Donate Furniture To Single Moms

Donate Furniture To Single Moms

Whether you are looking to make a new look to your home or if you’re downsizing your room it is the right time to say goodbye to your unwanted and old furniture. From hand-me-down décor to outdated college futons not every furnishing is meant to remain in your home forever. Luckily there are many nonprofit organizations and charitable institutions which accept furniture donations and provide them to needy families including single moms. If you’re looking for ways to donate furniture to single moms the following guide and suggestion will help you to get started.

How Donated Furniture Can Help Single Moms?

Donation programs are run by community organizations, nonprofit organizations, or individuals to provide free furniture to low-income and needy single moms. Criteria may vary from one donation program to another however single moms need to provide proof of their income, confidential details, and personal identification details. Donating items such as household goods or furniture to nonprofit organizations and charities helps the less fortunate population especially single moms who have to manage everything single-handedly and most of them cannot afford new furniture or household items. You not only get to declutter your home but also show compassion and care toward the needy population. Raising children as single moms can be taxing and most of them require items such as furniture in their home. Many organizations accept donated furniture and provide them for free to single moms and low-income individuals. A lot of nonprofit organizations such as Goodwill Industries provide low-cost or free furniture to single moms based on their financial needs. Donation programs, online resources, furniture voucher programs, furniture banks, local churches, and so on are some ways to get free furniture.

Where Can You Donate Your Household Goods And Furniture For Single Moms?

One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. If you are planning to get rid of your household items and furniture pieces, you can share the resources with a charitable institution and local organization which will provide a second life to the needy population, especially single moms who are the most destitute population in the USA. Donating used furniture items to charities and nonprofit organizations can help the members of your community to fulfill their needs. It is also a simple and straightforward process as you need to schedule a home pickup online and the charity will pick up your donated items at no cost to you. You can simply declutter your house or streamline your personal belongings before relocating to a new location. Many nonprofit and charitable institutions provide free pickup services therefore you just need to schedule an online appointment. The best thing about meeting furniture for single moms is that you can get a tax incentive and save a lot of money that could otherwise have been spent from your pocket. Some of the popular places to donate your furniture and household items are Goodwill, the Salvation Army, The Furniture Bank Network, Habitat For Humanity, and so on.

Furniture Donation Companies

Organizations and charities which accept household and furniture donations and help needy populations and single moms are as follows.

1. DonationTown

People who are not sure about which charity or nonprofit organization will accept their furniture donation can approach DonationTown which will offer them a list of charities available near their region. From the available list, you can schedule a donation pick-up for free. This furniture donation company is available in all the major cities across the United States. As per the website, you can donate furniture items for needy families including single mothers which includes end tables, nightstands, small chairs, small rocks, and small shelves.

2. Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International is a renowned charity in the USA with more than 3200 stores nationwide. If you are looking to donate furniture then you can easily find a neighboring Goodwill location near your region. This charity organization offers employment placement services, job training, and a lot of community programs for underprivileged populations including single moms and dads. Goodwill Industries International accepts gently used and new clothing as well as household items like furniture and sells the items in their stores or on their online auction site. Whenever people purchase furniture from Goodwill the amount directly goes to support the mission of the charity. People who want to donate their furniture before relocating to a new place can simply drop everything off at a local Goodwill Donation Center. There are a lot of Goodwill donation locations that provide pickup services and in case your furniture is large and heavy then you can call the local donation center and ask whether they can provide pickup services.

3. The Arc

This nonprofit organization works collaboratively with the government for developing services and programs for mentally challenged individuals. Single moms with disabled children or having a disabled family member can get a wide array of clothing donations and household items from this nonprofit organization. In case you are looking to help people with developmental intellectual disabilities then you can consider donating your furniture items to The Arc. There are hundreds of chapters running throughout the United States and the thrift stores of the organization accept household and clothing donations. Some of the household items which the organization accepts are furniture, household goods, clothes, cars, kitchenware, linens, and so on. You can contact your neighboring chapter to see whether they’re accepting your donation and can also schedule a delivery or pick up.

4. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that is committed to helping families to build and improve their home condition. The donations given to Habitat For Humanity are sold for members in the local communities and these items provide them a second life. Some of the household items which the organization accepts are building materials, furniture, appliances, other household items, etc. If you need someone who can pick up your furniture items in a hurry then you can contact your neighboring Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that is one of the first choices for people who want to donate large furniture pieces, for instance gently used couches, consoles, dining tables, beds, chairs, and desks. The Habitat For Humanity ReStore is administered by the Habitat For Humanity organization and the stores sell all the used furniture items for a fraction of the retail price. The sale proceeds from Habitat For Humanity ReStore go directly towards constructing new homes and shelters in local communities for needy populations and single mothers all around the world. People who want to donate furniture to help support the noble cause of the organization can contact Habitat for Humanity ReStore and request to schedule a pickup time before relocating. The pickup service comes free of charge.

5. Pickup Please

People who are looking to get rid of their used household items and small pieces of furniture and give a new look to their home can contact the Pickup Please charity. Pickup Please services are provided by Vietnam Veterans of America which collects donated items and furniture pieces and sells them to support their mission. The organization accepts gently used furniture items for generating funding and support from local and national programs of Vietnam Veterans of America. The organization accepts small items when it comes to furniture including nightstands or mirrors, office chairs, and headboards. Donors who want to support single moms and needy populations can schedule their pickup service online and leave labeled boxes outside their door. Pickup Please driver will pick up your donation within 24 hours of contacting you.

6. The Furniture Bank Network

People interested in working closely with the local charity and donating furniture can contact the Furniture Bank Network. This organization will connect you to the local organization which accepts furniture donations. The Furniture Bank Network is a self-organized network that enables nonprofits to start new furniture banks in their local communities. People who are looking to donate their old furniture for a good cause should contact the furniture bank near them and learn about their drop-off and pick-up services. Some of the household items which the Furniture Bank Network accepts are appliances, home goods, electronics, furniture, and so on.

7. The Salvation Army

An amazing way to get rid of your used and old furniture before relocating to a new place is to donate them to the Salvation Army’s family stores. All proceeds from the Salvation Army’s family stores are used to fund the adult rehabilitation centers of the nonprofit organization. The Salvation Army helps in the upliftment and empowerment of single mothers and the center has helped more than 60,000 people get through various stages of life every year and assist them in rejoining the community skills of productive members. With around 1500 family stores located all around the United States, you can easily find a Salvation Army family store near you. If you want to donate your furniture to support the mission of the organization then you can schedule a furniture pickup from the organization or bring it to the drop-off location.

8. GreenDrop

This organization converts all the donated furniture items into dollars for organizations like the Military Order Of The Purple Heart, the American Red Cross, and the National Federation Of The Blind. The main objective of the GreenDrop is to make the process of donating pretty simple through scheduled dropouts or pickups. The donated items are sold by charities to affiliate companies or thrift operators. The household items must not weigh less than 50 pounds like kitchenware, clothing, small furniture, toys, sporting goods, and books. On donating your goods you get tax receipts from the selected charity.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Donating Furniture For Single Moms?

Following is the list of things that you need to keep in mind while donating your old unwanted pieces of furniture.

1. Tax Write Off

People who are donating their furniture to support needy populations like single moms should not forget that their furniture donations are completely tax deductible. Once you drop off your used furniture the charity organization will provide you with a tax receipt on the same day. Such receipts will help you in the upcoming tax season and will help you to save money.

2. Condition Of Your Furniture Items

Furniture donation companies and charity organizations will not accept any furniture items. You need to make sure your furniture items are in good shape and a workable condition. In case you are not sure whether your furniture pieces are in good shape enough to donate to a good cause then you can contact the charity directly and ask them whether they will accept your items. A lot of donation sites will offer a list of household items and furniture that they accept or they do not accept on their official website. For instance, some institutions do not accept upholstered items with tears, stains, ribs, pet odors, hazardous chemicals or materials, broken glass, unframed mirrors or glass, single pane windows, corner tubs, metal lines, broken flooring, etc.


Many charities provide free furniture to single moms including local furniture shops, nonprofit organizations, and online resources. Raising a child as a single mom is one of the most difficult aspects of life however there are many resources and help available to them. Single moms can easily find essential furniture pieces that can help them to make a comfortable home to dwell in. By exploring online resources for nonprofit organizations, donation programs, and local furniture shops single moms can locate free furniture and meet their needs. These programs and resources will help them to create a comfortable or functional and safe living space for themselves including their children and also reduce the financial burden.

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