College Grants For Single Moms In Kentucky

Returning to college after taking a break from studies is not supposed to be a cakewalk; however, it isn’t impossible either. Pursuing a college degree or higher education involves a lot of costs that may not be possible for all single parents to afford. This is because they must pay for their education and incur childcare and household-related expenses. To support single mothers and dads, the Kentucky government offers direct financial support so that they can reduce their financial pressure and no longer juggle parenthood and college fees. For many single parents, college grants and scholarships represent a viable route that enables them to earn higher college degrees and achieve their desired career goals. High school students may come to your mind when you hear about scholarship programs. But many financial aid awards and grants are earmarked for single parents in desperate financial need. 

How Can You Qualify For Single Mom College Grants And Scholarship Programs In Kentucky?

Financial assistance programs, college grants, and scholarships for single moms and low-income students are academically competitive, so you must showcase your academic achievement to receive the financial aid award. Some programs and grants are need-based, so you must demonstrate your financial need to be eligible for those programs. These programs and grants take the financial factor of the students into account instead of evaluating their grades. You can qualify for single-mom scholarship programs and college grants in Kentucky if you can maintain your academic standing and demonstrate financial aid. Apart from academic merit and financial need, there are also additional eligibility criteria that low-income students and single mothers have to meet to receive the scholarship amount. The eligibility criteria may vary from one grant program to another. Therefore before applying for a grant or scholarship program, you need to understand the eligibility criteria, application process and deadline so that you can understand whether you can qualify for the program and receive the financial support which you are planning.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Kentucky

The state of Kentucky runs many scholarship programs and colleges that ease the financial stress of single mothers and give them hope to continue their education and attain self-sufficiency. Some of the college grants and programs for single mothers in Kentucky are as follows:

1. CAP, Kentucky College Access Program Grant

This grant program is available for Kentucky low-income students and needy single moms who have enrolled in part-time or full-time educational courses in an eligible university or college in Kentucky. Single mothers and low-income students who want this grant should first file a FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Aid. The Kentucky College Access Program awards funds to eligible candidates based on a first-come, first-serve policy. Therefore, early filing of FAFSA is encouraged. The EFC or expected family contribution, as decided by FAFSA, should be less than $4995. Eligible single moms and students can receive financial assistance $2000 per academic year.

2. KTG, Kentucky Tuition Grant

This grant offer provides financial aid to single mothers and other eligible Kentucky residents based on their financial awards. Eligible candidates can attend approved private colleges or universities within Kentucky through this grant program. Low-income students and single moms who demonstrate financial need can get financial assistance up to $2960. Kentucky Tuition Grant is limited and awarded to Kentucky residents based on a first-come, first-serve, so filing an early FAFSA is essential.

3. KHEAA, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

This is a governmental agency and a public corporation established in 1966 and works to ensure the accessibility of higher education to all Kentucky residents. Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority administers and manages many financial programs and college grants to offer quality and higher education opportunities to those in financial need. This government agency expands higher education opportunities by assisting Kentuckians with information on financial resources and also enables them to attain higher career goals.

4. Altruda’s Olive Gillespie Scholarship

This scholarship is given to female junior, sophomore, and senior Western Kentucky University students who can score a minimum 3.0 GPA and have maintained sufficient academic progress. Single mothers, irrespective of whether divorced or widowed, must be more than 30 years of age with dependent children to be eligible for this scholarship program. Consideration is given to students who can demonstrate financial need and have good academic results. A one-time award of $500 is given to eligible candidates who qualify for this program.

5. The Kentucky Colonel’s Better Life Scholarship

It is a scholarship program that offers financial assistance to single working parents having children under 12 years of age as well as to South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College students. Participants of this scholarship program should enroll themselves in full-time education courses, showcase their financial need to pursue higher education, and should not receive assistance from any other programs or funding sources. The award money of this scholarship is up to $2500 and is renewable for the second year with full-time continued study and sufficient academic progress.

6. Daughters Of The American Revolution 

The Daughters Of The American Revolution Scholarship Committee offers scholarships and college grants to qualified candidates regardless of religion, sex, or race. Applicants must be citizens of the United States and enroll themselves in universities or colleges to receive college grants and scholarships from the organization. Kentucky low-income students and single parents who can showcase dedication and commitment to pursuing higher degrees in different disciplines such as law, history, education, and nursing are eligible to receive this scholarship. 


There are numerous college grants and scholarship programs in Kentucky which intend to alleviate the financial burden and struggle of prospective students and single mothers so that they can pay for their education expenses, irrespective of whether they are headed to university or community college. If you are a single mother looking for a way to pay for your education expenses, you can avail of the programs mentioned above and get started. Single moms have to prove their eligibility, single mother status, and other essential documents that show that they are the primary or sole providers for their children and are looking for financial assistance to pay for their education. The best thing about scholarship programs and college grants is that single moms need not repay them and can reduce their parental stress while juggling parenting responsibilities and achieving career goals. 

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