Dental Insurance For Single Moms

Dental Insurance For Single Moms

The bond between a mother and her child is unconditional and beautiful. Every mother takes good care of her children and gives them the best possible life. However, while juggling responsibilities women often forget to take care of themselves and this is especially true for single moms.

Being a single mom it is important to take care of your overall health. Dental Healthcare is an important aspect of your overall well-being. When you are a single mom you need to fulfill the responsibilities of parents and this leaves you little time to take care of your dental or oral health. Read the guide to learn about dental health insurance and why it is necessary to purchase a dental healthcare policy.

What Are The Best Ways To Avail Single Mom Dental Insurance?

Poor dental health care affects your productivity and your overall health. A popular federally funded healthcare insurance is the Medicaid program which covers a wide array of services related to your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, single moms in America do not get coverage of dental care in most states under the popular Medicaid program. However, there are alternatives that you can use to solve your dental health problems.

What Does Dental Insurance For Single Moms Cover?

Dental insurance plans cover a wide range of preventive care such as cleanings, X-rays, and basic services like root canals, fillings, tooth extractions, and so on. Dental insurance services are limited to a specific percentage of the cost for instance 50%. These plans cover major services which tend to cost more and limit payout to nearly 50%.

Dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures and pre-existing conditions and sometimes leave out dental services like orthodontic care and implants. Dental insurance generally does not cover the cost of teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures. Also pre-existing conditions like braces, missing teeth orthodontics work might not be covered but it depends on the health insurance plans that you have opted for.

What Should Single Moms Look For In A Dental Insurance Plan?

While selecting a dental insurance plan you need to consider the following aspects.

1. Coverage

The first and foremost thing to notice is to go through the services that your dental insurance plan will cover and what are the common procedures included in the plan such as X-rays, filling, and so on.

2. Network Of Dental Care Providers

The next most important thing to notice is how many dentists are in the network.

3. Fees And Premiums

Single moms should never overlook the monthly or annual premiums that they have to pay for dental insurance plans. Check the deductibles, or pocket costs of the plan’s hidden fees to make a careful decision. Also, make sure whether you need to pay any coinsurance for availing the procedures.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Dental Insurance Plans?

A dental insurance plan is a part of your health insurance plan or can come in separate plans as per your choice. According to the American Dental Association, there are various types of dental plans that single moms and other Americans can opt for including the Preferred Provider Organization PPO, the Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO), Direct Reimbursement Plans, Indemnity Plans, and schedule table of allowance plans. DHMO and PPO plans are the main types of dental insurance plans single moms can apply for.

1. Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans

The indemnity dental insurance plans are also referred to as fee-for-service plans. This dental insurance plan will cover the portion of your dental treatment, services, or care once you meet your deductibles.

2. PPO Dental Insurance Plans

PPO dental insurance plans are a common and widely known plan that a lot of Americans opt for. PPO or preferred provider organizations are expensive as they come with wider network coverage and provide more flexibility to customers.

3. DHMO, Dental Health Maintenance Organization

Dental health maintenance organizations are cheaper unlike other types of dental plans due to some restrictions. Single moms opting for this plan may have to live within a restricted area where a dental health maintenance organization offers dental plans. Single moms have to stay within the network to receive dental coverage through this option.

4. Dental Discount Plans

Single moms can access dental services and care at discounted rates through dental discount plans. These plans cover 60% less than other dental plans and cover older adults and low-income single moms and their children. Single moms need to contact their insurance company to look for discount plans and what are the different coverage that fit their needs.

How To Choose The Right Dental Insurance Plan?

Single moms who are looking for ways to choose the right health insurance plans and get dental coverage services can take a look at the below tips and strategies before making a decision.

1. Perform Thorough Research Work

Healthcare including dental services is becoming costlier with each passing day therefore it is important to research thoroughly and choose the right health insurance plan for your family. Many companies offer health and dental insurance for single moms. An online search tool is a good place to start your research. You can compare the offerings and choose the one that suits your needs.

In this way, you can also stay updated on dental healthcare policy benefits, network hospitals, processes, and other available benefits like memberships, discounts, and health checkups. While researching you can talk to your peers and professionals who can give you invaluable advice.

2. Look For Medical Insurance From Your Employer

Working single moms can check with their employers and see if they can qualify for medical insurance benefits. Also, take a look about what are the services that are covered under the medical insurance plan. If you feel the health insurance coverage is not enough for you or if it is not covering dental care services you can look for other options.

3. Make A Careful Decision

While opting for health insurance coverage it is necessary to choose a plan carefully and go for the one which covers expensive procedures or something which you require very frequently. For instance dental plan. Dental issues get worse when overlooked therefore look if your medical insurance covers dental checkups and treatment. Also, make a list of things which you are sure you may need coverage for in the future.

4. Read The Terms And Conditions Of The Plan

When deciding on a particular health insurance plan, read the documents carefully before signing. This will make you well-informed and aware of the benefits and processes that the insurance plan provides. For instance, if the plan includes free or special health check-ups, dental services, and discounts for you. Check the enlisted hospitals for institutions and doctors to get a clear picture.

Does Medicaid Cover Dental Insurance For Single Moms?

No, the Medicaid program covers dental healthcare only for kids and not for single moms however some states cover a part of dental health bills for adults as well. Single moms who are residing in a state where the Medicaid program covers dental healthcare can contact their local Medicaid personnel and learn if they can qualify for dental healthcare. Single moms who are living in states that do not give adequate dental health coverage can go for other alternatives.

Which States Have Medicaid Dental Health Coverage For Single Moms?

There are 18 states where dental coverage is covered by the Medicaid program. Dental healthcare under the Medicaid program applies to emergency dental operations such as medical procedures to stop bleeding, get rid of tooth infections, extract the teeth of patients to bring quick relief, and so on. There are eligibility requirements as well that single moms have to meet to avail of dental care services under the Medicaid program. Some of the states where you can get dental coverage under the Medicaid program are New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Mississippi, Kansas, Georgia, And Texas. Single moms should call their local Medicaid office to learn more about eligibility requirements for their state.

How Can Single Moms Use Medicaid To Take Care Of Their Mental Health?

Single moms who are living in any of the aforementioned states where the Medicaid program provides adequate dental healthcare services then they need to follow the below steps to get a Medicaid dental insurance plan.

  • Visit your neighboring Medicaid agency office in person and apply for a Medicaid dental health plan.
  • If you are unable to visit the office in person then you can apply by visiting the Medicaid official website.
  • Single moms can register for Medicaid by giving proof of citizenship, means of identification, proof of residence, income statement, proof of disability, and other relevant documents.
  • Once you complete filing the application form and submitting relevant documents, you need to talk to the Medicaid officer in your state and also learn about the different dental plans that are available at your disposal.
  • Make sure you get a detailed and comprehensive list of dental health services that are covered in your state from the Medicaid personnel.

To learn how to use the Medicaid program for covering dental health services you can visit

Dental Insurance Options For Single Moms Who Do Not Qualify For Medicaid

Single moms who are living in a state where Medicaid programs do not include dental coverage for single moms and other adults can take a look at the below-mentioned resources.

1. Free Dental Clinics Near You

Many states offer free dental healthcare services to eligible American citizens including single moms. Private organizations or government agencies have established free dental clinics. These offer medical services including dental healthcare that are essential for Americans.

Single moms need to research the organizations and agencies to know about the free dental clinics in their state. Free clinics receive grants or funding from private donors or organizations to cover the dental care costs of low-income patients, especially single moms and their children. Single moms can also ask their doctors for referrals to free dental clinics.

2. Clinical Trials

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is an agency that aims to improve oral, craniofacial as well and dental health for many American citizens. The agency conducts research work and distributes funding to the public.

They also seek volunteers who can participate in their research studies and help to overcome dental health challenges among American citizens. Volunteers are given free or low-cost oral healthcare under investigation. Single moms can participate in clinical trials to get free or low-cost oral healthcare services.

3. Dental Schools

Dental schools are the best, most effective, and excellent source for free or low-cost dental healthcare solutions. Single moms who are facing oral health challenges can visit dental schools in their state where there are excellent teaching facilities and students who provide free or affordable dental healthcare under the supervision of experienced and licensed dentists.

4. Community Health Centers That Offer Dental Services

The federal government agency known as the Health Resources And Services Administration offers low-cost or free health services to needy Americans including single moms. Community health centers are funded by the federal government so you can locate a local Community Health Center near you and learn about dental health plans that are available for you.


The life of a single mom is not so easy. An unexpected dental bill may increase your financial problems. This is the reason why having dental insurance coverage is important. The most important purpose of a dental insurance plan is to ensure single moms can afford dental care and services without bearing a huge cost of dental treatment or surgery from their pocket. You can also visit the healthcare marketplace to find affordable dental, vision, and health insurance plans. If you find a dental insurance company which fits your budget and needs then you can sign up and pay for the benefits directly from the company.

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