Single Mom Counseling

Single Mom Counseling

Single motherhood is on the rise in the United States and has also become an acceptable norm. Single mothers irrespective of whether widows, divorced or single by choice have to go through a lot of battles in their day-to-day lives. Therapists and counselors are passionate about helping single mothers and other women to find balance and security in their single motherhood journey. Single moms who have a lot of unresolved feelings due to marital separation, financial constraints, or any other reason can feel better by joining counseling groups. It takes a village to raise a child and single mothers who have to perform their job alone encounter a lot of challenges that they have to solve alone. The lack of time, financial worries, neglect of self-care, and constant energy are a few reasons why a lot of single moms suffer from depression, isolation, and anxiety.

What Are Single Mom Counseling Groups?

Single-mother counseling groups are the most effective source which supplies resources, assistance, and immense support to particular groups, especially single parents. Even though general parenting counseling groups will be extremely useful if you have children, in case you are a single parent then joining particularly single mother concerning groups will be more helpful as you can meet other single parents and share your side of the story. Single mother support groups are a gathering of single parents who get an opportunity to discuss how to become better single parents. You get an opportunity to discuss a wide range of problems that you’re facing in life, how the current events are affecting your household, and how to address behavioral changes in your teen children. Here you get solutions to common problems and encouragement from other single parents. Therapists or professionals who led these groups will help you to handle the situation in a better way.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Single Parent Counseling Groups?

Single-parent support groups and counseling groups are a good way to gain valuable resources and a strong support network of peers and professionals that will help you to become the best parents. Parenting counseling groups and support groups are important in a lot of ways. These groups act as a type of self-care that will help you to take time to take better care of yourself. You learn a lot of parenting skills by joining these support groups. The report says that joining parenting support groups and counseling groups is a good source to find humor and hope. Single mothers will find things in common to talk, laugh together, and gain hope about their child’s future.

Does Counseling For Single Moms Have Positive Results?

Counseling for single moms is effective in a lot of ways. Counseling groups have therapists who use a lot of materials to work with single parents, observe and evaluate their patience, reassess the risks, and request specialized treatment to maintain the well-being of single mothers. The benefits of therapy and counseling are numerous and can prevent developing serious risks which are associated with single parenthood. If you are a single mom and dealing with a lot of difficulties in your life then you can give counseling groups a try. If you don’t want to go out and wish to get counseling and therapy in the comfort and convenience of your house then you can choose online therapy for single moms. Online therapists will not only address your problems and will find solutions to resolve them but bring specialized professionals into the group. This experience is helpful for not only single moms but also for their children. Therapies and counseling are accessible and will help you to adapt to your new normal. You can also get the strength to give yourself and your child a better quality of life by minimizing stress and other mental health difficulties.

Reasons To Join Single Mom Counseling Group

Following are the reasons why joining a single mom counseling group can benefit you.

1. To Learn And Grow

Counseling groups bring in a group of specialists and therapists who provide valuable resources and information to single mothers. Family therapists, experts, mental health professionals, pastures, and financial advisors who specialize in emotional intelligence can provide you with a wealth of details and information. You need to perform your research and locate a single-mom support group that will help you to learn and try. Through this will you not only get a supportive community of women but also get valuable knowledge about how to promote your well-being. You can locate counseling groups through or or even ask for referrals from your therapists.

2. To Focus On Healing

Single moms deal with every problem on their own without seeking help from others. In this way, they face a lot of mental health issues. The struggles of a single mother aren’t the same and they keep on facing new issues with each passing day like pain, financial constraints, conflict, parenting issues, behavioral problems of children, etc. Checking in with your monthly single mom counseling group will be a proactive and healthy way through which you can deal with your life-altering or traumatic events. Real healing will require you to reach the source of the wound and counseling groups are a good way through which you can meet your needs. This will take some time and attention.

3. To Feel Seen

The most complex part of transitioning from a married woman to a single mom is a change of your identity. Single mothers feel they do not have a support system and suffer from anxiety and depression. Instead of being admired and valued by the people around you, you feel everyone is judging and pitying you. Joining a single mom counseling group will help you to work hard on yourself and raise your kids properly. Here you get the acceptance and recognition that you are looking for. Besides, you get an opportunity to meet other single parents who are navigating the same waters as you.

Counseling Groups For Single Moms

Following is the list of counseling groups for single moms that can help you to meet your needs and get a strong support network near you or online.

1. Parents Without Partners

This is an international nonprofit organization that provides counseling and support to single moms and dads in Canada and the United States. Single mothers who are looking for counseling groups to support them visit the website of the organization to locate a local chapter. Parents Without Partners provide parenting dinners, retreats, indoor-outdoor activities, hiking, and other opportunities so that single moms and dads can stay active. Members of the group conduct the local chapters.

2. Psychology Today

This is an amazing resource to locate counseling groups and support groups for single parents. This resource provides amazing options related to single-parent support groups that are led by experts and professionals. Many family therapists, social workers, counselors, marriage counselors, and mental health professionals facilitate these groups and you can find a counseling group that will work best for you and will help you to meet all your needs for these groups may come with a fee. You need to make sure that the group you are choosing meets all your criteria.

3. Meet Up

This is another single parenting group that comes with local chapters throughout the United States. The support and counseling group provided by this platform is not only limited to parenting issues but also social and mental health problems. Single mothers and fathers can check the website Meet Up to see whether it aligns with their needs and request to join the group. Meet Up provides an amazing opportunity for single moms to meet other single parents like them and expand their social circle.

4. Life Of A Single Mom

This is a resource that can help you to find a local counseling group or support group held worldwide. You can check the official website to locate a counseling group that will work for you. For this, you have to type in your zip code and location to know whether there is a counseling group nearby or exactly the type of resource that you are looking for.

5. Single & Parenting

Another pretty spectacular counseling group that provides a lot of programs and useful resources to single moms and dads is Single & Parenting. The Single & Parenting organization provides video seminars, discussion opportunities, and workbooks so that single mothers can deal with their day-to-day struggles, and get professional advice about how to face different situations of parenthood. Single mothers will find a lot of parents here as well as tips from professionals through which they can be effective in their parenting skills and the small room discussion portion will facilitate you to learn stories from others.

6. Single-Parent Community

This is a nonprofit organization that mainly aims to encourage and empower single parents so that they can gain the flexibility and stability to raise their kids properly. Single parenting is one of the most daunting and overwhelming tasks which sometimes can take a toll on psychological and emotional well-being. The Single-Parent Community provides mentoring programs and useful tools and resources so that you can identify as well as control your emotions. Single mothers can book a free consultation with a registered clinical social worker and join the Single-Parent Community. Besides you can also join weekly parent support groups completely free. This session will help you to get counseling and guidance from experts on mental and parenting health.

7. Single Mothers By Choice

All single mothers who decided to become a mother without getting married or being single will find Single Mothers By Choice an excellent community to get counseling and therapy sessions. Being an only parent you need a warm, welcoming, and supportive community to thrive. The Single Mother By Choice community website helps you to connect with other single mothers and navigate life as a single parent. Here you access relevant information that can help you and your children to get support. Apart from 24/ 7 online discussions, professionals will give you practical advice and guidance. This community is not only for mothers who have kids but for anyone who is considering becoming a sole parent and having a child.

8. Gingerbread

This is an accredited national charity that works collaboratively with single mothers and dads. The Gingerbread website provides a free helpline so that single moms and dads can receive practical help, advice, and strategies from expert consultants. Counseling and therapy groups offered on the website will help you to connect with like-minded individuals and also receive immense support and help from an online forum. The online forum helps you to access resources and information at any time of day. The online forum enables you to post messages publicly and connect with people privately. There are physical groups that will help you to find friends near your area. In case you cannot find a group near your area then you need to find an application form to start a new single parent group.


Single motherhood is not the same for everyone and every parent has a unique set of problems. If you are looking for a supportive community consisting of single parents and counselors or therapists who can provide you with valuable advice and information. The above-mentioned resources and websites will be the right fit for you. They can relate to their experience and better understand your emotions. Apart from local single mom counseling groups, there are online resources as well that will help you to engage with single parents from the comfort and convenience of your own house. No matter whether you’re going for local single-parent support groups or online counseling groups you like to feel more confident in your parenting skills after joining and become a better single parent from the group discussion, videos, and shared experiences.

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