Single Mom Car Grants Kentucky

Single Mom Car Grants In Kentucky

Single mothers living in Kentucky with dependent children and family members can find many grants and programs to fulfill their transportation needs. These programs aim to promote economic redevelopment and offer them car assistance. These grants are designed by private organizations, governmental bodies, and NGOs to enable single moms and low-income families to travel conveniently and reduce their financial pressure in Kentucky.

Can Single Moms Get A Free Car In Kentucky?

Yes, single mothers in Kentucky can avail of a car for free or at a low cost to fulfill their transportation needs. The Kentucky government offers funds annually and provides free cars to single moms and low-income individuals through several programs. Single moms are more likely to suffer without security and safety compared to other people and this is the reason why the Kentucky government works to enable struggling single moms to get a car at a low price or for free. Having a car of your own is a reliable option that helps you to reach college, school, and healthcare or drop kids at school or daycare in no time.

Different Single-Mom Car Grants In Kentucky

Many nonprofit organizations, charitable institutions, and government bodies run car grants in Kentucky to enable single mothers to get a car either for low cost or free, depending on their situation and the funding available. Many people need a car but cannot afford it because of financial difficulty. Fortunately, these car grants and programs run by governmental and non-governmental organizations in Kentucky have successfully addressed the need for single moms to get secure and safe transportation.


Free cars are provided by Online Car Donation to low-income families and single mothers to assist them in their financial circumstances. If you’re a single mom looking for a free used car to fulfill your transportation needs, this organization will be an excellent option for you. Online Car Donation offers reliable free used cars and also gives away vans or trucks to eligible candidates, and sometimes they offer modified vehicles to people having special needs. If you are looking for a free car, then you need to apply online and fill out an application so that they can determine whether you are eligible to receive a car or not.

2. Wheels From The Heart

One of the main challenges which single moms and their dependent children often face is having reliable and convenient transportation. This is the reason why the Wheels From The Heart organization works to give reliable vehicles to single mothers and their children so that they can live a better life. The first and foremost step to attaining financial independence and self-sufficiency is owning a car, which is why this organization works to make single-mother families independent.

3. The Samaritan Car Care Clinic

This organization works on a referral basis with many social service agencies in Northern Kentucky to provide low-income families, especially single mothers, with car repairs.  The organization offers a lifeline to working single mothers and poor families. Through their services, single-mother families can maintain and repair their cars and access jobs or transport their family members or kids to healthcare and school. Car repairs are made on an organization-shared cost basis, and the main objective is to enable families to get a car and attain self-sufficiency.

4. K-TAP, Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program

This is a monetary assistance program in Kentucky which operates under the federal TANF or Temporary Assistance For Needy Families guidelines. This program assists low-income families and offers short-term monetary assistance to low-income families and their children and helps them to ease their financial burden. Recipients of K-TAP, the program can also avail of supportive services like transportation assistance and child care through the Kentucky Works Program. Single mothers who are in financial need can apply for the K-TAP program and can use the federal fund to meet their transportation needs, such as purchasing a new car or making car repairs.

Other Ways To Get A Car

Many charities and organizations work to enable single-parent families to get a reliable car for free or at an affordable price. In case you do not meet the criteria for any of the charities mentioned above, then you need to be a bit creative to get yourself a free car in Kentucky. This will require you to be out of your comfort zone and seek help from people in your community or those close to you. Single mothers can take help from the following option to fulfill their transportation needs and get a free car in Kentucky.

1. Contact Your Local Charitable Institution Or Church

There are a lot of churches throughout the United States that enable needy families to use donations or funds for offering free cars. Churches in Kentucky have helped needy families and poor individuals whose homes have been flooded, whose cars have stopped working, and whose roofs have been caved in. Churches are likely to help you with food, utilities, free clothes, or cash assistance so that you can avail of a car.

2. Requesting Donation From Local Dealers

Although local dealerships do not donate cars or any other vehicle to individuals directly, they often have older models they would like to donate, sometimes for charitable purposes or to sell at reasonable and affordable prices.

3. Check Craigslist

Often people try to get rid of their broken down or old vehicles on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. They find it unworthy or time-consuming to sell their vehicle to a dealer. They seek private sales to get more dollars.


A car is necessary irrespective of whether you want to reach school, healthcare, or work. Raising children without a dependable and safe vehicle is an obstacle that most single mothers in Kentucky have to face in their day-to-day life. In most areas, public transportation isn’t reliable, affordable, or available; therefore, having a car is a convenient way to get around. Disabled individuals, low-income workers, and single mothers who need a car can apply for free car grants or affordable used cars from many organizations and programs in Kentucky.

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