Grants For Single Mom In Virginia

Grants For Single Mom In Virginia

Lack of financial means to raise children and provide necessities for their families is one of the pressing needs that single mothers encounter daily. The state of Virginia addresses the financial struggle of single mothers and helps them to carry the burden so that they can provide for their children single-handedly. Virginia single moms can get financial support to pay for their monthly household expenses, especially the ones with low or moderate income.

How Can You Survive As A Single Mom In Virginia?

Being a single mother in Virginia can be stressful and daunting; however, you need not worry as there are a lot of programs available in this state which offer help to women in need so that they can improve their lifestyle. With housing assistance, food pantries, legal help, workforce centers, cash assistance, accessible healthcare facilities, and childcare support, any low-income individual and single mom in Virginia can make ends meet. The main objective of financial aid for single moms in Virginia is to enable single moms to fund their bills and gain financial stability. The eligibility requirements and grant awards of every program may vary depending on your location and the grant program you’re applying for.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Virginia

There is a wide range of financial assistance programs, grants, and support services that are provided in the state of Virginia. It would require some time and effort for struggling single mothers and low-income residents to locate the programs and apply for them within time. Following are the top grants and financial assistance programs that are designed exclusively for low-income residents and single mothers in the state of Virginia.

1. TANF, Virginia Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The TANF program in Virginia offers temporary cash assistance to low-income residents in Virginia. The primary objective of the Virginia TANF program is to assist single mothers and low-income families to move toward self-sufficiency. As an eligibility condition, candidates must participate in work activities to qualify for TANF benefits.

2. SNAP, Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The SNAP program in Virginia allows low-income households and needy families to get cash assistance to purchase food and get a nutritionally adequate diet. Eligible participants of the SNAP program will get a Virginia EBT card to purchase nutritional food at participating supermarkets or grocery stores. The SNAP program requires candidates to participate in work activities to receive SNAP benefits unless otherwise exempted. A household of three members having a gross monthly income less than $2590 can qualify for SNAP benefits up to $402 monthly.

3. Virginia Child Care Subsidy Program

The Child Care Subsidy Program in Virginia offers financial assistance to poor families and single moms so that they can pay for childcare costs while attending work, education, or training programs. Single mothers in Virginia who want to attend work or school can get childcare assistance with this program. Recipients of the TANF program are considered income eligible to receive childcare subsidies. You can visit the official website of Common Help to apply for public assistance programs in Virginia, such as TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, and Child Care Subsidy Program.

4. VTAG, Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant

The Tuition Assistance Grant Program in Virginia is designed to assist low-income Virginia residents to attend approved private or nonprofit colleges/ universities in Virginia. Low-income single mothers who wish to afford college and continue their education but face financial difficulty can apply for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Program. The maximum grant award given to undergraduate students is $4000, while for graduates, the grant award accounts for $2200. To be considered for the Tuition Assistance Grant Program in Virginia, you must first complete filing for FAFSA on time.

5. Virginia Medicaid

The Medicaid program in Virginia serves needy families, poor individuals, and single mothers in Virginia who do not have the financial resources to cover their medical care bills. The eligible applicants for this program include children below 18, senior citizens, single mothers living with children, and disabled adults. Even though Virginia has expanded its Medicaid coverage recently, the eligibility criteria for nondisabled adults include parents with income less than 130% of the federal poverty level. A single mom of two children earning less than $34300 can receive medical care assistance under this program. Virginia is now expanding its Medicaid program to offer dental care benefits to needy individuals.

6. Head Start

The Head Start Program is designed for preschool children between 3 to 5 years from low-income families. The primary purpose of the program in Virginia is to offer quality services like comprehensive education, health care, nutritional services, and social services to preschool children. Beneficiaries of this program are mainly children in foster care, homeless children, and children from low-income families receiving public assistance. Single moms must register for this program and visit the local Head Start Centers for more information.

7. FAMIS, Family Access To Medical Insurance Security

This is the health insurance program in Virginia designed for children below 19 years of age. The program provides access to high-quality health services for uninsured children from low-income families. Single mothers and families not qualifying for Medicaid can apply for Family Access To Medical Insurance Security. The Children’s Medicaid program in Virginia is known as FAMIS Plus, which assists children from families with no or low source of income. It provides a wide range of medical services to families having income less than 205% of the federal poverty level. The program includes doctor visits, dental care, hospital care, prescription medicines, immunization, eyeglasses, mental health services, regular checkup, and other services. Although there are no monthly premiums or enrollment costs required to be eligible for this program, however, some families might need to co-pay to avail of certain medical services that can range between $2 to $5.


The state of Virginia has a lot of grants and programs that private organizations, governments, charities, and churches fund. There is stiff competition among low-income residents in Virginia for receiving financial assistance programs and grant awards; therefore, single mothers who wish to seek assistance and reduce their financial burden should apply as soon as possible.

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