attend school or work and apply for the CalWORKs Child Care program. This program is administered and managed in three different stages, and each of its stages has its eligibility requirements. The program will reimburse the childcare expenses of eligible candidates up to a specific amount.

8. Autism Program

If you’re looking for single-mom financial assistance in Ontario, you can apply for this program. Single parents can apply for the Ontario Autism Program if their children have autism. This program will require candidates to be Ontario residents with children younger than 18. You must also show written proof of autism released by a licensed and qualified professional. Single parents of autistic children can get $20,000 for every child up to five years and $5000 per child if they are over six.


It is not surprising that the cost of living in California is relatively high, and a significant percentage of California residents are living in or vulnerable to poverty. Single mothers who need financial help to take care of their children and provide for their family can avail a lot of resources and programs that can help them with housing assistance, utility bills, child support, rental assistance, and many other forms of support.

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