Grants For Single Mom In Louisiana

Grants For Single Mom In Louisiana

Louisiana has high rates of economic inequality and poverty compared to other states. Approximately half of single-parent families in Louisiana are below the poverty line. Fortunately, there is a lot of financial aid for single moms in Louisiana that enables them to overcome all their unique challenges and struggles by giving them access to resources like housing, financial assistance, counseling, job training, and childcare.

Benefits Of Financial Assistance Programs For Single Moms In Louisiana

Parenting as a single mother is challenging as you must shoulder all responsibilities and raise your children single-handedly. Single mothers who are unable to manage their finances or make ends meet in Louisiana can benefit from a lot of financial assistance programs and grants that are designed and funded by the federal, local, and state governments as well as nongovernmental agencies and private organizations. Single moms are among the most disadvantaged groups in society, and most suffer from poverty and unemployment. Financial assistance programs and grants are free money; therefore, single moms who become eligible for these programs need not pay them back. These programs help them to enjoy their parenthood and overcome all financial and emotional struggles.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Louisiana

Single moms in Louisiana can apply for the following financial assistance programs to help them cover their basic needs. These grants will assist them in reducing their economic burden.

1. Louisiana GO Grant

One of the widespread financial assistance for single moms in Louisiana is the Louisiana GO Grant. This need-based grant program assists Pell-eligible candidates who require additional financial aid to afford college and pursue higher education. The minimum grant award that eligible low-income students can receive is around $300, while the maximum can be $3,000 per year.

2. FITAP, Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program

Needy families and single mothers who are expecting children or are living with minor children can receive monthly cash assistance by applying for Louisiana FITAP. An eligible family of three members can get financial assistance of up to $484 per month. Eligible candidates cannot receive FITAP payments for more than 24 months in 60 months and a lifetime limit of 60 months.

3. SNAP, Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

This is a food assistance program designed for low-income residents in Louisiana and single mothers. Eligible Louisiana families can receive an average monthly SNAP benefit of $484. On becoming eligible for the Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program, you will get a Louisiana Purchase Card. SNAP benefits will be deposited automatically into your account every month. If you are a struggling single mom unable to provide adequate nutritious food to your children, you can apply for this program by visiting the official DCFS website.

4. CCAP, Louisiana Child Care Assistance Program

Low-income Louisiana residents who cannot afford childcare expenses while attending work or school can receive assistance through the Louisiana Child Care Assistance Program. This program will enable you to cover childcare expenses for children under 13 years of age or children up to 18 years of age if they have special needs. This program will only cover a portion of your childcare costs while you have to cover the remaining portion of the cost depending on your income, number of child care, and your family size. A single mom of two children in Louisiana earning less than 200% of federal poverty can be eligible for childcare assistance under this program.

5. LIHEAP, Louisiana Low Income Of Energy Assistance Program

This program enables eligible low-income households to meet their monthly payments for utility bills. A main priority of this program is given to the disabled, elderly, single parents, low-income households, and families with children with high energy consumption. The Louisiana version of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program offers energy payments of up to $600 to eligible candidates who are going through financial difficulty and are unable to pay for their home energy bills. Families earning less than 60% of the state median income can apply for this program.

6. LaCHIP, Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program

This program offers health coverage to low-income, uninsured children below 19 years of age. This no-cost healthcare program enables low-income families to pay for doctor visits, hospital care, immunization, prescription drugs, and other supportive services. Single mothers who are applying for this program need to make sure that their children are under 19 years of age and are without health insurance plans. The applicant’s household income should be below the income restriction as stated by the program. The family income of the applicants should not exceed more than 255% of the federal poverty level.

7. LERAP, Louisiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Single mothers experiencing homelessness and unable to pay rent can apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program offers financial assistance to eligible candidates so that they can make rent payments and can secure housing. Louisiana renters must fulfill the eligibility requirements regarding their citizenship, residency, and income limits to qualify for the program. The program is funded and managed by the United States Treasury and offers assistance for previous-due rents and forward rent payments. This program covers not only rent costs but also utility costs for eligible applicants.

8. Louisiana Medicaid

The Louisiana Medicaid Program offers a complete package of health and medical coverage to low-income Louisiana residents.  This program mainly covers low-income Louisiana residents with children, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. You can automatically qualify for the Louisiana Medicaid Program if you receive the Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program and the Supplemental Security Income. Louisiana is expanding the Medicaid program, and now coverage is also available for Louisiana residents aged 19 to 64, provided their income is less than 138% of the federal poverty level.


Single mothers in Louisiana have to go through many challenges in providing for their families and taking care of their children alone. Thankfully there is a lot of assistance available to support struggling single moms in Louisiana. Grants for single moms significantly reduce the financial pressure placed on single moms as the head of their families.

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