College Grants For Single Moms In California

Becoming a single mother is one of the significant life challenges. Providing for your family and looking after your little ones can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. When you are a single parent, it can be difficult for you to support your education with insufficient finances. Many single mothers in the United States rely on scholarship programs and college grants to complete their education.

The United States Census Bureau states that around 80% of single-parent families are headed by single moms who endure regular financial hardships to provide for their families. Higher education is the gateway to better financial situations and career prospects. There are many programs and resources in California which cater to single parents, primarily single mothers, that help them to graduate from college and enable them to improve their financial prospects in the long run and attain self-sufficiency. Obtaining a higher college degree is significantly essential for single mothers as it increases their earning potential, lowers their chance of unemployment, and also helps them to set an example for their children to acquire higher degrees.

How To Apply For College Grants For Single Moms In California?

There is no wrong or right way to apply for college grants in California. It is always recommended to start applying for college grants and scholarship programs earlier without delaying time. Single mothers can find numerous opportunities and grant programs to supplement their finances at any point of their educational journey. Many scholarships and grants programs are explicitly designed for high school seniors so that they can afford college life and pay university fees. Before applying for any grant program, it is essential to ensure you are fulfilling the minimum eligibility requirement of the program. High school senior students should apply for grant programs as scholarships that are designed exclusively for students in high school since, after a year, they will not be eligible for such scholarship programs. Undergraduates, graduate students, and even individuals entering the workforce can find numerous financial opportunities to finance their education. Irrespective of your academic year, you can apply for a scholarship program and receive financial support or aid. These scholarship funds will help you to pay for your college expenses, textbooks and cost of tuition.

What Are The Different College Grants For Single Moms In California?

Being a single mom does not require you to give up on your dreams of acquiring higher education, as you can avail of college grants to launch your career and obtain a higher degree without increasing your financial burden.

1. Cal Grant

Single mothers who wish to study and obtain higher degrees in their desired area can apply for the Cal grants in California. You can be eligible to receive Cal grants provided you complete filing FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Alternatively, you can fill out a California DREAM Act application to apply for a Cal grant. This grant program requires applicants to apply for the program before the deadline and also fulfill all the financial, minimum GPA, and eligibility conditions to receive financial assistance and support. This grant can be used at any recognized California University, California Community College, California State University, or a qualified career school and independent technical institution.

2. CARE, Cooperative Agencies Resources For Education

This is a California State program. It offers school supplies, counseling, transportation, financial aid, textbooks, childcare assistance, and other support to lower-moderate-income single-parent students with children under 14.

3. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

This is a federally funded program that offers block grants to states so that they can run assistance programs and help needy families, including single mothers. The program provides financial assistance to single mothers and low-income families that can be put toward their education expenses.

4. Capture The Dream Single Parent Scholarship

Minority students and single parents who are permanent residents of California and wish to continue their education amid financial difficulty can apply for Capture The Dream Single Parent Scholarship Program. Eligible candidates can either graduate from a high school or be full-time undergraduate students at a recognized University of California. The program requires applicants to hold a strong academic history, community service, leadership skills, and professional recommendation to be eligible for this scholarship program. If you are looking for financial as well as educational assistance to improve your career prospects in the future, then the Capture the Dream Single Parent Scholarship will be a suitable fit for you

5. Answer Scholarship Endowment

Single mothers and women in California raising school-age children can seek financial assistance from the Answer Scholarship Endowment. The average scholarship award this program offers is around $4000 per academic year. The scholarship applications must be submitted to the Foundation For The Carolinas between January 1st and March 15th. The main objective of this program is to enable single parents to set an excellent example for their children by obtaining higher education. This program funds more than 44 scholarships to help Carolina women. Recipients must participate in mentoring groups and learn about family, school work, the job market, and finances.

6. The Single Parent Scholarship By Organic Formula Shop

The lack of financial resources and time for single parents makes them unable to complete their college degrees. Getting an excellent job with a higher degree not only increases financial stability but also helps single parents to get a stable future for their families. The Single Parent Scholarship By Organic Formula Shop program is designed to support single parents. If you are a single mom, you can apply for this scholarship by fulfilling the eligibility criteria. You will be awarded $2000, which you can pay to pursue higher degrees.

7. The Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship

It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to follow higher education when you are a single parent, as you face many challenges and financial pressure. The Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship is a program designed to support single mothers so that they can pursue their education. Single parents can apply for this program provided they are students and have a financial need. Preference for this program will be given to those taking nontraditional educational courses. Single parents must also show how to set a good example for their little ones by striving toward personal determination and career improvement.


Many federal and state-funded scholarship programs in California assist single mothers in times of their need and help them to continue their education. Single mothers who want a college degree can also seek assistance from their community organization, company, institution, and other charity institutions. Women, primarily single mothers, are compelled to take care of their children and give up their dream of obtaining a higher college degree since they lack the funds and resources to put towards their educational expenses. For single mothers and other low-income students, it is challenging to make their ends meet, and they have to put their dream aside. College grants and scholarship programs are indispensable sources for receiving education, preserving good health, and meeting their ends.

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