Single Mom Filing Taxes With No Income

Single Mom Filing Taxes With No Income

Filing taxes is a process that nobody can avoid and doing so can lead to serious consequences and penalties. This situation is also true for single mothers with no or low sources of income. Being a single mom you need to make sure that you file your tax return ahead of time. Instead of avoiding the process just because you have no low source of income, you need to be aware of IRS rules and guidelines about income thresholds and whether you are eligible to file a tax return.

Can A Single Mom With No Income File Taxes?

Single moms have to file taxes if they are earning above the IRS income thresholds and this may vary based on the filing status as well such as whether you are filing your taxes as married or single. Single moms with no income can choose to file their taxes if they want. If you have a child or dependent to take care of and there’s no source of income then also you can file your taxes and this will enable you to get a refund in case the tax credits which you are entitled to are more than your income credits. Although it is not required compulsively as per laws to file taxes for people with no income however they can reap a lot of benefits in doing so. Single moms can file zero-income tax returns either online or through the mail.

Single Mom No Income Tax Return

If you have not earned any income the previous year then you’re not mandatorily required to file a tax return. However, when you file a tax return you can claim refundable tax credits such as Earned Income Tax Credits or Additional Child Tax Credits. This will help you in recovering tax withheld if you have earned little income or if you were a school or college student. Single-mom self-employed women earning less than $400 or people who have received healthcare tax credits are required to file a tax return. Single mothers filing tax returns can enjoy a future deduction and protection against audits. They can also claim credits in subsequent years. When you have not earned an income in the last year you might wonder how to file your tax. Fortunately, you are not forced to file a return if you have not earned any income in the previous year.

Single Mom Low Income Tax Return

Filing a tax return as a low-income single mom is necessary and it is also important to talk to your tax professionals and learn what is the procedure for filing taxes if you have little income. Certain minimum income thresholds are imposed by the Internal Revenue Service therefore how much taxes you have to pay depends on inflation and your tax status. The eligibility requirements may change based on whether you are filing jointly, married but filing separately, or single status. Many single moms with low income wish to file a tax return even though they are not required compulsorily since they want to claim refundable tax credits and get tax refunds. This makes them eligible to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit both of which are refundable tax credits. You can file taxes if you earned less income last year as you can recover taxes that were withheld from the previous time you paid. Single mothers who are earning a low income either through a small business or because they are self-employed need to file a tax return if they have earned at or more than $400. You can file taxes if you have received health subsidies on healthcare tax credits the previous year.

What Are The Benefits Of Filing A Tax Return For Single Moms With No Income?

Single moms who do not have a job can file taxes if they want only when they meet the minimum income threshold of the IRS. Filing your taxes can help you to receive a refund in case your tax credits are more than your income. The last thing that a single mom would want is to have an audit. Auditing old tax returns is operated by the IRS under the statute of limitation. Not filing a tax return on time will put you at risk of having an audit performed by the Internal Revenue Service. Single mothers who are not filing a tax should maintain all the necessary financial records as required by IRS. Otherwise, they may land in serious problems or unpleasant situations later.

Tax Credit For Single Moms

Claiming tax credit is similar to putting money back in the pocket and for many single moms this can make a huge difference. It cost around $165,000 to raise a child from birth to 18 years of age as per U.S. data. Filing tax returns will help you to claim federal tax credits and ease your financial burden.

Children are pricey and for many single moms, this can be a struggle to tackle the never-ending process of expenses. This is where the federal Child Tax Credit comes into play. Filing a tax return will help you to save as much as $1000 per child on your tax bill. When the credit exceeds the taxes a refund will be issued. Apart from this single mothers need to make sure they meet all the eligibility criteria in terms of age, relationship, residence, support, dependent criteria, citizenship criteria, and so on. Some other tax credits that you can enjoy are the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, American Opportunity Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Premium Tax Credit from Adoption Credit, and so on.

What Are The Requirements To File Income Taxes For Low Or No-Income Single Mothers?

As you know filing a tax return is not required if your past year’s income was less than the IRS minimum thresholds. Whether you are claimed as a dependent on someone else taxes, filing as a single, filing jointly with your partner, or as the head of the household the minimum IRS income threshold will be based on your age and filing status. The minimum earned income every year gets adjusted by inflation or IRS. Therefore people under the minimum threshold may be required to file tax returns if new circumstances or laws ask for it. IRS puts a limit on the amount you can claim with deductions or certain credits. Therefore single moms cannot claim as much as they want. For example, if your business goes into debt due to a Home Office Deduction then you may not claim the Home Office Deduction as it is a too large amount. So you can claim zero business income for the last year and this enables you to move into the next year carrying the remaining deduction. Single mothers who have no income are unable to claim deductions or credits which carry over and to claim them they need to file a tax return in the following year when they get an income. Depending on the age of your kids single moms can get Child Tax Credits ranging between $3000 to $3600 as per the American Rescue Plan. It is important to keep in mind that filing tax forms such as 1040 is important if you want Child Tax Credits. Tax credits higher than the amount you are paying in taxes can be claimed as tax refunds.


Having no source of income might make things confusing for single moms who have filed taxes in the past. With no source of income, a lot of single moms are unaware of how to file taxes in the present situation. Single moms filing taxes with no income is not mandatory as per law however there are benefits in doing it such as you can claim refundable tax credits. The above-mentioned information in the guide will help you to be successful in starting the tax filing process.

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