Grants For Single Mom In Iowa

Grants For Single Mom In Iowa

It isn’t easy being a mother. However, single mothers have it more challenging since they have to fulfill all their parental responsibilities and raise their kids independently. The state of Iowa addresses the financial circumstances and difficulties of single mothers and offers them many grants and programs to ease their burden.

How Can Low-Income Single Mothers Get Help In Iowa?

Iowa provides food stamps, financial aid, health and wellness, childcare, and other assistance to low-income and struggling single parents to help them attain financial stability and self-sufficiency. The Iowa Department of Human Services has numerous assistance programs that enable single parents and Iowa residents to pay for their food and childcare and be eligible for cash assistance. You can visit the official website of the Iowa Department of Human Services to check the eligibility criteria and the number of available programs. The Iowa Finance Authority provides housing assistance programs to eligible participants. The Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and the University of Iowa have designed emergency funds to support low-income students and single-parent students who are unable to continue their education and assist them with financial support. Besides, many nonprofits, charitable institutions, and private organizations are working throughout Iowa to enable residents to cover their necessities and live a quality standard of living.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Iowa

Are you looking for financial aid for single moms in Iowa? The following grants and programs are available in the state of Iowa and will help you to meet your essential needs.

1. FIP, Iowa Family Investment Program

The Family Investment Program is a temporary assistance for needy families program in the state of Iowa, which offers temporary cash assistance and support to low-income families living with minor children. Not only cash benefits, but the program also provides job training and employment services to participants with the help of PROMISE JOBS, an employment and job training program that offers support to needy families and helps them to attend to financial stability.

2. Iowa Food Assistance Program

The Food Assistance Program in Iowa offers healthy and nutritious foods to needy families with children, vulnerable adults, and low-income single parents. The benefits and eligibility criteria of the Iowa Food Assistance Program will be based on the federal guidelines that will decide the household size, household income, expenses, and other essential variables. If you’re a struggling single mom unable to provide nutritious food for your family, you can apply for this program provided your gross income is below 160% of the federal poverty level. A family of two members can qualify for this program if their monthly family income is up to $2900.

3. CCA, Iowa Child Care Assistance Program

The Iowa Child Care Assistance Program is available to low-income parents who are participating in vocational training/ academic institutions or employed or taking part in PROMISE JOBS activities. Single mothers can cover childcare expenses while they work or attend school by applying for this program. Parents who have children under 13 years of age and have qualified for the FIP program are considered for Iowa Child Care Assistance. You can apply for this program online by visiting the Iowa Family portal and also find a quality childcare provider.

4. LIHEAP, Iowa Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This is a federally funded program that enables qualifying low-income households, including single mothers, to cover their heating as well as cooling costs. The Iowa LIHEAP program targets low-income renters and homeowners with incomes below 185% of the federal poverty level. If you’re a struggling single mother unable to cover your home energy bills, you can apply for this program. A network of agencies runs this program with offices in more than 99 counties in Iowa. You can contact your neighboring Community Action Agency to learn more about this program.

5. Iowa Tuition Grant

Iowa residents enrolled in accredited private colleges or universities in the state can receive Iowa Tuition Grant if they meet the program’s eligibility criteria and demonstrate a strong financial need. Struggling single mothers who wish to afford college and pursue higher education can reduce their financial burden by applying for Iowa Tuition Grant Program. The maximum grant award to eligible students enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs is around $6200 per academic year up to four years. Part-time low-income students can also apply for this program for adjusted amounts. The main priority is single-parent students and low-income residents with solid financial needs.

6. Iowa Medicaid

Medicaid is among the best and most effective healthcare assistance programs for low-income single moms seeking affordable or low-cost healthcare facilities. The Medicaid program in Iowa is managed and administered by the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. The state, local and federal governments fund this program.

7. WIC, Iowa Special Program For Women, Infants And Children

This program covers single mothers, pregnant, breastfeeding, postmortem women, infants, and children up to five years of age who can meet all the program’s eligibility guidelines and are considered by healthcare professionals to be at high nutritional risk. The program offers breastfeeding support and promotion, nutrition education, access to nutritious foods, social services, health referrals, immunization screening, and referrals.

8. Low-Income Public Housing Program

Many housing authorities are running across various cities and counties across Iowa, which provide subsidized apartments to needy families and low-income single mothers. Financial support and assistance are provided by the state so that housing agencies can offer affordable and cheap housing solutions to single mothers and families in need.


With astonishing landscapes, reflective leaks, beautiful planes, and extensive wildlife, many visitors might assume life to be easy for Iowa inhabitants. However, this is not the case for all Iowa residents as the poverty rate in this state is 12.2%, and most single moms find it challenging to cater to their basic needs like healthcare, utility bills, housing, and other general expenses. Fortunately, a wide range of financial assistance programs and grants are available in this state, which assist single moms in their difficult times and help them to attain self-sufficiency.

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