Eviction Assistance For Single Moms

Eviction Assistance For Single Moms

Being a single mom you are just not the primary caretaker for your little ones but also the sore earner for your family. There is no doubt single moms in the United States are at a greater risk of eviction or foreclosure. The challenging financial times can cause housing crises among single-parent families therefore eviction assistance programs for single moms are significant. This guide will throw light on how single moms with an eviction can apply for government assistance programs and make ends meet.

Are There Eviction Assistance Programs For Single Moms?

There are governmental, nonprofit and local organizations running throughout the country that helps single moms with public housing, rent assistance, and eviction assistance. In addition to this housing assistance, single moms are also eligible to seek resources that can help them afford nutritious food and childcare assistance. While applying for eviction assistance programs you need to research the resources that are based on your assets, income, family size as well and other qualifications. Check with the nonprofit organization and government agency from where you are applying for the housing and eviction assistance program and apply for the program within the deadlines.

How To Qualify For Eviction Assistance For Single Moms?

Eviction assistance for single moms ranges from affordable home loans and rental assistance to legal help and free apartments for women who are facing a housing crisis. To qualify for eviction assistance programs for single moms you need to meet the income guidelines that will be based on the HUD median income for your area of residence. Low-income single moms who want to qualify for eviction assistance programs have to gather relevant information such as the following

  • Citizenship status or immigration proof
  • Proof of permanent residency in your state
  • Income statements like bank statements, pay stubs, or disability income benefits
  • Paperwork that shows your qualification for government assistance programs like Supplement Security Income or Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program.
  • Names of all the household members who live along with you including their verified visibilities and age

What Are The Different Programs That Provide Single Mom Eviction Help?

Leveraging an eviction assistance program for single moms can help you ease your economic trouble. Any change to your household finances can make it difficult for you to afford secure housing even in a great economy. Single moms facing eviction can speak with the help of the below-mentioned programs to get a roof over their heads and reduce their housing burden.

1. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

A federally funded program known as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program offers housing assistance to single moms, elderly people, disabled individuals, and low-income families. The state government receives funding from the federal government to help low-income families with minors and  single moms with eviction. If you’re unable to pay for your household costs or facing an eviction notice then you can apply for the TANF programs through which you can receive monthly cash assistance for a short period.

2. PHAs, Public Housing Agencies

Approaching public housing agencies in your neighboring area is an excellent source to start your search for rental assistance or eviction help for single moms. The public housing authorities in the United States help single moms in low-income communities manage their problems by providing them with housing voucher programs and public housing programs.

3. HUD Public Housing Program

Approximately 1 million American households are living in public housing units that are administered by 3300 public housing authorities. Single moms facing eviction can visit the official website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD to apply for public housing programs. These programs are designed to offer safe rental housing for single moms and low-income families and help them overcome eviction problems. To qualify for assistance you need to show that you belong to a low low-income family, or have a household member with old age or disability. The income limits of the program may vary depending on your state.

4. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is an excellent program for single moms and other low-income families who are facing an eviction or foreclosure. Although the program does not provide actual housing like the public housing program it provides rental vouchers to low-income families who can rent units in the private housing market and reduce their housing burden.

Housing vouchers are run by public housing agencies that receive federal funds from HUD to assist single moms and low-income renters who are facing housing crises. Households are responsible for finding units where the landlord will agree to receive rent under the program. The payments of the landlord will come directly from public housing agencies on behalf of eligible renters. Single moms have to pay around 30% of the rental cost while the difference will be paid by the program. You can contact your nearest HUD office to apply for the program.

5. USDA Rental Assistance

USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture provides a plethora of eviction assistance programs for single moms and low-income families who are living in rural America. By applying for the USDA rental assistance program you can overcome eviction or foreclosure and receive rental support. To be eligible for the program you need to make sure you belong to a very low-income or low-income tenant group in a rural area. Visit the official USDA website to locate affordable rentals in your area and overcome serious consequences like eviction.

6. Emergency Solutions Grants

Single moms who have become homeless or are facing imminent eviction can apply for the emergency solution grant program that offers them useful resources to find emergency housing, prevent eviction or homelessness, and get a safe and secure dwelling.

The federally funded Emergency Solution Grants are distributed to the local and state governments including nonprofit and for-profit organizations, tribal entities, ies, and public housing authorities. The grantees of the program assist people with security deposits, rent assistance, tenant advocacy for legal issues with their landlords, and utility help. Single moms who require funding to find affordable homes or remain housed can contact their local HUD field office and get in touch with the local ESG grantee.

7. Continuum of Care Program

The Continuum Of Care is a consolidation of several HUD programs that protect single moms and other citizens against homelessness and eviction including the Shelter Plus care Program, Supportive Housing Program, and Section 8 rehabilitation SRO program. The financial assistance is provided to nonprofit organizations and local and state governments including public housing agencies. Single moms facing homelessness, eviction, and having low or no source of income can become a recipient of the CoC program and move into permanent and transitional housing.

8. HUD-VASH, HUD VA Supportive Housing Program

There are Veterans Affairs Assistance Programs that enable eligible individuals and families to avoid eviction and get affordable housing solutions. The VA or the United States Department Veterans Affairs provides eviction assistance and rental help to eligible individuals for a joint program with HUD. The HUD-VA or HUD VA Supportive Housing Program offers rental assistance vouchers to eligible homeless veterans who are living in privately owned housing. Single moms who are eligible spouses of veterans can receive assistance under this program. Even if you have no source of income you can qualify for assistance.

Organizations That Help Single Moms With Eviction

Apart from the federal and state governments, there are several nonprofit organizations and charities located throughout the country that help single moms bear housing costs and overcome eviction or foreclosure. Some of the organizations that single moms can turn to in times of need are as follows.

1. Salvation Army

A nonprofit organization known as Salvation Army provides eviction assistance and housing programs to help individuals including single moms in need. Their supportive services include transitional housing for individuals who have been recently evicted, homeless shelters for people who do not have a permanent roof over their heads, permanent supportive housing for low-income individuals, single moms and elderly people, housing for people who are dealing with severe housing crisis or domestic breakup and so on. To learn about the eviction assistance program for single moms you can visit the visual website of the Salvation Army.

2. Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities USA provides affordable housing programs and eviction assistance to economically vulnerable residents, especially single moms. The charitable organization assists people by providing transitional housing, emergency shelter and long-term housing health to needy people. Single moms also access rental assistance through Catholic charities and overcome eviction-like problems. The charity is running more than 35 housing units in the USA and around 1200 new housing units have been constructed to help needy families in a housing crisis.

3. CoAbode

Another popular organization that assists single moms to connect with eviction assistance programs is known as CoAbode. The mission of the organization is to help single moms eliminate eviction by allowing two single moms to share the home and raise kids together. Both mothers can benefit from reduced housing expenses and get emotional support as well. To learn about the eviction assistance program you can visit the official website of CoAbode.

4. Mercy Housing

Nearly 152,000 American households including low-income single moms and their kids have been assisted with affordable and safe rental housing through the Mercy Housing Organization. The nonprofit organization not only covers single moms but also special needs individuals, veterans, homeless people, and seniors. Single moms who are facing a housing crisis and eviction can locate permanent housing solutions in several areas of the United States. To apply for eviction assistance programs you can contact the mercy housing community by calling 866-338-0557.

5. Camillus House

Single moms who are living as a renter in Miami-Dade County and are facing eviction or homelessness can be able to receive assistance under the Camillus House’s homeless prevention rental assistance program. To receive assistance you need to make sure your housing income is within the program guidelines and you can participate in the program. To receive eviction help you can call 1-877-994-4357.

6. United Way

United Way is another nonprofit organization that helps single moms avail eviction assistance programs. The nonprofit organization can connect poor individuals, single moms, and their families with the right resources in times of their need. Your local United Way branch can help you with homeowner or renter counseling, rental assistance programs, legal help for landlord problems, affordable housing programs and emergency cash for rent. The organization is available in 40 countries with nearly 1800 locations that cover multiple districts or counties.

7. Jeremiah Program

Affordable housing solutions are provided to single moms including their children who are struggling with poverty, unemployment, and eviction. The Jeremiah Program offers single moms a 12-week program that can help them attain self-sufficiency and focuses on education, leadership, and women empowerment. To apply for the program you need to make sure you are living in an area where the program is available, have a GED or high school diploma, attend weekly program courses, and plan to start college within six months.

Legal Help For Single Moms Who Are Facing Eviction

Single moms throughout the United States can not only find affordable housing through eviction assistance programs but can also avail of free or discounted legal help and counsel. Following is the list of reputable legal aid solutions and services that single moms can avail of if they’re facing legal issues like eviction or foreclosure.

1. LSC Free Legal Assistance

A nonprofit agency known as LSC provides legal advice as well as assistance to low-income single moms and families. No matter whether you are living in suburbs, cities, rural areas, or any other region you can receive free legal help regarding family law cases, debt relief programs, Federal Housing subsidy cases, government benefit disputes, or how to get rid of eviction or foreclosure.

2. ABA American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is a viable source for single moms who are looking for legal help to solve eviction problems. They can help you with volunteer lawyer initiatives, pro bono projects, self-health clinics, educational legal seminars, and much other assistance.


Single moms navigating housing crises or eviction problems can take help from federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and nationwide charities that work to improve the lives of vulnerable communities. These agencies and organizations offer housing solutions in the form of financial assistance, cash grants, and transitional housing so that low-income single moms can get safe and secure shelter. You can search for the organizations in your county, city, or state and apply for them as soon as possible. Housing for single moms represents one of the biggest expenses and it can be challenging as single mothers are worried about their kid’s safety. Do not hesitate to seek help from local organizations and government institutions that are providing numerous resources for single moms.

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