Daycare For Single Moms In Florida

Daycare For Single Moms In Florida

Single moms remain busy attending college to pursue higher degrees or attending work to provide for the family. In such situations, they need affordable, secure, and reliable childcare or daycare centers for their little ones. However, the expenses of daycares in the United States is beyond the reach of low-income single moms with limited savings and earning. Fortunately, Florida offers free child care assistance and support for single moms and reduces their financial burden. The federal and state government offers childcare grants so that single moms can compensate for the increasing babysitting costs and provide their little ones with a safe and sound ambiance while they are away. Applying for childcare grants and daycare support will provide an opportunity for single moms to grow their children in a nurtured environment and fulfill their work or educational obligations.

Are There Free Daycare For Single Moms In Florida?

With limited income, finding affordable and quality daycare for your child can be challenging as a single mom. Some programs provide discounts on daycare for single moms in Florida, while some offer free daycare help to enable single moms to attend self-sufficiency in life. No matter whether you are unable to afford daycare fees or standard babysitting you can be eligible for these resources if you can meet the eligibility criteria and can showcase a robust financial need. Daycare assistance programs offer monetary assistance to single moms for early childhood education, nutrition, and healthcare services that are required for the growth and development of children. Single moms suffering from financial hardship can seek help from daycare programs and child care assistance grants in Florida that will give them the right platform to nurture their children and prepare them for elementary school.

List Of Daycare Help For Single Moms In Florida

The Florida government addresses the financial and mental stress that single moms take to raise their children on their own. This is the reason why they support single moms through daycare programs to ease their financial burden. Single moms in Florida can avail of child care assistance, temporary cash assistance, and many other grants to pay for their necessities. It is not so challenging to find affordable daycare or childcare assistance for single moms in Florida. Following is the list of daycare held that you can avail of if you’re unable to cover your childcare expenses on your own.

1. Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)

The Temporary Cash Assistance Program in Florida is designed for single moms and low-income individuals. This program provides monthly cash stipends to eligible candidates and helps them to cover essential expenses like food, clothing, transportation, shelter, and childcare. Qualifying for Florida’s Temporary Cash Assistance Program requires single moms to have a household income of less than 185% of the federal poverty level. Moreover, the total assets of the family should be below $2000. Eligible single moms who are unable to afford childcare services can use the cash assistance towards paying for daycare or childcare costs.

2. Child Care Assistance

Florida Child Care Assistance Program is popularly known as a School Readiness Program that is designed for needy families especially low-income single moms who are unable to cover childcare services or good quality childcare and daycare centers. Single moms who are working or are attending colleges and have a gross income at or less than 150% of the federal poverty level can be eligible to receive assistance under this program. Eligible recipients of the program get subsidies to cover a part of their childcare costs while they have to pay for the remaining portion based on the family size and income. If you’re an eligible participant of the Temporary Cash Assistance For Needy Families Program in Florida then you automatically can qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program.

3. Florida Head Start

Florida’s Head Start as well as the Early Head Start Program offers free learning programs and daycare assistance for children from birth up to five years of age. This federally funded program enables low-income single mothers and families to enroll their little ones in participating childcare and daycare centers. Kids can learn a plethora of basic skills that will help them to prepare for school. When you enroll your children in Head Start centers in Florida they receive breakfast, snacks, and lunch as well. The Head Start Program Is geared towards low or moderate-income families living with children ranging in age from birth to five years of age. The program addresses the educational as well as childcare needs of little children and provides them with adequate health, social services, and nutrition assistance.

4. Child Care And Development Block Grant (CCDBG)

This is a federal funding source that enables families belonging to low-income groups to meet their daycare needs. Single moms in Florida seeking funds to cover daycare services or good quality childcare services can apply for Child Care And Development Block Grant. This program allows them to avail enriched quality services and subsidies for their little ones. To qualify you need to make sure you have an income less than 85% of the state median income and then only you can receive financial assistance and reimbursement. CDBG grant programs offer professional training, constant scrutiny, childcare caregivers, inspection of childcare staff members as well as security of kids.

5. Preschool Programs

Florida Preschool Programs also offer daycare grants to eligible single moms. Low-income individuals and single moms can avail of subsidized or free daycare services for their kids in ages between three to four years and have enrolled in kindergarten, public school, or nurseries funded by state, local, or federal government. Based on your income level a reasonable amount will be granted to compensate for the childcare or daycare expenses.


Raising a child as a single mother is a tremendous burden especially if you’re balancing motherhood and household finances single-handedly. There are child care assistance grants and programs in Florida mentioned above that will enable struggling single moms to get their lives on the right track and attain self-sufficiency. Not every single mom can qualify for childcare assistance or support therefore you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria as required by the program.

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