Housing Vouchers For Single Moms

Housing vouchers are among the most extensive federal programs offering housing assistance to low-income families, including single mothers. Eligible candidates can use the housing vouchers to pay for their rent on the open market. Most housing vouchers are given to tenants to live in their preferred area, which is why these programs are called tenants’ or renters-based assistance programs. Housing vouchers can be used by single mothers and low-income families to purchase homes or make affordable housing developments. Housing Voucher Programs are administered and managed by the HUD or the Department Of Housing And Urban Development at the federal level.

What Is a Housing Voucher For Single Moms?

The US federal government has initiated the Housing Choice Voucher Program to enable low-income families, single mothers, disabled individuals, and senior citizens to assess a decent, safe, clean environment in private market homes. Through these programs, low-income families and individuals can select their preferred homes, such as an apartment, townhouse home, or single-family apartment.  The Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 Program assists single mothers and low-income families to get rental assistance from PHAs near their region. Access to an affordable and clean environment is an essential requirement for everyone. The HCV program enables single mothers and needy families to get the proper assistance and resources to live in a decent house and pay rent on time. Single mothers can apply for a Housing Choice Voucher Program if they cannot pay their rent or housing bills or are looking for affordable and safe housing to live with their children. Participants who are eligible for this program are required to look for approved apartments or housing units with their landowners willing to participate in the Section 8 program. Once authorized by the Public Housing Agency, the beneficiaries of this program will get voucher help to meet their housing needs.

How Do Housing Vouchers Help Low-Income Families And Single Mothers?

The high cost of housing contributes to homelessness and housing instability, which also affects the welfare of the family members and the children. Single mothers are among those who have to struggle a lot to obtain safe and decent housing. Most single mothers belong to low-income families with no stable houses and face housing crises. The Housing Voucher Program will be of great help to them. This program offers tenant-based rental support and assistance so people can remain housed and access safe and affordable housing. The United States Department Of Housing And Urban Development funds the Public Housing Agencies responsible for implementing Housing Voucher Programs at the local level. Eligible families who receive housing vouchers are responsible for locating a home according to their choice and must meet the set standards and criteria of the PHA. Once you qualify for this program, your preferred housing unit will be rented from a private manager or landlord. The Public Housing Agency will pay a part of your rent directly to the landlord. The difference between the subsidized amount and the actual rent charged by the landlord will be borne by the eligible candidates.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Housing Vouchers?

The annual gross income of the household and the family size are the two main eligibility criteria for the Housing Voucher Program. Besides, participants are also required to be a citizen of the United States or hold a qualified immigration status to receive housing assistance through these programs. Low-income households and single mothers whose annual income is 50% less than the county’s average income can apply for Housing Voucher assistance. Local and state housing agencies can decide which individuals and families will be eligible for voucher help depending on their household characteristics and housing needs.

How To Apply For a Housing Voucher?

The Housing Voucher Program has great demand all over the country, and so there are extensive waiting periods for receiving voucher help. Many Public Housing Agencies even close the application process as they have enough individuals and families waiting on the housing assistance lists. Whether you will be qualified for this program or not will be determined by your current situation and the importance of your application. The first and foremost step to applying for a housing voucher is to reach your local Public Housing Agency and submit an application for the HCV program. You can also contact the HUD office near your locality with any queries or concerns about the program. Apart from this, you can also locate a local Public Housing Agency that has all information and details about the HCV program. Search for Public Housing Agencies by city and statewide to locate the nearest office where you can ask about the eligibility requirements on the application process for the Housing Voucher Program. Participants can also find the Department Of Housing And Urban Development Office near their area or visit the official website to gather more information.

Housing Voucher Programs For Single Mothers

Single moms throughout the United States are highly vulnerable to poverty, low-paying jobs, and homelessness. With the increasing cost of the real estate market and necessities, it is becoming more challenging for single mothers to manage their resources and get a roof over their heads. This is why the Department Of Housing And Urban Development has designed Subsidized Housing Programs and Vouchers to enable the homeless and single mothers to seek affordable homes for their families. Some Housing Voucher Programs are:

1. Section 8 Or Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program provides an excellent opportunity for low-income families and single mothers to rent a home according to their choice in the private rental market. Families will be issued Housing Voucher Help once they locate a suitable housing unit and if their landlord agrees to receive rent under this program. The Housing Voucher Program is one of the most cost-effective means to deliver safe, sanitary, and decent housing to low-income and moderate-income families who are homeless or do not have a shelter they can call home.

2. Emergency Housing Vouchers Program

There are limited emergency housing vouchers program designed for families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness, facing domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking, or are at high risk of becoming homeless. This program offers special purpose vouchers to eligible candidates to eliminate homelessness and offers rental assistance. Single mothers going through housing instability can seek emergency housing vouchers by contacting their local Public Housing Agency. This voucher will be provided to low-income families and individuals referred by the homeless case manager or service provider.

3. SHVP, Set Aside Homeless Voucher Program

SHVP, or the Set Aside Homeless Voucher Program, offers voucher assistance to needy families and homeless individuals. Eligible candidates who apply for this program to seek housing assistance will be verified for eligibility and accuracy before receiving the voucher help.

4. HUD-VASH Vouchers

This is a collaborative program of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Department Of Housing And Urban Development which aims to offer permanent supportive housing assistance to eligible veterans and homeless single mothers. The HUD offers rental voucher assistance to eligible veterans referred by the VA and enables them to cover the cost of housing. Veterans Affairs offers case management services as well as other supportive services so that candidates can eliminate homelessness. Homeless veterans will be screened by the Department Of Veterans Affairs and referred to Opportunity Home. Single mothers applying for this voucher program should approach their local VA office.

5. Family Unification Program

Single mothers and low-income families can get rental housing vouchers from the Family Reunification Program. This program is designed to enable families living with children who are suffering from housing instability. The voucher help received through this program enables single mothers and other eligible candidates to secure safe and comfortable housing for their choice within the private low-income. If you’re a single mom and experiencing inadequate housing, then you can contact the local PHA that serves your community or approach the office of Public Housing near your local HUD office.

6. MOD-REHAB, Moderate Rehabilitation Program

This program enables participants to get rental assistance so that they can reside in a secure housing unit which is a part of the program. Here participants are not required to find their housing unit. Moderate Rehabilitation Program assistance will end if participants leave the housing unit. Low-income families and single mothers whose income is at or below 50% of the area’s average median income are eligible to apply for this program.

7. NED, Non-Elderly Persons With Disabilities Program

Single mothers living with disabled family members aged 18 to 61 and facing homelessness can apply for the Nonelderly Persons With Disability Program. The program offers voucher help to low-income eligible households so they can lease private housing as per their choice. Candidates are required to meet the Housing Choice Voucher Program eligibility criteria to receive this voucher help. Nonelderly individuals with disabilities at risk of homelessness can find clean, comfortable, and safe housing through this rental assistance voucher program.


The Housing Choice Voucher Program, called the Section 8 program, is a federally funded government program designed exclusively for low-income families, elderly citizens, disabled individuals, and single mothers. Participants can meet their housing needs after receiving vouchers to cover their rental costs. The program ensures every family can get a safe and affordable house. While receiving rental assistance from this voucher program, tenants are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the program and lease and pay a part of their income towards rent. The program will cover a significant portion of the rent. The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers funds to enable PHAs to give housing assistance payments to low-income families. These programs have enabled families and individuals to move from areas with high poverty rates to decent and safe environments with higher employment and lower poverty rates.

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