Affordable Housing For Single Moms Near Me

Single moms are the neediest and most disadvantaged women worldwide, as most have neither a good-paying job opportunity nor good savings to meet their ends. Providing safe and decent accommodation for their family is one of the most significant hurdles they must overcome. Thankfully, there are a lot of housing assistance programs and grants that are designed for single mothers so that they can remain housed. 

How Can I Find Affordable Housing For Single Moms Near Me?

If you are seeking affordable housing for single mothers near your location, you first need to contact your local PHA or Public Housing Agency. You can also call your local HUD office to inquire whether any housing assistance program is available. Low-income single mothers and needy families looking for transitional residences, temporary shelters, or rental apartments should start their search by approaching their nearby PHA. Your best resource to locate affordable housing is an online directory that lists all public housing agencies for each county. You can begin your search at the state level and try to obtain valid details, such as the contact number of the agency which is located near your county. 

Affordable Housing Programs For Single Mothers

Affordable housing allows low-income families and single others to get a safe and better house to live in with their families. The government and charitable institutions run these programs to provide better housing opportunities to eligible families and individuals. Some of the affordable housing programs and resources for single mothers include the following:

1. Section 8 Housing Voucher Program

Section 8, or Housing Voucher, is a HUD program that benefits low-income families, including single mothers. This program is designed to offer financial assistance for single moms and low-income families. This is an essential program of HUD that offers voucher help to candidates based on their application. Eligible low-income households have to pay only 30% to 40% of their income towards their rent. They get financial assistance for the remaining part of the rent. The eligibility criteria for this program requires candidates to be a citizen of the United States.

2. Low-income Housing Coalition Program

The National Low-Income Housing Coalition works to provide affordable housing to low and moderate-income families. The organization provides financial support to community agencies, which addresses the dire need to have stable, decent, and safe housing. The Low-Income House Coalition Program focuses mainly on single mothers and low-income families desperately seeking affordable housing. You can contact your local communities or visit the official site of the organization to learn additional details about how to get started.

3. The Salvation Army

A leading and popular organization that helps low and moderate-income people, including single mothers nationwide, is the Salvation Army. Single moms looking for affordable rental assistance can apply to this organization. The Salvation Army provides not only shelter but also food, rehabilitation, disaster relief, and financial assistance to support the financial situation of individuals. Helpless single mothers get a lot of support and financial assistance through this organization. The Salvation Army receives funds through donations and corporate organizations. If you are looking for affordable rental assistance, food assistance, or utility service, you can approach your nearby Salvation Army office.

4. Family Unification Program

This program offers housing choice vouchers to PHA. Such housing vouchers can benefit low-income families who want to secure affordable houses or apartments and dwell with their families in safe and secure locations. The amount these housing vouchers cover will depend on the financial need of the eligible candidate. Every Public Housing Agency has specific criteria and income restrictions for individuals and families to receive the housing voucher; therefore, you must check with your local PHA to know whether you qualify. Low-income families, including single mothers without a shelter, are prioritized in this program.

5. LIHTC, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

LIHTC aims to increase decent and affordable rental housing solutions for people. This program offers tax credits to property owners when they provide safe and affordable housing, townhouses, apartment units, and houses for low rents. Property owners with credit can quickly lower their tax liability through this program. This program requires property owners to help low-income occupants by charging lower utility charges and rent for their property.

6. The Mercy Housing Assistance For Single Moms

This nonprofit organization operates throughout the United States and helps low-income families, including single mothers, to locate quality housing at low rates. The organization believes that quality, affordable, and safe housing helps revitalize neighborhoods. Single mothers who are looking for affordable housing can contact the Mercy Housing Organization to determine if there are any Public housing options available for them near their location. An important thing to note is that there are limited Mercy Housing Communities, and each has its eligibility requirements for offering affordable apartments to needy people.

7. Bridge Of Hope

Affordable housing assistance for single mothers is provided by the Bridge Of Hope organization which mainly works to improve the lives of needy women and children. Apart from providing shelter, the organization offers support services like job training, childcare, essential supplies, and medication. The organization offers safe and affordable places to eligible candidates so that they can live freely and in this way, prevent homelessness. The homeless population and single mothers without shelter can obtain help from the Bridge Of Hope, provided they are a citizen of the United States.

8. Social Serve

Social Service is a famous social enterprise that lists affordable and safe housing opportunities available to residents in every state. A lot of housing options are available to low and needy income who are seeking permanent and affordable living arrangements. Single mothers can also get an affordable and safe place to live with their families through this enterprise.


There is a wide range of affordable housing options provided by the government and non-government organizations to single mothers and needy families. These programs and housing grants can improve the lives of single mothers and make it easier for them to manage their resources. Single mothers can explore affordable housing options through real estate companies, charitable organizations, and local governments. 

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