Best Companies For Single Moms

Best Companies For Single Moms

Striking the perfect work-life balance as a single mother is a herculean task. This requires constant dedication, carpools rearranging of time schedules, and making budgets. All these may seem to be a full-time job in itself. Single mothers need to find the best company where they can balance motherhood and work simultaneously. Having family-friendly employers will enable you to receive benefits such as flexible work options, adoption assistance, childcare, college maternity leave, scholarships, and so on. Balancing a good job with motherhood will not be difficult when you are employed in single mom-friendly companies. Some companies in the USA address that single mothers are already working double shifts and so they help them in every possible way.

How Can Single Mothers Choose The Best Company For Them?

As a single mom getting back into the workforce after taking a break from your career and job is a real struggle, however by using valuable tips and strategies you can ease the transition and find a good company for yourself. You need to dig deep to locate a company that provides you with a life balance and also figure out what you want from your job. Once you complete your research work, you need to improve your skills, acquire additional education, update your CV, and reach out to prospective recruiters. As a single mom, you are more likely to find a company that will provide you work-life balance and will help you to enjoy some time with your children. Searching for the right company that can address your needs and help you grow can be frustrating if you do not know how to start. Following are the tips for working single moms that will help them to get back to work after taking a career break.

1. Suitability

Being a single mom your foremost concern should be to check whether the company you are choosing provides your flexible schedule so that you can have some time for yourself and enjoy it with your kids. Also, make sure that the salary they provide is reasonable.

2. Obtain Transferable Skills

The workforce in the United States is constantly evolving therefore acquiring new skills as a single mom or updating the existing ones is a must to find the best job and the best company for yourself. Obtaining tech skills will prove to be the best bet for you as these are the most demanded skills these days.

3. Update Your CV

Single moms who are returning to the workforce and are looking for an ideal company to join as an employer should first update their resume. You can take the help of a resume writing guide or articles and learn how to list your relevant experience and skills.

4. Reach Out To Potential Recruiters

Landing a good job in an ideal company requires single moms to acquire relevant skills and make a perfect resume. Single mothers should reach out to prospective recruiters, attend job fairs, visit company job boards as well as search for vacancies online.

5. Send Your Application To Different Vacancies

Single moms should not send their applications to one company and wait for feedback. Instead, they must try sending applications to multiple companies and various vacancies even if it is for entry-level positions. This way you get several requests for interviews or employment offers.

Top Companies For Single Moms

Being a single mother will make it more difficult for you if you have an inflexible work schedule. Having employers who can work closely with you and help you meet your parental and professional goals will be a road to success. As a single mom building a bright career for yourself is challenging enough. It is no easy task to juggle parenthood and work-life balance simultaneously. A lot of single mothers wonder how to give attention to careers and children simultaneously. You can achieve this aim by looking for a company that respects the work-life balance concept. Opt for companies where you can get onsite daycare, flexible scheduling, and the opportunity to work part-time from home. The following is the list of best companies for single moms to work for that will help you to achieve your goals.

1. IBM

IBM is a popular tech company based in New York. The company has been featured in one of the 100 best companies in Working Mothers Magazine. The work-life benefits of the company make it a key reason why a lot of single mothers wish to become a part of the venerable organization. If you’re looking for a company scholarship for single moms in Washington state then IBM must be on the top of your priority list. The company provides college coaching, financial counseling, and scholarship programs for its employees so that they can scale higher in their careers. IBM also provides subsidized daycare options to single parents and 529 plans so that single moms and dads can save money and spend it on their children’s college education. Single moms who are juggling education, raising children, and budgeting can reap a lot of work-life benefits by joining this company.

2. General Mills

General Mills is a food manufacturer which is based in Minneapolis and is also in the top 100 list of Working Mothers Magazine. The company provides a lot of benefits to single moms such as telecommuting, job sharing, and flexible work schedules. This is critical for single parents as they can get some time to do extracurricular activities with their children or get time to drop their children off at school every morning. Not every employee can take advantage of the flexible working hours provided by the company and as per the magazine around 63% of employees rely on telecommuting and flexible schedules at least some of the time. If you’re a newly single mom at General Mills then you can get reduced working hours for a minimum of 8 weeks and can return to work after paternity or maternity leave.

3. Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive is a New York City-based company that is famous for its dish soaps and toothpaste. When Forbis worked with Indeed in 2015 to create a list of the best 25 companies that provide work-life balance to employees Colgate Palmolive topped the list of the work benefits that the company provides. This seemed appealing to a lot of single parents. Company scholarships for single moms, tuition assistance, childcare, and free legal assistance for financial counseling are some benefits that single-mom employees can get here. If single parents have to move or relocate to a new place they can take advantage of the relocation assistance of Colgate Palmolive to make their journey less hassle and stress-free.

4. SAS Institute

The North Carolina-based company SAS Institute is a renowned software analytics company that has been a favorite option for single moms to walk to and become a part of. The employment site Glassdoor even ranked SAS Institute as one of the top 25 companies which provide work-life balance. The best thing which differentiates this company from others is that SAS leaders do not emphasize the number of hours that employees spend in the office. The company operates on a 35-hour work week generally which means that employees are only required to work 35 hours. Employees can also choose to work more if they want. For single moms and dads, the option to work for fewer hours is quite a tempting one and this makes it easier for them to attend band concerts and have some time with their children. The company also provides discounted childcare, on-site healthcare clinics, free work-life counseling, and on-site gyms for single parents and employees.

5. Wegmans Food Markets

Generally, supermarket chains do not have a stellar reputation in terms of parent-friendly benefits. However, Wegmans Food Markets is an exception which is situated in Rochester NY. According to Fortune Magazine 2015, the company was on the list of the top 100 best companies to work for. Wegmans Food Markets is a good place for single moms who want to return to college and expand their earning potential. The company provides tuition assistance for part-time as well as full-time students. This supermarket chain covers 85% to 100% of healthcare costs of the employees and their dependents and this is a tremendous benefit for single moms and dads who are concerned about how to cover the medical bills of their children. The company also provides flexible working hours for single moms and dads who wish to spend more time with their kids at home

6. Quicken Loans

This company is one of the best places for single moms who are IT workers. Even though it is a good place for anyone to work and thrive, this is a personal favorite option for single parents for many reasons. For example, single moms and dads who have adopted can receive $5000 in adoption benefits along with 10 days of paid leave benefits. Quicken Loans provides 26 days of annual paid holiday to all of its workers including vacation leave after a year of service. The company further provides 90 days of job-protected maternity leave to single moms and other women. Quicken Loans, the Detroit-based mortgage lender offers telecommuting options, childcare as well as flexible scheduling to employees.

7. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to choosing single mom-friendly companies the hospitality industry does not have a good reputation for providing work-life balance and single-mom benefits. However, Four Seasons Hotels and Restaurants the Toronto-based company is an exception and as per reports, it is one of the best places for single moms to work. Fortune Magazine of 2015 states that the company provides 30 days of protected maternity leave for those who have become new parents. Four Seasons Hotels and Restaurants provide 19 days of holiday including vacation days every year to employees who have worked for the company for a minimum of a year. For single moms who wish to work flexible hours, the company provides compressed worksheets where employees can work for more hours in a short number of days. Moreover, you can also access flexible work schedules and telecommuting options. Single parents who do not have a car also receive subsidized public transportation so that they can travel to and from work easily and conveniently.

8. Johnson & Johnson

Returning to work as a single mom can be stressful. Climbing the higher career ladder while taking care of children requires multitasking and a lot of stamina. Johnson & Johnson supports single moms in every possible way by providing them with a healthy work-life balance. Employees are provided 15 weeks of paid maternity leaves in Johnson & Johnson. The employees can access $20,000 per child for child care service and adoption and $35,000 for fertility assistance.


When looking for the best companies for single moms, you need to look into the current as well as prospects of your job consideration. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies in the USA that are employing single moms and providing them. The best company for single moms are the ones that provide them with a high level of flexibility. Investing in your skills and education is a good way to land a job in your dream company. Some employers may discriminate against single moms with kids however with the right education background and skills you can get a job easily. Single moms should choose the perfect career option which provides them satisfaction in terms of flexibility, professional development, socialization, and salary.  A lot of the best companies for single moms provide them with part-time hours which is a good way to ease the transition and get into the workforce

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