Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree

Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree

Being a single mother is a full-time job in itself. Working overtime as a solo parent becomes difficult to manage if you have little kids to take care of. Working to support your family and children is a common factor that leads to stress for most single mothers in the United States. Particularly if they do not have a high educational degree. No matter how busy you are you need to pay your bills and provide necessities for your children which is where getting a good job is important. Fortunately, there are career opportunities that can help single mothers to earn money and support families even if they do not have a college degree. This guide will help you to cover good jobs for single moms with no degree and how to acquire them. 

Are There Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree?

Single parenting is a juggling responsibility. Arranging childcare, managing day-to-day activities, or finding money to cover your bills- a lot is going on in the life of a single mother. Rejoining the workforce as a single mom with no degree can be daunting however there are still a few best jobs for single moms with no degree that can help you to balance work and parental obligations at the same time. The best jobs for single moms with a degree require suitable qualifications to land a dream job and acquire high-paying job opportunities. However, people who are unable to acquire a college degree because of demanding responsibilities can still get snagging new creative jobs. This includes single mothers and working moms with no degree. It is amazing to have a college degree which comes in handy for acquiring good job positions, however, it is no longer necessary in the present modern world. If joining school or college is far from your mind right now then the below-mentioned list of jobs for single moms will help you to get started without needing a degree. The best jobs for single moms are those that help them to earn high earnings and are flexible at the same time. Even if you have to start an entry-level job you get a chance to cover your monthly expenses and invest in yourself.

Which Is The Best Job For A Single Mom With No Degree?

It is indeed difficult for single moms to balance careers and childcare simultaneously, however choosing remote work can help them greatly to earn money while balancing other tasks. You can look for jobs that will help them to work flexibly without adding more burden to your schedule. One of the easiest jobs for single moms to get without a degree in transcriptions and all that you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop to get started within hours. On the other hand, skilled copywriters can earn as much as $37 hourly if they have good experience and skill sets. The right job for single moms with no degree depends on their taste, preferences, and their goals.

Best Jobs For Single Moms Without A Degree

College is not for everyone which is okay.  Irrespective of whether you are planning to go back to college or continue your education there are many ways to earn a living without a college degree. Even if you are a single mom without a college degree you can earn a good living to support your children and family. Some of the good-paying jobs for single moms with no degree are as follows:

1. Childcare Provider

The job responsibility of a childcare provider is to take good care of kids and there are many ways of doing this. As a single mom with no higher degrees, you can become a childcare provider and work for an agency or as a nanny for a particular company. Single moms can also turn their own home into a daycare center. However, it is important to keep in mind that being a childcare provider requires you to obtain specific licenses in your state. Childcare providers have immense opportunities to get discounted childcare for their kids and this will be a huge advantage for you. The requirements for becoming a childcare provider for a single mom with no degree are to have profound love and affection for children and write a license to open a daycare center on your own. On average, you can earn a salary of $27,000 annually.

2. Sales Associate

The average annual salary of a sales associate in the United States is around $54,000. A great advantage of working as a sales associate is that you can work in any industry as per your preference such as insurance, medical devices, real estate, cars, and so on. The sky is the limit when it comes to becoming a sales professional and the amount of money that you can earn monthly depends on your skill set. Single moms who become sales associates can work on a commission basis or wage basis. Becoming a sales associate does not require getting a higher college degree however some employers may seek sales associate certification from candidates.

3. Fitness Instructor

Looking for jobs for single moms with no degree? Then becoming a fitness instructor will be a right fit for you if you have a knack for physical training. Generally, a fitness instructor is a person who offers physical training either one-on-one or in a class setting. Fitness instructors help in teaching yoga, weight lifting, pilots, aerobics, and other types of physical exercises to people. Normally fitness instructors work in fitness centers or gyms however they can also start their own business and work as a freelancer. Single mothers can start a fitness instructor business from their own homes without acquiring a higher college degree. The only requirement to become a fitness instructor is to have adequate physical fitness skills and obtain relevant certification in the field. The average annual salary of a fitness instructor in the USA is around $45,000.

4. Hairstylist

If you’re looking for jobs for single moms with no qualifications then choosing the profession of a hairstylist will be a perfect match for you. The average annual salary of a hairstylist in the US is around $28,000. The job role of hair stylists is to shampoo, die, cut, and style the hair of their clients. Hairstylist professionals do not require a college degree and there is much variability in the salary of a hairstylist. For instance, you may initially start on a low salary however with higher experience you can end up working in top salons where clients are ready to pay a three or four-figure salary for coloring and haircuts. Single moms need to have good hair-cutting and styling skills to become professional hairstylists. If you want to open a salon of your own then you may require to obtain a state cosmetology license.

5. Customer Service

Single moms who have worked previously in customer service jobs know that patience is the key to success. Customer service jobs do not require higher qualifications or a college degree as long as you have good communication skills to speak with a customer over the phone. Every business and company has to maintain a customer service team so that clients can contact the team to get their issues resolved. Single mothers have to handle the issues and answers of customers and solve them. Customer service jobs can also be performed remotely. The average annual salary of a customer service representative in the United States is around $36,000. Customer service representatives act as a middleman between the company and customers. They have to help answer all the questions and doubts of customers related to the product or service through phone, chat, or e-mail. Single mothers who are fulfilling the job role of a customer service representative require Wi-Fi to work from home and the ability to multitask.

6. Transcriptionist

The job role of transcription does not require much qualification. As a transcriptionist, you need to listen to audio recordings and then transcribe the details into a word processing program such as Ms. Word. Transcription is one of the most demanded professionals in the medical industry. The average annual salary for a transcriptionist is around $44,500 which is quite a good remuneration. Like other jobs which do not require a college degree, single moms can choose to become a transcriptionist and work for a specific company, agency, or even as a freelancer. You just need to have fast typing skills and pay attention to detail. You may also need to buy special transcribing equipment.

7. Social Media Manager

Single mothers who love spending time on social media platforms will love to pursue the job role of a social media manager. Single mothers who become social media managers have to handle the accounts of businesses and clients and perform their day-to-day tasks throughout the day. You need to analyze data, create as well as post content on social media platforms. Single mothers can do well at the job of a social media manager if they are excellent with graphic designing and writing eye-catching content. This job provides flexibility and good remuneration as well. The outlook for social media managers looks great and it can be expected that the job opportunities of marketing managers and social managers are likely to increase. The average annual salary of a social media manager is around $52,000. You can work as a freelancer or for a company or agency. The only requirement is that you need to be tech-savvy and have familiarity with different social media platforms.

8. Interpreter

The average annual salary of an interpreter is $49,000. It is important to understand that the job of an interpreter is different from that of a translator. A translator helps in translating written text an interpreter translates information loud in real-time. Interpreters may find good jobs in government facilities, education centers, or hospitals. Single mothers who have fluency in languages other than English and have relevant certifications will find good interpreters jobs.

9. Photographer

People often mistakenly imagine that photographers are hired only for taking family portraits or at weddings. But today there are limitless opportunities for photographers. Single moms looking for jobs with no degree can become a photographer and earn an average annual salary of $44,000. Single moms can work with journalists, bloggers, fashion designers, event planners, and many more clients. As a photographer, you can also choose to work on a freelancing basis and this can be a good side hustle alongside your day job. It is also one of the easiest ways to earn money with no degree and get a flexible work schedule. Single moms are just required to have photographer equipment, editing software, and photography skills to qualify.

10. Virtual Assistant

The job market for virtual assistants is experiencing rapid growth and will continue to grow. This is the reason why organized single moms with no college degrees are opting to become virtual assistants and prefer to work from home. Being a virtual assistant single mom you need to provide administrative support for instance performing typical duties like e-mail and phone management, customer service, note keeping, event planning, data collection, and so on. Such duties and responsibilities may vary depending on your organization and employer as well as whether you’re working as a freelancer, for a particular company, or an agency.


Single moms require a stable and flexible world that can help them to support their family financially even if they do not have a college degree. There are plenty of resources out there that can help them get started. The best jobs for single moms with no college degree and a flexible schedule are social media manager, childcare provider, customer service representative bookkeeper, freelance writer, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, and so on.

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