Single Mom Support Group Collier County

Single Mom Support Group Collier County

Parenting is one of the most critical and cheerful things anyone can do. Each stage of parenting brings difficult choices and questions for parents. This situation is more challenging for single mothers who have to handle everything alone without the support of their partner or spouse. As per research, support groups for single mothers provide them with a sense of belonging and empowerment. They also learn healthy parenting skills from other singles in the group. Support groups can also be helpful for single mothers of teens coping with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition. Fortunately, single moms in Collier County can access a wide range of support programs and resources that help them to navigate the struggles of single parenthood.

How Joining A Single Mom Support Group In Collier County Can Make A Powerful Positive Difference?

Single mom support groups in Collier County remind parents they are not alone in their single parenthood journey. They can talk to other parents who can understand the emotions, practicalities, and challenges in life. Single mothers believe they are not good parents as they have to handle everything and may not give much time to their children. As a result of embarrassment and shame, they prevent talking to other parents and suffer from loneliness and depression. Single-mom support groups act as a reminder that there isn’t anything like perfect kids or perfect parents. Every parent doubts themselves at times, and everyone can make a mistake. These groups are a type of self-care that promotes mental health among parents and kids. Joining a parenting support group in Collier County provides a warm and welcoming community where you can find hope, motivation, and humor.

List Of Single Moms Support Groups In Collier County

Raising children single-handedly or bringing home your first child without the support of your partner is a life-altering and overwhelming experience. The massive shift to motherhood can bring along lots of doubts, concerns, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. Seeking support from family, friends, and community members is an excellent way to gain insight and support. Following are the few resources and groups that offer unique opportunities for single moms to connect with other parents in Collier County.

1. MeetUp

Single moms can create a profile free of cost on, where they can learn about upcoming events for single parents in Collier County. There are a lot of things posted as well as advertised on the website related to playdates, monthly coffee dates for new mothers, fitness opportunities for single mothers, and many others. If you’re looking for low-key events that are geared towards single parents specifically, then you can find a lot of opportunities on this website.

2. MOPS Chapters, Mothers Of Preschoolers

It is a faith-based institution that encourages and supports mothers of preschool-aged children. Mothers of Preschooler groups comprise scheduled meetings that take place regularly so that single mothers can bond with other moms and can take part in various activities. Many chapters throughout Southwest Florida, including Collier County group meetings throughout the week. You need to contact individual churches like Center Point Community Church, Life Christian Church, First Baptist Church Of Naples, and more to gain more information.

3. Self-Empowerment Group

Living in a world full of hurdles isn’t easy for single moms to treat themselves with kindness and compassion while dealing with all the battles alone. This is the reason why joining the Self-Empowerment group for single moms in Collier County will help you to navigate motherhood, relationship problems, or other life challenges in a better way. It is a provoking, confident, encouraging, and self-esteem-building group that encourages women and single mothers to embrace themselves positively. Joining this group will help you to solve your self-doubt, build self-compassion, get rid of negative thinking, embrace yourself, and set life goals.

4. Breathe (Coping with Stress & Anxiety Group)

Many single moms suffer from anxiety, depression, and loneliness while pretending to be acceptable in front of their friends, families, and colleagues. If you are secretly battling your inner voices of criticism for self-doubt and fears that are draining you, then joining this anxiety skills group in Collier County will help you to identify your triggers and get a warm and supportive environment. This group has been designed mainly for individuals, including single mothers, who need psychoeducation and need to develop healthy coping skills. Joining this group will help you to understand that you are not alone and get a chance to connect with other parents who are going through similar challenges to you.

5. Separated/Divorced Women – Christian Perspective

Single mothers going through a divorce phase and looking for support from the comfort and convenience of their homes can join this online support group. The group uses HIPAA-compliant video conference software for connecting group members. This group covers various issues to comfort divorced and separated women, like anger, support system, self-care, grief process, forgiving yourself and others, isolation, and more topics.

6. Everything Emotions Therapy Group

Single moms with children with angry outbursts, lack of self-control, and anxious moods can join this group to get practical help and valuable advice. These symptoms can improve with emotional regulation. The main objective of this group is to help children to develop their emotional intelligence. The aim can be accomplished by learning and practicing emotional regulation skills. Children of single-parent families often deal with anxiety and behavioral problems. As a single mom joining this group, you can help your children meet other kids experiencing similar challenges. This group has a nine-week course curriculum and includes activities like cognitive behavioral therapies, playing, art, etc.


There are multiple types of support groups available in Collier County for single parents. Some groups focus mainly on parent education. Some hold meetings and discussions that include presentations and talks from experts and mental health professionals. There are also support groups for parents that help them to cope with teen anxiety, communism, eating disorder, or substance abuse. Single mothers in Collier County should consider the type of parenting support group that aligns with their needs, so researching before attending the groups is essential.

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