Rent Assistance For Single Moms In PA

Rent Assistance For Single Moms In PA

Single moms in Pennsylvania have to live on little income and few resources and this is the reason why they are highly vulnerable to poverty. There are many support programs available in the state of Pennsylvania such as rent assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance, childcare and other forms of supportive services which enable single moms to reduce their financial burden at times of economic hardship.

How Does Pennsylvania Assist Single Moms With Rent?

Many local, state, and federal programs enable single moms to fulfill their housing needs and get help with rent and utility. Single Pennsylvania moms receive rental housing assistance from nonprofit organizations and government programs. There is also a local housing agency that administers federal and state programs and serves as a foundation for assisting people with housing, offering rental subsidies as well as affordable public housing. Single moms who own their homes can also receive assistance from the state to make necessary safety or health-related repairs.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Pennsylvania

Looking for rent assistance programs for single moms in Pennsylvania? Take a look at the below-mentioned programs and resources

1. Section 8-Pennsylvania Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 has designed the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program which is financed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or ECU. The primary objective of this Housing Choice Voucher program is to offer rental support to low as well as moderate-income families. Single moms belonging to these income categories are eligible to apply for rental support. Eligible candidates will not only get rental assistance up to 30% but the program will also negotiate with the property owner or landlords regarding rent payment. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Pennsylvania ensures that every resident gets affordable, safe, and decent housing and can pay their rent on time.

2. Pennsylvania Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This welfare program is designed for low and extremely low-income Pennsylvania and helps them with temporary financial support so that they can pay for food, clothing, shelter, expenses, and childcare apart from medical expenses. Single moms who need short-term and cash assistance to cover their rent payments need to complete as well as sign an agreement that states that they are ready to engage in employment activities or training programs that they need for employment. Pennsylvanians are required to file an online application to receive TANF benefits.

3. Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

This is a local organization in Pennsylvania that aims to offer affordable housing to single moms and people in economic need. You can also get low-cost homeownership solutions from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. The mortgage program offered by the agency has been running since 1983 to benefit low-income individuals and help them become homeowners. Single moms who are not able to afford their rent payments and are facing forced eviction can contact this organization and apply for housing programs as per their needs.

4. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a national non-profit organization in the United States that serves almost every city in the USA. The Catholic Charities in Pennsylvania help single moms and low-income families with rent and utility assistance, pregnancy help, counseling, safe and secure shelter, childcare support, and so on. Single moms going through difficult times can consult this nonprofit organization and fulfill their basic needs. The Catholic Charities USA runs eight agencies in Pennsylvania to offer traditional housing and emergency shelters for homeless single moms and needy families.

5. Community Progress Council Rental Assistance Program

The Community Progress Council Rental Assistance Program in Pennsylvania provides rental support to low-income renters who are unable to cover their rent and utility bills due to economic hardship. This rental assistance program primarily aims to prevent homelessness in Pennsylvania. Eligible renters can receive support of a maximum of $750 for every 24 months. Low-income renters including single moms with minor children can receive maximum assistance of $1000 in 24 months. You can also receive additional funds for rental delinquencies, security deposits, first month’s rent after moving to a new location. Single moms are required to provide all the essential details requested in the application form and proof of why they are unable to meet their rent.

6. Salvation Army Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware

One of the largest global nonprofit charities in the USA is the Salvation Army. The organization offers a plethora of special programs in every state including Pennsylvania. Some of the popular services that the charity offers to needy Pennsylvanians and single moms are- Hope To Families, Give A Child A Home, Empower Special Adults, and so on. Single moms can benefit a lot by applying for these programs and get support with rent and housing assistance.

7. CARES Rental Assistance Program

Single moms who are facing income cuts from their employer or have become unemployed can apply for the CARES Rental Assistance Program. The program is designed for low-income renters and helps them with 100% rent or up to $750 whichever is lower. The program also offers mortgage assistance up to $1000 for a maximum six-month duration. It is one of the most extensive rental assistance programs in the state of Pennsylvania. Needy residents of Pennsylvania are encouraged to apply for the program online on the 30th of September.

8. Homeless Assistance

The organization Bridge Of Hope has around 7 affiliates throughout the state of Pennsylvania and assists homeless single moms and needy individuals to secure a stable job and obtain permanent housing for their children and family members. Poor households and homeless families who are going through imminent homelessness or foreclosure can receive rental assistance or financial support to pay for their moving costs.


Pennsylvania is an affordable state to live in for low-income families however single mothers may find it challenging to fulfill all their obligations on one source of income. For example, single moms in Pennsylvania face common financial difficulties in affording their household expenses. Rent assistance is available to single moms from the federal, state, and local programs in Pennsylvania in the form of rental vouchers, subsidies, and financial support.

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