Single Mom Support Groups Orange County

Single Mom Support Groups Orange County

Parenthood is a total roller coaster ride. The journey is full of thrills, twists, and turns and can be scary as well as exciting. Having a community to rely on and bond with when things are difficult is one of the best resources for single parents in Orange County. This will be more helpful if you are going through something which other parents can relate to. Joining support groups for single moms will help you to find people who are dealing with the same experiences and challenges, and in this way, you can see their support from my advice and practical help. There are different types of parent support groups available such as single-parent support groups, autistic parent support groups, divorce or separation support groups, parenting teen support groups, and many more. If you cannot find a suitable single-parent support group, you can set up one yourself.

Can Join Single Mom Support Group Help Me?

Joining support groups will provide a support system to take better care of children and get motivation when you feel depressed and lonely. These support groups will allow you to socialize with other single moms and get helpful advice and suggestions. Many groups are created in Orange County, which will enable single moms to share their struggles and experiences. Members of these groups also arrange trips and meetups to support one another.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Orange County

Following is the list of single mom support groups in Orange County that will help you to get practical advice, emotional support, and helpful parenting strategies.

1. Parent Education & Support

This support group, in Orange County allows parents to form a good relationship with their children and learn simple parenting skills to achieve their aim. Single parents often go through stress while parenting their children or teens. Joining this group will act as a mechanism of a support group for you. The session cost of this group is around $20. The group members meet every Saturday and discuss parenting topics

2. Postpartum Support Group

This support group for new mothers or new single moms in north Orange County is a perfect resource for mothers having babies up to six months old. The group will provide valuable tools to cope with parenting challenges and combat postpartum depression, loneliness, and anxiety. This is a semi-structured group that focuses on multiple topics every week that are related to having a new child and parenthood. The group welcomes babies, and every session costs around dollar ten. Single pregnant mothers or expectant mothers can contact the Cottonwood psychology center to learn more information about the availability and screening of the group. Here you can learn information about prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum areas.

3. New Mom Support Orange County

Formerly known as OC Mommy & Me, the new mom school provides a discussion-based educational program to support new and pregnant single mothers on their motherhood journey. This group offers a warm and welcoming environment where new moms can receive many helpful tools, techniques, strategies, and information that they can add to their parenting toolbox while spending time and taking care of their children. Joining this group will not only help you to acquire parenting skills but also learn about how to build lifelong friendships with other new mothers.

Moms Group

Single mothers in Orange County can get an excellent opportunity to meet and want with other mothers who are going through similar struggles and life challenges won’t. Stop the Moms group will allow you to connect with others, alleviate your stress, and refine the parenthood journey.  The group meets weekly, dealing with essential topics like parenting, coping skills, and women’s issues. Being a single mother is demanding, and if you think you are alone, then you can connect with the group where you will get advice and suggestions from therapists and other amazing women.

Postpartum Happiness

 Transitioning to motherhood from pregnancy is not an easy journey. This situation is more difficult for single moms who have to deal with everything single-handedly without the support of their partner or spouse. If you’re feeling confused and devastated, then joining postpartum happiness grew will help you to get over the embarrassment. Meditation can be an option to get out of negative thoughts and stress; however, it may not sit well with everyone, especially if single moms are nursing their children.  Joining this group will allow you to meet other pregnant women or single mothers dealing with their battle, and you will get to learn from them and share your personal stories.

SMART Parenting:  From Science to the Skills

 The bright parenting group is designed for single parents or other parents who wish to learn about how to manage the behavior of their children. Joining this rope will help parents to set specific goals for themselves as well As for their children. Joining this group will help you to learn scientifically backed relevant parental skills.  You get an opportunity to learn and discuss in small groups and share your feelings with others who are going through similar challenges to you.

Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

This support group helps single parents to learn that good parents need not be perfect in every way. The group holds meetings every weekend addresses the problems associated with modern parenting. Joining this group in Orange County will help single moms to participate in topics like fostering child’s self-esteem by addressing challenging behaviors in children, strengthening their relationship with children, and cyberbullying. The group meeting is open to all, with an honest discussion that helps them to manage the stress and pressure of parenting. The group meetings are held weekly and come with a small introductory fee.

Thrive Parenting Group

Single mothers who find it challenging to pain in their teens or train or manage their changing behavior can join the Thrive Parenting Group weekly program in Orange County. Joining this group will help you to learn how to improve or build your relationship with your teens or child and manage their emotions and changing behavior. An experienced and licensed therapist leads this group. It is an engaging and supportive group designed for parents to learn practical strategies, skills, and techniques for positive reinforcement, effective communication, and problem-solving. Every group session covers topics like managing emotions, setting boundaries, promoting healthy attachment among children, etc. As a single mom, you can share your struggles and experiences with other parents going through similar concerns and challenges and even receive support and feedback from the group members and therapists.


The support groups mentioned above and resources are beneficial for single moms in Orange County that can help them to gain valuable knowledge and manage single parenthood in a better way. Choosing an ideal single-mother support group will help you to explore self-expression and learn solutions to life problems. Joining support groups help participants learn about stress management skills, coping skills, and practical parental communication skills that help them to deal with the day-to-day challenges of motherhood.

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