Support Group For Single Moms

Support Groups For Single Moms

Single motherhood is a journey full of challenging and rewarding experiences for divorced, never married, and widowed parents. Single mothers have to face many unique challenges, from stretching their budgets to making decisions alone in their day-to-day lives. Every single mother feels overwhelmed, anxious, and lonely. These feelings and experiences are better understood by people going through similar emotions and struggles. The thought of sharing your difficulties, experiences, and doubts with others may seem to be intimidating and strange; however, if you give yourself a chance, then you will be amazed by the sense of support, connection, and empowerment that you can get by joining single mom support groups.

How Does A Support Group For Single Moms Work?

Support groups for single moms, nonprofit organizations, community, and religious institutions, clinics, and hospitals work to empower single parents. These support groups are a fantastic way to meet people going through similar challenges and experiences like you. As a solo mother, you can share your sorrows, joys, struggles, and experiences with other single parents. You can get emotional support and advice, and suggestions from other single moms. Support group for single mothers is a haven where they can share their joys, concerns, and their emotions. They can get helpful tips to handle stress and depression in their lives from parents who are facing the same problems. They can get a break from their children, get practical and valuable advice and even make good friends. As per the study, spending a minimum of 90 minutes a week with a supportive group can help single parents to improve their quality of life. It is beneficial if the supportive group is free and provides you with education, parenting strategies, and childcare assistance.

How To Start A Support Group For Single Moms?

Taking part in a single-mother support group has its benefits for a family. You may find yourself in a community where there are no established single-parent support groups, or even if there are groups; they aren’t focused mainly on single parenting. Where do you need advice and support? Instead of giving up, you can start your single-mother support group. Following are the tips and strategies that will help you to get started in your mission.

1. Network

Start by creating a list of all single parents you are aware of. You can include family members, coworkers, friends, and even acquaintances in the list. For instance, if your coworker or friend’s daughter is a single parent, then you can get in touch with them. Once you have made a list of all the names, contact them personally and inquire whether they are interested in participating in your new single mom support group, which you are about to start. Further, you can speak with single mothers in your area who are interested In participating and ask them to spread the word associated with your new support group in their family, circle of friends, and coworkers.

2. Hold Meetings

The next step is meeting at someone’s house or a local coffee shop. A local public library can also be a good meeting space for you, including restaurants, malls having community rooms, and large stores where you can hold meetings. Also, decide whether you can offer babysitting during the meeting. In case you are planning to provide babysitting services, then you can ask for space at a synagogue or local church.

3. Make A Flyer To Advertise Your Single Mom Support Group

With the help of word processing software on your computer, you can create flyers to advertise the date, location, and time of the meetings. Keep your flyers simple and check the document before printing it out. You can make the flyers black and white instead of color to save some costs on printing. Next, post the flyers in the library, local grocery stores, or your neighboring coffee shop. For advertising your meetings in local consignment shops and bookstores, you can use bookmark size for meeting announcements. Flyers are a convenient way to advertise your first meeting.

4. Use News Media For Advertising Your Meetings To A Large Group Of Single Parents

If you want to publicize your support group meeting via the community events page, you can contact your local newspaper. Type a simple press release to announce others about your support group formation and then fax it to the local newspaper office. This will help you to advertise your first meetings about the support group to a large group of single parents. Further, you can contact your local radio station and ask if they can schedule an interview with you, as this can generate more members for your group.

5. Planning An Agenda

During the initial stages of your support group, you may want to emphasize providing good opportunities to single parents so they can share their personal experiences and talk on multiple topics in small discussion groups. Sharing ideas will help members to open up freely and get suggestions that they can apply in their practical life.

6. Anticipate the Growth Of Your Support Group

There may not be a large number of parents during the first initial meeting; however, with time, the group will tend to grow. To facilitate accessible communication for the group members, you can list everyone’s contact number and email address. This way, you can send reminders about group activities and meetings quickly. Further, you can develop a core group of leaders who share the responsibility to publicize the group and plan meetings.

Single Mom Support Group

There are numerous support groups for single moms and their children to join throughout the United States. These support groups are hosted mainly by community centers and churches; single mothers who don’t feel like going out but wish to communicate and share their struggles and experiences can join online support groups. Following is the list of support groups that will help you to connect to others and get valuable advice and suggestions from other single parents who are going through a similar phase like you.

1. Single & Parenting

If you’re looking for Christian single-mom support groups, then the Single Parenting Group will be a good choice. This support group provides hope, encouragement, insights, and parenting strategies to single parents through small group discussions, video seminars, and personal workbooks. The group truly understands the unique challenges single parents face daily. Single mothers can share their worries, struggles, and challenges in this group. These classes are geared toward biblical teaching, essential for single parents. This group believes that the Lord brings rest, hope, and comfort to all single parents.

2. Single Mothers By Choice

There are a lot of women in the United States who chose to become solo moms and decided to give a nurturing home to kids who need a loving environment, and a primary caregiver. Single Moms By Choice support group is an online community suitable for women who willingly become single mothers. The best thing about joining this single-mother support group is that you can get support and encouragement from other women who have decided to become their children’s sole parents. Women throughout the United States of America can join this online group and share their struggles and experiences with other mothers.

3. Single Moms And Single Dads Support Group

Are you seeking an easy and convenient way to talk and communicate with other single parents? Then joining this online support group will be the right decision for you. This group can be accessed quickly and are generally open for chatting throughout the day, unlike in-person groups with a specific scheduled time. However, it would help if you remember that professionals do not monitor online support groups. One such online support group is the Single Moms And Single Dad Support Group, which has more than 44,000 members and provides an online forum through which you can join. The users may vary from viewers to divorced parents. This free support site automatically tags your post as a solo mother or father. You can also add more tags for connecting with others, such as adding tags of loneliness, divorce, anxiety, and depression.

4. Parents Without Partners

Local support groups for single moms and fathers are in-person support groups led by a therapist or a professional counselor who schedules meetings at a particular time during the week. Depending on the professional therapist or counselor, the group may be like an open forum or have scheduled topics for every meeting. Parents Without Partners is a nonprofit international organization that supports solo mothers and fathers in the United States and Canada. If you wish to join the support group of this organization, then you need to check out their local chapters and locate the nearest one. A group of members administers chapters on a volunteer basis. The meetings range from guest speakers to support groups and educational programs led by professionals. Group members can enjoy hiking, dinners, and retreats.

5. Life Of A Single Mom

Life of a single mom is a nonprofit organization that is run by a ministry of a church and works to assist single moms in locating support groups that are held all over the world. If you’re searching for “single mom support groups near me,” then Life Of A Single Mom will help you to locate one near you using your zip code. Such single-parent groups focus on financial support, parenting, health, wellness, and other essential topics. The support groups also provide volunteer opportunities and other valuable resources that immensely help single moms.


More than 1,00,000 events are facilitated every week by for more than 59 million group members belonging to 190 different nations. Anyone can join this support group free of cost. Meetup charges the group organizers a monthly fee for accessing premium features and administering the group. The single-parent Meetup comprises 700 groups and more than 7,77,000 group members. With the help of this resource, single parents can find an identity of themselves outside their parenthood. As a user, you can explore different self-care practices, interests, and many more, from poetry writing to mountain biking.

7. Parents Helping Parents

Single mothers looking for ways to attend virtual support groups; will find many advice and parenting strategies from Parents Helping Parents. They believe that good parenting is a fundamental right of every child, and so they hold support groups as well as an around-the-clock parent hotline. Single mothers interested in attending online single-mom support groups can check the schedule of parents helping parents. Most of their support groups comprise parents with special needs teens, men’s support, and parents in recovery.


Many organizations provide supportive programs for single parents and their children. Local communities, public libraries, faith centers, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and even online-based support groups are available for single mothers. A single-mother support group is a good place for making friends, exchanging babysitting duties, gaining valuable information, and building a support network. In a nutshell, joining a single mom support group can be fun and engaging to expand your friend’s circle and social life. The experience of communicating and connecting with other single mothers, sharing your experiences and concerns, and learning from one another can create a positive impact on you as well as help in ensuring the well-being of your children.

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