Single Mom Support Group Toronto

Single Mom Support Group Toronto

With the help of a single-mom support group, stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression can be reduced and effectively managed.  According to experiments, social support groups are among the best resources for reducing stress and anxiety during pregnancy. Social support groups in Toronto act as an essential resource for single mothers that can help them to cope and adapt to the stress in their lives. Joining these groups will help you to increase your social interaction and reduce stress. Communicating with each other in social interaction and talking about each other‘s struggles, journey and success will give you a support network and you can feel that there are people who can understand you and your emotions.

Positive Outcomes Of Joining Support Groups In Toronto

Joining support groups for single mothers in Toronto positively affects physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health. Single mothers can get together in various ways to comfort and support each other in their difficult journey. There are many support tools and local support programs for single mothers in Toronto. These programs answer their questions, solve their doubts, help them get practical advice from experts or other professionals, and make friendships. Group members can participate in group discussions, set goals, and get valuable tips. With the help of support groups, stress and anxiety can be reduced and managed timely.

Different Support Groups For Single Mothers In Toronto

Following is the list of support groups for single moms in Toronto.

1. Parenting With Connection

This is an 8-week support group that is created for parents of school-age children. The group provides a safe and welcoming space for parents to explore their questions and response to parenting challenges, build connections, and gain skills and resilience. The group deals with self-compassion, emotional regulation, guiding behavior, brain basics, acceptance and change, mindfulness, and many more. The group meeting takes place on Monday evenings between 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

2. Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

This is an evidence-based positive parenting program designed for all parents. Single mothers in Toronto can become a part of this program to develop a toolbox of strategies and skills. Learning these skills and strategies will be effective and will be helpful to ensure a healthy and positive child development. If you are a single parent with children going through various challenges like CD, ODD, depression, anxiety, or ADHD, then joining this group will help you to access a lot of support.

3. Black Moms Toronto

This meet-up group is designed for black mothers who can inspire and connect black moms everywhere. The group’s main objective is to host activities and social events for black moms and their kids in the greater Toronto area. Joining this group will help you to meet like-minded black moms and even black single moms who can collaborate and connect with you.

4. 6-Week Postpartum Support Group – Online

This support group for single moms in Toronto enables you to meet and connect virtually with other mothers in a supportive and safe environment. The group is designed specifically for postpartum women who are going through many questions and concerns in their minds. Single pregnant mothers or expectant mothers have to go through a lot of self-doubt and challenges. Being surrounded by a group of supportive people who understand your problems and can relate to your personal experience will provide you assurance and will help you to ensure mental well-being. Joining this group will help you to navigate the highs and lows of the postpartum journey and learn coping techniques from your counselor or therapist. In case you are experiencing anxiety or postpartum depression, then joining this group will help you to reintroduce self-care and adjust to parenthood.

5. SoSocial (Single Women 30 yrs)

This is a social group designed for single people who are over 30 years old. SoSocial creates a warm and welcoming space for single mothers to unite, expand their circles and meet other incredible women. The group is based on a simple idea which is forming connections among single women. The group organizes many events so that single women can have fun together. This platform is the go-to for single women seeking opportunities to join events, make new connections, and have fun together. The group hosts many events regularly, and therefore, single women in Toronto get to know each other organically. Joining the group is also simple, and you need to use the Meetup app or website. The funds are collected for paid events to cover fees from administration, transportation, and admission.

6. Single Parents Social – Toronto and GTA

This group hosts low-cost events in the Toronto and GTA region so that single parents and their children can connect, have fun together and enjoy many activities. Apart from children’s activities, there are also adult-only events without kids, which provides an opportunity for single parents to talk. Apart from providing a social avenue for single parents, many issues and topics are discussed in this group that will benefit single parents. These issues are common for single moms and dads in Toronto. Meeting up with other parents and hearing stories from them help you to socialize, meet new potential buddies and widen your knowledge.

7. Toronto Socially Isolated Singles

Single mothers who wish to meet new people and make meaningful friendships from the comfort and convenience of their own homes will find Toronto Socially Isolated Single group to be genuinely beneficial. This group will help you to know other single parents through group chats. Every meeting takes place through Skype or Zoom, which helps you explore interests and themes and communicate with other single parents in Toronto. The essential age range for this group is 28 to 45. You get a comfortable and welcoming community from this group.


Support groups are beneficial for single moms in a lot of ways, such as for reducing postpartum depression, decreasing stress, and expanding social circles. By attending a support group for single moms, you can strengthen and develop relationships with moms and other parents and improve the overall well-being of yourself and your child. There are meet-in-person groups as well as online communities that are positively affected.

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