Grants For Single Mom In Delaware

Grants For Single Mom In Delaware

Among the top ten states with the highest GDP per capita, Delaware ranks 5th on this list, and its average GDP is around $63664, respectively. Delaware provides its needy population with many financial assistance programs and grants. Single moms who are financially challenged can have peace of mind as they can access many programs and grants to cover their basic needs.

How To Find Financial Aid For Single Moms In Delaware?

Delaware offers numerous programs and resources to enable needy women and single mothers to stay ahead and get a quality standard of living. The birth of a child, job insecurity, and the death of a partner are some unexpected circumstances that may require single moms to seek help. Single mothers can apply for financial assistance programs to pay for their food, energy bills, rent, medications, dental or medical care, and childcare by contacting their nearby Delaware Social Services Division. The Division Of Social Services runs many low-income single-mother grants and programs throughout the state. Not only the government but many private organizations, nongovernmental bodies, local churches, and civic groups have been formed in Delaware to assist single moms in hardship.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Delaware

Delaware is a high-income state in the US, so the cost of living is significantly high here. Many single moms work full-time on low wages to make ends meet. The following assistance programs and resources are created to enable single moms and low-income families to pay for their necessities and relieve their financial burden.

1. TANF, Delaware Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

This is a cash assistance program in Delaware that assists low-income families and single mothers with children under 18 years of age. The program offers temporary financial assistance and support so that single moms and needy families can pay for their food, shelter, clothing, utilities, and other household expenses apart from medical care. Eligible applicants can receive TANF funds for up to 36 months in a lifetime. To qualify for this program, eligible candidates must participate in work-related activities for at least 30 hours weekly. To apply for this program online, Delaware residents can contact their neighboring DSS office, wherein they will be interviewed by a social worker, who will determine their eligibility criteria.

2. Delaware General Assistance Program

Cash assistance and financial support are offered to low-income families, single parents, and disadvantaged populations by the state of Delaware through this program. The Delaware General Assistance Program has been designed mainly for people who couldn’t qualify for the TANF or Social Security programs. To apply for this program, candidates must first meet the eligibility requirements regarding income, age, financial position, and resources.

3. DEHAP, Delaware Housing Assisting Program

DEHP is a housing initiative developed by the Delaware State Housing Authority for low-income renters and enables them to pay for their security deposits, utility, and rent.  Unemployed single mothers experiencing financial hardship or low-income single moms who cannot afford secure and safe housing can take assistance through this program. The Delaware Housing Assisting Program aims to reduce housing instability and homelessness and enable Delaware residents to secure affordable housing. Participants whose income is at or below the 50% of the area median income for their county are eligible to apply for this program.

4. DEAP, Delaware Energy Assistance Program

This federally funded program enables low-income families and single parents to cover their energy bills. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Delaware assists single moms and needy populations to pay for their home energy bills and reduce their financial burden. The Division Of State Service Centers manages this program and contracts with the Catholic charities so the Delaware residents can get fuel assistance, crisis assistance, and summer cooling assistance. Single mothers who cannot pay for their fuel, heating, and electricity bills can avail of financial support through this program. Applicants must be Delaware residents, citizens of the United States, or qualified non citizens to apply for this program, and their income should be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. You can contact your neighboring Catholic Charities office, to learn how to apply for DEAP.

5. Delaware Pell Grant

Delaware Pell Grant is a scholarship program that offers grant awards to students so that they can afford college and can pursue higher education. Single mothers attending an undergraduate college or a public university in Delaware can seek financial assistance of up to $6000 per academic year by applying for this federal program. To become a Pell Grant recipient, one must meet minimum eligibility criteria, file out FAFSA and demonstrate a strong financial need. The federal government offers Pell Grant awards so low-income students can pay for their fees, board, room, and books. The funds for Pell Grants are distributed to low-income students through their schools of choice. Single mothers who want to continue their education after taking an extended study break should first locate a list of participating schools in Delaware and file FAFSA online.

6. Delaware Child Care Subsidy Program

This financial assistance program offers childcare subsidies to low-income families, including single parents who cannot pay for their childcare and need funds. Childcare services are provided to children under 13 years of age. The Division Of Social Services will determine the eligibility criteria for this program. Based on your financial need, household income, and family size, you will be eligible for assistance through this program. Candidates should have an income at or below 185% of the federal poverty level. Single mothers who have children above 13 years of age with special needs are also eligible to receive childcare services through this program.


If you are a single mom searching for a helping hand to get through your difficult situation in Delaware, then there are a plethora of options available for you that will help you to get started. Housing, food, and education are the primary areas in which many assistance programs are available for single moms in Delaware. In addition, there are also financial assistance programs that can help them with nutritional planning, cash assistance, starting a business, paying for childcare expenses, or acquiring higher education.

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