Charities For Single Moms Illinois

Charities For Single Moms Illinois

Single mothers are one of the most vulnerable and destitute populations which face emotional and financial challenges in their day-to-day lives. A lot of people cannot afford reliable transportation, childcare, and higher educational goals. Some of the common struggles that single moms and dads have to face are housing instability, food insecurity, financial challenges, and other issues that make it difficult for them to take good care of themselves and their children. No matter what circumstances you are in help is available for you in the form of grants, programs, and other resources through Illinois charities and in this way, you can raise your children in a thriving environment.

What Help Is Available For Single Moms In Illinois?

Irrespective of whether you are a first time single mother or have been a single mom before a lot of help and support is available for you in Illinois. Single mothers have a lot to juggle and go through immense pressure and struggle daily. If you are wondering whether help is available for you or not then the answer is certainly yes you can look for emotional, spiritual, and financial help from a lot of charities and nonprofit organizations that are available throughout Illinois. A good place to start for support and help of any kind is to search online for nonprofit organizations and charities for single mothers. Charities are the backbone of single-parent communities. Single mothers should not hesitate to reach out for help from a charity as every mother is entitled to receive support if they are unable to cope with life problems on their own and if life becomes an unbearable struggle for them.

List Of Charities For Single Moms In Illinois

From support groups, mentorship programs, and financial support to child care assistance and scholarship these charities in Illinois will lend you a helping hand when you need it the most. As a single mom, if you’re looking for support and assistance, you can turn to the following charities and nonprofit organizations to make ends meet.

1. The Single-Parent Project

This charity is available for single moms in Illinois and provides financial support and mentoring programs to eligible applicants. The Single-Parent Project has supportive programs for single moms who wish to go back to school and complete their education. Single mothers having higher career goals often give up on their dreams due to financial limitations. The Single-Parent Project offers Illinois single moms an opportunity to meet mentors who have prior experience in the field and get the necessary support. The project also holds many scholarship competitions and provides them with financial assistance in the form of free grant programs. Single mothers need to submit an application and give proof of their income as well as fulfill other eligibility criteria to receive support.

2. Bridge of Hope

The main priority of this charity in Illinois is to help the homeless population including single parents. The charity works closely with religious organizations and churches to prevent foreclosure eviction and homelessness among needy families. Single moms in Illinois should check the eligibility requirements of the organization by visiting its official website to make sure they can qualify for the help that they’re looking for. The Bridge Of Hope Neighborhood of support provides long-term housing solutions to the homeless population and single mothers are at higher risk of foreclosure and eviction, unlike others. The life of a single mom is extremely challenging and this charity focuses on encouraging and supporting single moms, by providing them immense opportunities and assistance.

3. Helping Hands For Single Moms

This is an organization in Illinois that offers scholarships, funding, and counseling so that single moms can return to school and continue their education even after raising their children. Helping Hands For Single Moms has been founded by Chris Hoffman and provides support in many other states of the USA including Illinois. Low-income single mothers who want to pursue higher college degrees but are facing financial difficulty can take help from this charity.

4. The Salvation Army

This is a famous charity organization that is available in the USA and many other countries across the globe. Illinois single mothers can seek short-term support and financial assistance from the Salvation Army and become self-sufficient. The Salvation Army offers help to single mothers in Illinois in different forms such as food pantries, educational health, Christmas gift, rent and utility assistance, shelter, assistance to pay bills, and so on. Single mothers have to fulfill their eligibility requirements and the amount of money they can cover to fund their monthly bills depend on the availability of funds. People irrespective of their age, lifestyle, background, and race can get help from the Salvation Army.

5. The American Association Of Single Parents, Inc.

It is one of the largest social service agencies working in the United States and single moms in Illinois can break the cycle of poverty by seeking help from this charity. As per the 2017 United States Census Bureau, there are around 12 million single-parent families around which 80% of households are headed by single moms. Single mothers are subjected to poverty and unemployment compared to married couples. This charity in Illinois is dedicated to meeting the needs of the single mom community and providing them with supportive programs and services. The organization offers charitable assistance programs, educational programs, social services, and financial assistance. The organization aims to use a holistic approach to supporting single parents through social, charitable, and educational programs and inspire them in their journey of parenting.


The sheer task of single motherhood is different from partnered parenting. Single parenting can sometimes be taxing and challenging. Fortunately, help and support are available for single moms if they are navigating life challenges on their own. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or frightened by the daily struggles then take a deep breath and search for wonderful charities who can assist you in your difficult times. The list of charities mentioned above will help you to solve your problems and get help with rent, utilities, food, shelter, child care, education, and many other things.

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