Manhattan Kansas Single Mom Support Group

Manhattan Kansas Single Mom Support Group

A single mom’s to-do list is filled with enormous tasks in her day-to-day life. From completing the house chores to working full-time jobs and cooking dinners for children, single mothers are always on the go. The sole objective of every single mother, armed with complete dedication towards her family, is to cater to all the needs and requirements of her children and give them a better quality of life. However, this superwoman also needs help to cope with life’s challenges and struggles. They may stand tall in tough times and handle the situation single-handedly; however, these strong individuals are humans and need counseling occasionally. This is where the importance of single-parent support groups comes into the role. Fortunately, there are a lot of single mom support groups available in Manhattan, KS.

How Joining Support Groups In Manhattan, KS Can Help You?

As per statistics, there are more than 10.3 million single moms throughout the United States living alone with their children. Taking multiple jobs, looking after the children, and doing the household chores can be a tiring job. At times being a single mom can test your patience and make you feel exhausted. Most struggle to keep their families together while earning a meager salary of $25,000. Therefore, it is normal for them to feel underappreciated and overwhelmed.

The day-to-day grind can make you feel like giving up, and this is a normal human reaction when overburdened with responsibilities and playing the dual role of mother and father. Support groups for single moms in Manhattan, KS, are formed to help these individuals navigate through common life issues and parenting problems like debt, arguments, and child obedience. Interacting with other single parents in support groups with similar experiences and backgrounds will help you get comfort. Single moms can also develop meaningful friendships with others and feel better. Support groups for single moms offer a sense of relief and also take the guesswork out of parenting.

List Of Manhattan Kansas Single Moms Support Groups

Single moms in Manhattan, KS, can better manage their struggles and discover a meaningful process of tackling their worries by joining support groups. Joining these groups will help you to pick up numerous practical strategies and parenting tips from other single parents. Following is the list of Manhattan, KS, and single mom support groups, and you can choose a group that suits your needs and requirements.

1. KCDL, Kansas Children’s Service League, Inc.

Single moms who wish to build a bright and secure future for their children and families can join this support group in Kansas. KCSL aims to prevent childhood neglect and abuse and provide school readiness, family support, and parent education in communities throughout Kansas. The main objective of KCSL is to create, restore and repair parent-child relationships since it is the foundation of a strong family. Moms concerned about maintaining a healthy relationship with their children can get the best support through KCSL. The group services are designed mainly to address the needs of children and parents and make them successful in their schools, homes, and workplaces.

2. Endeavor Therapeutics

Endeavor Therapeutics provides a group therapy program that supports single moms in a therapeutic environment. Single moms dealing with anxiety, depression, and loneliness can benefit from the services and support in a group setting. The group therapy program provided by Endeavor Therapeutics was created so that single parents can get flexibility in managing their commitments at work and with families. Joining this group will help you to get psychoeducational, process groups, and knowledge on a variety of topics like self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, emotional awareness, personal boundaries, practicing courage, compassion and connection, and mindfulness. This group in Manhattan, KS, focuses mainly on Dialectical Behavior, Borderline Personality, therapies, depression, and anxiety which is common among single parents.

3. Healthy Connections PLLC

Single mothers in Manhattan, KS, seeking emotional support can join the Healthy Connection PLLC group, which provides effective outpatient, mental, and individualized healthcare support. The main focus of the group is to help individuals, including single moms, to heal from energization and know their inner strength. The group provides safe, neutral space and customized treatment plans. As a single mom joining this group will benefit you as you can hear from your pain and boost your confidence.

4. MeetUp

Single moms in Manhattan, KS, looking for support groups to connect with other single parents, can visit the MeetUp site, where they can search for global support groups near them using their state-organized catalog or zip code. There are plenty of options that MeetUp sites will provide you, which are not limited to single parenting only. There are unique groups that can help you to meet your social and mental needs. The needs and struggles of single mothers can be different from that of married couples. First, locating a single mom support group in Kansas will help you to get support and motivation and meet your unique needs as a single mom.

5. Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a site that enables single mothers to search for local support groups just by typing their city or name of the group and their zip code. This will help them to access a wide range of options for support groups that are led by marriage and family therapists, former social workers, and professional counselors. Using Psychology Today, you can learn about different types of groups that deal with parenting issues, divorce, single parenthood, dating, conflict resolution skills, stress, anxiety, money management, and many more.

6. The Single Mom KC

Around 75% of single-parent families living with children in Kansas City are headed by single moms. The American Community Survey of 2019 states that 40% of kids in Kansas City are growing up with single parents, in contrast to the national USA average of 34%. The mission of the Single Mom KC is to assist single moms to live solid, thriving, and stable families. It invites single mothers into the community and equips them with resources that help their emotional and spiritual growth. Single moms looking for hope and encouragement in their lives can find support and also restore their families. The Single Mom KC is building communities of hope and encouragement for struggling single mothers.


Single mom support group in Manhattan, KS, advises solo mothers to get advice from renowned experts and other single parents nationwide. Joining these groups will help you to handle difficult situations in your home or work and face parenting challenges prudently. Moreover, the support groups for single moms feature group discussions and host events that provide a platform for single moms to seek expert advice and voice their concerns.

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