Single Mom Rental Assistance Louisiana

Single Mom Rental Assistance Louisiana

A safe and secure home is a necessity to survive. A lot of families, especially single-parent families in the state of Louisiana, struggle to seek permanent housing because of financial constraints. Luckily there are many community-based organizations, charitable institutions, and governmental organizations which assist single moms with rental services and rental assistance. This guide will help you to learn about the organizations and charities which provide support to low or moderate-income families and single mothers in Louisiana.

Different Single Mom Rental Assistance In Louisiana

One of the pressing issues single mothers in Louisiana face is housing problems. Financially challenged single moms in Louisiana can take a look at the following resources that can help them to cover rent and utility expenses.

1. Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC)

The mission of the Louisiana Housing Corporation is to make sure every resident in the state of Louisiana is provided with an opportunity to get energy-efficient affordable and safe housing. A team of dedicated professionals meets the ongoing challenge and allocates state and federal funds to the families and helps them in fulfilling their housing dreams into reality. Housing corporations manage a variety of programs and resources to assist low-income homeowners, buyers, renters, nonprofit groups, developers, stakeholders, and local governments in creating affordable, safe, and decent housing.

2. Unity Of Greater New Orleans Rental Assistance Program

It is a nonprofit organization in the state of Louisiana which is a group of 63 organizations that offers rental assistance and housing services to low-income families including single parents. The mission of the nonprofit organization is to reduce and eliminate homelessness. This Louisiana agency holds proof-based strategies and programs to eliminate homelessness in regions of New Orleans. The agency trains the service providers, evaluates the members of the organization, and conducts programmatic monitoring. Support services provided by this organization include emergency shelters, rapid rehousing, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, a haven for women and girls homelessness prevention, etc. Single moms belonging to low-income workers and disabled or homeless group can seek rental assistance from this organization.

3. The Mission of the Louisiana Housing Corporation

This is the housing assistance program that is available exclusively for low-income Louisiana residents who are in great housing need. The corporation works with state and federal funds and if you’re a low-income single mom then you can avail energy efficiency, low cost, and secure accommodation through this program. You can get rental assistance by visiting the official website of the corporation.

4. Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP)

The Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program is funded by the federal government to assist needy people and provide them with financial assistance so that they can cover their necessary expenses like rent and utilities. Single moms in Louisiana can benefit a lot through this program as it lowers their household expenses and helps them to attend self-sufficiency. This program provides good opportunities to single moms and low-income populations and makes sure they can afford rent payments and other household expenses.

5. Volunteers Of America North Louisiana

This is a faith-based organization that offers equal opportunities and strives to promote the dignity of all citizens who are needy and are seeking support. This Louisiana agency offers quality and wholesome services to north Louisiana residents including single mothers. The rent assistance solutions and programs help in preventing foreclosure and maintaining family stability. The youth permanent supportive housing program provided by this agency is designed for homeless youth in age 18 to 24 and to transition them into permanent supportive housing solutions.

6. Catholic Charities Archdiocese Of New Orleans

Catholic Charities offers housing and homelessness services to provide case management and safe shelter to people who are suffering from mental health needs and chronic physical problems. The Voyage House Program is designed by the organization to offer long-term supportive housing services, referrals, and case management for women who are living on the streets with their children. The Bridge To Self-Sufficiency Program by the organization aims in helping low-income families and single parents to locate transitional housing unless they can recover from their condition and attain a permanent housing solution.

7. Section 8 Housing City Of Ruston LA

The City Of Ruston LA operates under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program which is designed to provide affordable and sanitary housing conditions to low and extremely low-income families including single moms and dads. This organization assists low or extremely low-income groups so that they can avail rent and manage their resources in a better way. The Public Housing Agency of Louisiana encourages financial, social, and personal mobility and allows single-parent families so they can transform from subsidized housing to non-subsidized housing. Section 8 Louisiana Housing Program offers rental assistance by covering a large part of the rent.

8. The Emily House

This organization has been operating since 2018 and provides emergency shelter and rent assistance to homeless families. The emergency shelter focuses on homeless families including single moms and dads and assists them in securing permanent and safe housing solutions. Besides intensive and personalized case management services and solutions, they’re also provided for stabilizing homeless single-parent families and low-income individuals.

9. The Monsignor Sigur Center

This center offers resources and financial support to single-parent families and individuals who are going through financial crises. The organization serves underserved families and impoverished individuals including single moms who are at risk of homelessness. Single-parent households who are going through financial issues can seek financial support to cover their rent assistance or transportation fares for funeral expenses and utility bills.


Being a single mom and living in Louisiana can be challenging to cope with as you have to raise your children single-handedly and provide them with necessities among which having a secure and safe shelter is a priority. Not every single mom can find an affordable, decent, and safe house for themselves in a good neighborhood due to economic reasons. If you are a single mom then you can access government-funded programs from a local institution, charity-based financial support in Louisiana State that can fulfill your housing needs and help you to pay for your rent and utilities.

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