Scholarships For Single Moms In Michigan

Scholarships For Single Moms In Michigan

As per the 2016 National Center For Education Statistics, single moms make up 22% of the overall undergraduate population at colleges and universities in the United States. Single moms and dads often report going through economic hardship as the main hindrance to attending college.

A lot of single moms and dads spend the majority of their income on necessities and housing which makes it difficult for them to save money for school. The state government of Michigan supports single moms by providing them with a wide variety of grants and scholarships so that they can attain self-sufficiency and their educational goals. These programs are a combination of merit-based and need-based awards and provide varying amounts of financial assistance.

How To Apply For Scholarship Opportunities As Single Moms In Michigan?

Single moms who are applying for scholarships or financial aid opportunities in Michigan must fill out and submit the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that will determine their eligibility criteria to get student aid. You can monitor the student financial aid website of the Michigan government to stay informed about the available scholarship programs and grants.

FAFSA is used by a lot of regional colleges, universities, and private institutions to determine the eligibility of students before giving them financial awards. College-bound single-mom students should submit their FAFSA. Besides federal and state-funded programs you can also look at the local resources provided by charities and private institutions.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Michigan?

Following is the list of the scholarship programs for single moms in Michigan.

1. The Michigan Competitive Scholarship

The Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program is available to eligible undergraduate students including single moms who are pursuing their first education degree at a state-recognized college or university.

To be eligible for this scholarship program you need to meet the requisite level of academic merit and financial need. Applicants of the program must have a qualifying score on the ACT exam to be eligible for financial assistance.

2. The Tuition Incentive Program

The Tuition Incentive Program established in 1987 encourages high school students including single-mom students to cover their educational expenses by providing much-needed tuition assistance for two years of college.

Eligible single moms can apply for the program while attending their high school.

The tuition assistance received through this program is provided to qualifying graduates of high school who are pursuing an approved certification program at a state college, technical school, or university or an associate degree. The award amount may vary and is based on the financial needs of students.

3. The GEAR UP Michigan Scholarship

Subsidized by the federal government the GEAR UP Michigan scholarship targets low-income students including single moms within the three major urban public school systems in the state.

The three major urban public school systems are situated in Flint, Muskegon, and Detroit. The recipients of the program have to complete a six-year GEAR UP scholarship program and must be 22 years of age. You need to prove that you are enrolled in a participating state university or college.

The GEAR UP College Days Scholarship is another program that encourages and financially supports low-income students so that they can acquire a college education. This program covers high school graduates including single moms and the eligibility criteria are based on the academic merit and financial need of applicants.

4. The University of Detroit Mercy SAE Engineering Scholarship

Single-mom applicants who are enrolled freshmen or new transfer students and studying engineering at UDM can apply for the University of Detroit Mercy SAE engineering scholarship.

The scholarship program is renewable for more than one year provided the student can earn a GPA of 3.0 and can stay in the engineering curriculum. The minimum financial award that you can receive through this program is $500.

5. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Single Mother Scholarship

The Rosenfield Injury Lawyers provide two scholarship programs worth $1000 every year to eligible single moms. To receive assistance under this program you need to write an essay of 500 words or more about how returning to school as a single mom has been advantageous for you.

To qualify you need to add skills that you have learned as a single mom like listening skills, time management, or how to manage multiple tasks. Women who have enrolled in law school or any other undergraduate programs have to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify for assistance.

6. Detroit Promise Scholarship

Single moms who are planning to attend one of the six participating Community College or participating Michigan University can apply for the Detroit Promise Scholarship Program. This program offers fantastic educational opportunities to eligible candidates.

Michigan Education Excellence Foundation offers the Detroit Promise Scholarship program to eligible candidates. The scholarship covers tuition-free education that you can use for your associate’s degree, technical certificates, or bachelor’s degree.

7. ACEC Michigan Scholarship

The American Council on Engineering Companies of Michigan has designed the ACEC Michigan scholarship program with varying financial assistance every year as the council addresses the importance of engineering to improve society and the world around us.

Single moms who want to make a career in the field of engineering sector can be eligible for this scholarship program provided they’re pursuing a degree in the field of engineering and have relevant work experience as well. The amount of financial assistance that you can receive through this program may vary.

8. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)

Single moms who have been victims of partner abuse or domestic abuse at the hands of their intimate partner or spouse can apply for the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. To be eligible for the program you must be attending an accredited USA college or university. You also need to show that you have parted your way from your abusive partner or spouse for a minimum of one year but not more than five.


Scholarship opportunities for single moms are a viable route to attend college without graduating with significant debt. These scholarship awards are based on the academic achievement and merit of the students while some are based on financial need, major, fields of interest, ethnicity, and majors. The application procedure and eligibility requirements are unique to every scholarship.

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