Divorced Single Mom

Divorced Single Mom

Being a divorced single mom is not easy. You may find yourself under increased stress and pressure to support your family emotionally and financially. However, you need to know that you are not alone and help and support are available to divorced single mothers. Many nonprofit organizations, community organizations, and charities help single moms by providing them with grants, counseling low-interest loans, and support groups. Dating a single mom is different. If your earlier relationship has been with a woman who has no kids then this new dynamic may take some time in getting used to. This guide will help you to know more about the life of a divorced single mom.

Are Divorced Moms Single Moms?

A single mother is a person whose household is outside of a traditional family such as two-person married families living with children. Mothers can be considered as solo moms if they are divorced, single moms by choice, remarried moms, foster moms or single adoptive moms, widowed moms, never married mothers who are not living with their partner or kids’ biological father, moms with child custody and involved with their co-parent, single mothers with the supportive family network, mothers who are receiving alimony or child support or otherwise getting financial benefits from the co-parent and so on.

Books For Divorced Single Moms

It can be challenging for single divorced moms to find relatable books that can help them to cope with difficult situations and get motivation in life. If you are navigating the difficult journey as a divorced single mom for the first time then the below-mentioned books will help you to recover from a separation or divorce and feel better. If you’re going through a divorce and your world is falling apart then the following inspirational self-help books will keep you going in life and will help you to build a better and new life.

1. Thriving a Single Mom’s Guide to A Happy Positive Life

Single moms going through a divorce or separation find it difficult to make it from the initial months of separation when pain and grief are raw and you feel like they will never make it up. Reading this book will help you to lead a positive and happy life which you deserve. This will enable you to learn the foundation to lead a successful and happy life.

2. How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Single mothers who want to heal from a broken heart should read this book. The book is written in short snippets and is quite powerful to heal you and put your life back together. The book is full of reminders and practical advice so that you can survive the grief and loss if you are going through a divorce, breakup, or separation. If you do not have the concentration or energy to read anything then this is the right type of book to read and get motivation in life.

3. Overwhelmed: The Life Of A Single Mom

Becoming a solo mother is not easy and this difficult struggle has been addressed by Jennifer Maggio. In the book Overwhelmed: The Life Of A Single Mom the narrator tells her inspiring story of how she became a single mother and overcame all the struggles starting from being a homeless teen mom to a successful corporate executive. Jennifer Maggio continues her good work and helps other single mothers who are in a similar situation. There are churches throughout the United States that use this book in their ministries to motivate and inspire single moms.

4. Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence

Sara Young the author of the book Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence wrote a devotional book that inspires and motivates single mothers who want to be close to Jesus.

5. God Loves Single Moms

Single mothers may feel a disconnection at one time or another from the church and God. Being a single mother is not easy and most of them do not get time to visit church or make time for prayers. Teresa Whitehurst in her book God Loves Single Moms has reminded us that Jesus loves everyone including single mothers. This inspirational book has a lot of practical advice and suggestions on parenting, self-care, and leadership in single-parent households which you will not find in any other parenting books.

Grants For Single Moms Recently Divorced

Grants and financial assistance for divorced single mothers come in various forms such as subsidized food programs, budgeting and financial planning, Pell grants, low-interest loans, free cell phones, automobiles, etc. The following is the list of help for divorced single moms that can help them to attain self-sufficiency.

1. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Single divorced mothers who are pursuing undergraduate studies can receive a grant of $100 to $4000 per year to cover the educational expenses including tuition and books. This grant program prioritizes students including single-mom students as per their financial needs and circumstances. The best thing about this grant is that there is no age restriction for participants and the money received need not be paid back after a certain time.

2. Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Cars is a nonprofit organization that refurbishes automobiles and provides for needy individuals especially single mothers at affordable cost. The charity group offers low-interest loans or interest-free vehicles to qualified individuals so that they can get a vehicle and attend school, workplace, medical appointments, and other places without much hassle.

3. Federal Pell Grant

This grant is designed for undergraduate students including divorced single mothers who have a robust financial need and wish to pursue higher education. The grant awards vary depending on whether divorced single mothers are attending school on a part-time or full-time basis. Awarded funds are not required to be repaid and there is also no age restriction imposed on applicants. Financially challenged single mothers who wish to acquire higher education but are facing financial difficulties can apply for a Federal Pell Grant by filing FAFSA.

4. Health And Human Services Child Care Program

The Health and Human Services Child Care Program is a federally funded program that offers single moms free childcare assistance while they are attending training programs or school. To qualify for the program you must receive temporary financial assistance or transition from public to private housing.

5. Divorcecare.org

Emotional support and help for newly divorced single moms takes the form of counseling, legal guidance, and support groups. This organization enables single mothers to cope with divorce and build better relationships with their children. Local chapters can be found on the official website of the organization. The organization also provides DivorceCare for children.

6. National School Lunch Program

It is a federally funded program that provides kids belonging to low or moderate-income families with lunch as well as after-school snacks. A similar program also exists for children of divorced single mothers for breakfast.

Do Men Like Divorced Single Moms?

Men like to date divorced single moms as they take responsibility for their entire families and prove to be awesome mothers. Single moms who are responsible, mature, and successful in their lives are extremely desirable to attractive and successful men. Single mothers are stigmatized in a few dating circles. For example, managing children, drama from ex-partners, and being financially destitute are some areas where single moms can get stuck in negative thinking which may hold them back from meeting men and dating. Many single moms find companionship, partnership, and love with successful and good men who take care of their children. Single mothers who have children or are divorced and are without deterrence can find quality men, many of whom are single dads themselves and are looking for partners who can better understand their situation.

Dating A Divorced Single Mom

Dating a single divorced mother is different from going on a normal date. This can bring along a set of ups and downs. Men who have found the girl of their dreams or wish to plunge into dating a divorced single mother should make sure they’re mature enough to not only enjoy the feelings of love but also be responsible to welcome the challenges and deal with them. Many times dating a divorced single mother is not preferred by men because of the inability to cope with their routine. Dating a single mom can bring wonderful surprises as she is gorgeous, smart, loving, kind, responsible and mature. Despite all the problems that she faces in her life, she knows how to manage her time and prioritize things in life. Whether you should date a single mom or not depends upon the compatibility, your willingness, and commitment.

Tips On Dating A Recently Divorced Single Mom

Following is the relationship advice that you must follow if you’re dating a newly divorced single mother and how you can make your relationship healthy, alive, enhanced, and great.

1. Remain Flexible

If you’re dating a divorced single mother who has children then you need to consider that they have to take care of their kids and so being flexible in terms of calls, meetings, and dates will help to make your relationship more flexible. Do not become stringent as it will add more pressure and stress to both of your lives.

2. Do Not Rush The Meeting

If you are fond of a divorced single mother and appreciate that she is a mother of minors then instead of rushing into setting up a meeting with the children you need to give time. You need to understand that her kids have been through a lot of emotional difficulties. You can discuss with her which is the right time to introduce you to the kids. Give her space to tackle issues with her ex-partner if you are dating a divorced single mother. If her ex-partner is still a part of her life then let her handle the issues and communicate with her. Being divorced means it is natural that your partner and her ex are not in a fuzzy and warm feeling, however, they have to communicate for the sake of their children.

3. Do Not Over Expect

You must not keep a lot of expectations when you are in a relationship with a divorced single mom as she has a lot going on in her life and responsibilities to handle. So give her space and time so that she can keep things sorted in her life instead of adding more burden when you know they have a responsible life.

4. Be Trustworthy

Trust is an essential foundation for any strong relationship. You can build a strong relationship with your partner who is a single mom by being a reliable partner and keeping your word or promise. As a single mom your partner has already experienced a bad situation where she has been dependent on people who were not trustworthy.

5. Provide Emotional Support

Single moms usually have to go through a lot of pressure and stress to provide for their children both emotionally and financially. When you are dating a single mother you can provide encouragement and support this will create a stronger bond between you two. You need to be guided by your partner and listen without trying to solve each problem. Practicing active listening will go a long way to strengthening your relationship.


Becoming a solo mother after a divorce is one of the most difficult things one will ever do. Most of them have to suffer emotionally, financially, and socially. Instead of going through this difficult journey alone, you need to locate support and take care of yourself. Single mothers must be patient with the process and be kind to themselves. A critical part of being a single mother is figuring out whether it is right for you to date after a divorce or separation.

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