What To Say To A Single Mom Who Is Struggling?

What To Say To A Single Mom Who Is Struggling?

Mothers are undoubtedly the backbone of their families. Solo moms are in a completely different league. They have to double their work and take twice the stress with less time to rest and relax. However single mothers are also likely to get twice the love, hugs, pride, and encouragement. Single mothers are undoubtedly the strongest people across the globe and they deserve a lot of care and respect for their strength. A lot of people wish to know what to say to single moms who are struggling and help them in their tough times. There are many things you can say to a single mom to inspire and motivate her in her motherhood journey such as the following.

1. Your Hair Looks Amazing

This seems to be straightforward. Complimenting your single mama friend on her hair without mentioning today, in the end, will make her walk away smiling and boost her confidence.

2. Your Child Is Going To Be So Proud Of You

Another wonderful thing that you can say to parents, especially for single parents who are working hard to raise their children is mentioning how proud their children will be when they grow up. This one is gold and will surely boost their self-confidence. When you tell single parents that their kids are going to be very proud one day it brings a smile to their faces.

3. You Are Doing Awesome

You just need to say to all single parents in your life that they are doing awesome without elaborating much. Just simply say the words “you are doing awesome” to make their day.

4. You Are Enough

Single parents lose a lot of joy while dealing with life struggles single-handedly. Encouraging them by saying that they are enough will help to motivate them and boost their self-confidence. Sending a few motivating and encouraging words to single moms in your life will help them in a lot of ways. Appreciating their amazing job requires recognition. Single mothers are a one-woman village as they have to play the dual role of mother and dad, a defender, caretaker, and emotional supporter all in one.

5. Never Give Up On Yourself Or Your Children

It isn’t easy being a single mom but saying to them that they are handling it with so much strength and grace will motivate them. Being a single mom doesn’t mean you cannot seek help from others. You should ask for help and that is completely okay. There isn’t any other mother like you and you are doing great. No one should frame an opinion on how you are parenting, especially those who do not know.

How To Help A Struggling Single Mom?

Being a solo mom is probably the most difficult job on the face of the earth. Single mothers not only have to shoulder their daily duties of taking care of their children, performing extracurricular activities, taking them to and fro from their school, and balancing their job but also have to play the duo role of a mother and a father. Single moms are often exhausted and must be encouraged. They do not even get a spare moment for her self-care. Even though some single moms hesitate to seek help from others, they will not deny that at times they require encouragement or help from others. Following are the four ways in which you can help a struggling single mother:

1. Providing Emotional Encouragement

Single moms need emotional encouragement in the things that she is doing. Words of affirmation encourage anyone, especially single mothers who are struggling to do everything alone. If you know a single mother then you can send her emotional encouragement through text, phone calls, or through cards. You can also mention specifically that you are praying for her well-being and that she’s doing an incredible job.

2. Providing Personal Encouragement

If you’re aware of a single mom then you can offer to watch her kids for some time. Even though it is for a few hours only, it will help single mothers to get free time and recharge themselves while their kids return home. If you’re having children at home then you can suggest other single moms send their children to your house for a play date. Some single mothers will be hesitant to leave their children with you unless she knows them properly. Once you become familiar with her you can offer to go to her house and take their kids outside to play while she can catch up on the housework or enjoy some relaxation.

3. Providing Financial Encouragement

To encourage and motivate struggling single moms you can send her gift cards to restaurants, local grocery stores, or retail stores. Single mothers work on tight budgets as they are the sole bread earner of the family therefore a little extra help will be a big blessing for them. In case you think your gift cards or financial help will embarrass her then you can send her financial support anonymously.

4. Consider Giving Small Treats To Single Mothers Sometimes

Single parents seldom have a companion who can give them chocolates, small gifts, perfume, and flowers. These parents are focused mainly on raising their children properly therefore they rarely get time to reward themselves fully. Sending them treats occasionally is a good way to support and encourage them. This can be as simple as giving them a handwritten card where you have expressed your admiration for them and their achievements. These treats need not be so costly or large. A small gift will go a long way to make them feel cherished, more at ease, and special.

5. Volunteering In Their Day-To-Day Tasks

Single mothers and dads are overburdened and do not get time to take a break. Most of them frequently fail in trying to make an effort to manage everything. You can offer to take care of something on behalf of single mothers for an entire day. For instance, you can offer to bring up their sick children to stay with you at home. You can help them by taking care of their children and by providing single mothers nutritious foods or medications when they fall ill. Further, you can also help them save a lot of time by doing their shopping, volunteering to bring their children to school, picking up their dry cleaning, etc.

6. Help Single Mothers With Babysitting

Paying for childcare expenses is difficult enough for two-parent households. This situation is more pronounced for single parents with only one source of income. A majority of single mothers take up multiple jobs to cover their childcare expenses and rarely have money left at hand to pay for nonessential and additional childcare expenses. They also do not get much time to spend alone on dates or with friends. To help single mothers you can be there overnight or daytime babysitter. This will allow single moms to run errands without their kids, spend time with their friends, or for their relaxation.

You can take their children to a park or your home so that single moms can get a few hours taking a bubble bath, reading alone, engaging in other activities, or watching a movie. You can help single mothers with babysitting once a week or once a month.

7. Inviting Single Moms And Their Children To Holidays And Serve Them Occasional Meals

It is difficult for single moms to spend the holidays alone without their family members or close friends. To help single moms you can invite them and their children to celebrate the special days with you if they do not have any other plans for it. The budget of single mothers often does not permit dining out therefore cooking dinner for them and their children will be a generous attempt on your part. You can make two meals for single mothers and their children on special holidays, one for freezing and one for immediate consumption. Knowing that there is something for them in the freezer after a tiring day can be truly a blessing

Single mothers often do not open up to others and share the load of day-to-day parenting.  By motivating and encouraging them in different areas you can make a significant difference in their lives. Let them know that you are praying for the well-being of her family. You can also invite single mothers to attend a church where they can meet others and promote spiritual encouragement.

Toughest Single Mom Struggles

The challenges of raising children alone without the support of a partner are innumerable. Following are the hardships that are common among single moms and ways that can help them to deal with the situation better.

1. Financial Strain

One of the most life-altering ring events related to single parenthood is financial strain. Single mothers irrespective of whether divorced or lost a partner due to death have to manage the household expenses on only one source of income. This situation is different from married couples or two-parent households with double sources of income. Consulting with financial planners or taking courses at your nearby church will help you to reach your goal as far as possible. While you may not control your expenses you can control your financial decisions and also be organized about how to handle money and lessen your stress.

2. Social Isolation

Single mothers have to go through a lot of mental pressure as they face social isolation. They are trapped underneath a mountain of household responsibilities and parental obligations which leaves them less time to invest in another companion or friendships for life. They do not get the time to get out of the house to interact with other parents near them and to connect with them. Encouragement and friendship are needed to make life a bit easier. As a single mom, you can look for environments where you can socialize and keep yourself and your kids entertained. For instance, you can join a small group in a church that offers childcare, exciting classes at a gym with kids’ space, or play dates with other parents. Having a support system or people with whom you can talk about what is going on in your life helps to alleviate your burden.

3. Decision Pressure

Single parenting is difficult. While married parents have at least an adult with whom they can talk and share their burdens while making tough decisions in life single parents have to make tough calls alone. Single mothers go through a heavy emotional burden. Seeking out a peer or a trusted parenting mentor will help you to share your decision and fundamental values and receive good advice. Parenting decisions should be made alone; however, getting feedback on your parental plan will help you to lessen your anxiety and decision pressure.

4. Guilt

Single mothers feel guilty about their decision and regret it. For instance the guilt about spending less time with their kids while juggling jobs. Regardless of how you are raising your kids as a single parent, you will be concerned about the effect it is creating on them and also feel responsible for it. As a single parent, you may make poor decisions and tend to learn from your mistakes and move on.


Single moms are overburdened with responsibilities. They have to prepare meals, work full time, pay their monthly bills, and take care of their children, yard, and house everything alone. This makes them suffer at some point in time. Even though most of them have to go through financial hardship in their day-to-day lives, single mothers also struggle in other ways. Although financial help and money can be a solution to a wide number of problems there are additional ways in which people can help them to make their lives more beneficial and meaningful.

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