Rent Assistance For Single Moms Arizona

Rent Assistance For Single Moms Arizona

Having a safe and secure environment which you can call home is a basic need of everyone. Low-income families particularly single moms find it challenging to nurture their kids in a hygienically conductive and affordable house. Fortunately, various programs and resources have been developed in the state of Arizona to assist low-income earners like single moms and needy residents to find a secure and safe environment.

How Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Arizona Can Help You?

Being a single mom it may be difficult for you to manage rent and utility bills while surviving on low income. Millions of Americans are working more than 40 hours a week but still require help and assistance from government, charities, and organizations to cover their basic needs. There are many local and state programs including help from charities for Arizona residents. If you’re living in Arizona then you need not panic or worry about how to pay for your rent as this guide will help you to learn some useful resources that can be of immense help to you. Renting an apartment can be expensive depending on the area where you are residing. A lot of landlords ask for security deposits and rent for the next months. As a single mom belonging to a low-income household, these charges add to your financial stress and make it difficult for you to locate housing.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Arizona

Being a single mother is a challenging feat as you have to live on one source of income and make ends meet. As half of the household income is spent on necessities and bills you may be left with less money in hand to pay for your rent and utility bills. Single moms are eligible to receive grants and rental assistance in Arizona if they are experiencing financial issues. Rent and utility aid is available throughout the state for low-income renters. Following is the list of rent assistance for single moms in Arizona that you can avail of in difficult times.

1. Housing Choice Voucher Program

Single moms belonging to the low-income category or unemployed are eligible to receive rental assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Local housing authorities in Arizona administer the voucher program. For instance, if you are dwelling in Mesa then you have to submit a rental application form to the city of Mesa Housing Authority. Eligible participants of the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Arizona will choose a housing location as per their preference such as a townhouse, apartment, or freestanding home.

2. Arizona Cash Assistance Program

The Cash Assistance Program in Arizona also known as the Temporary Cash Assistance For Needy Families Program offers supportive services and rent assistance to vulnerable families including single moms and their children. The TANF program in Arizona is one of the most popular safety net programs for needy families with children. The cash benefit is limited to 12 months in a lifetime. Whether you are renewing your cash benefit or applying for the TANF program in Arizona for the first time you need to complete an application form through the Health-e-Arizona Plus. Single moms can use the cash benefits toward rent and utility payments.

3. Arizona Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

The Arizona Emergency Rental Assistance Program offers rent as well as utility assistance to Arizona renters belonging to low or moderate-income categories who are impacted due to economic hardship. Eligible households in Arizona can receive cash assistance up to $3,500 to cover their rent and utility bills. The assistance is available for 18 months only. The rental assistance program is available for low-income renters including single moms in these counties: Gila, Apache, Coconino, Cochise, Greenlee, Graham, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Pinal, Navajo, And Yavapai. Single moms can apply for this rental and utility assistance program through the ERAP online portal.

4. Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC)

This is an organization that provides statewide housing assistance and assists low-income families, single moms, and poor individuals so that they can attend self-sufficiency and acquire affordable housing. Besides, you also get supportive services and useful resources from the organization. CPLC assists single moms and low-income families with rent assistance, homeownership assistance, and utility assistance and prevents homelessness and foreclosure.

5. New Leaf Rapid Rehousing

The New Leaf Rapid Rehousing is a short-term rental assistance program for needy Arizona residents. Coupled with Housing Case Management, poor individuals and low-income families can maintain long-term housing in Arizona. This program assists single moms and vulnerable families in locating affordable housing units or apartments and even helps them learn their responsibilities and rights as tenants.

6. Community Legal Services

Community Legal Services is a popular nonprofit law firm in Arizona that is committed to maintaining legitimacy in the system of civil justice. The organization offers help with advocating, educating, and litigating the community. Low-income Arizonans including single moms can acquire decent and safe housing with the assistance of this organization. If you need legal assistance or eviction prevention help then you can contact the organization. Community Legal Services empower current and future homeowners as well as tenants through brief services, education, community partnership, and legal representation.

7. The UMOM New Day Centers

It is one of the biggest homeless shelter services in Arizona which caters to low-income families including single moms. Situated in Phoenix AZ, UMOM New Day Center offers emergency living quarters to families who are unable to pay for their rent and receive housing help from other sources. The center also transitions individuals into permanent and safe housing that is reasonable for them. Moreover, you can also get education assistance, childcare services, medical care, and skill training from UMOM.


Are you a single mom who needs assistance with rent or utility bills? There are many agencies and organizations in Arizona that can help you to fulfill your needs. Arizona has tons of housing resources, rental assistance support, and grants for single moms that help them find a home and get a comfortable and safe dwelling. The Arizona Housing Authority offers financial assistance and housing units so that single moms can cover rent and security deposit.

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