Affordable Housing For Single Moms : How To Get One

Decent and cheap housing for single moms is a significant component that guarantees stability and security. As a single mom, one of the critical challenges that you may face is to find a suitable and affordable home where you and your children can live securely. Stable and safe housing is essential for a nurturing and healthy environment; however, attaining it can be challenging for low-income single moms. This is why numerous governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the United States are providing housing assistance programs to enable single mothers to locate safe, clean, and affordable accommodations.

How To Qualify For Affordable Housing Programs For Single Mothers?

To qualify for affordable housing programs, single mothers should meet the income and other essential eligibility criteria. Income restrictions usually play a huge role in these programs. It is also essential to understand the income limits issued for every housing assistance program. These income limits categorize applicants based on their income level, such as Low, Very Low, and Extremely Low. Therefore becoming familiar with the income limits will boost your chance of qualifying for affordable housing programs. To receive financial aid and housing assistance through these programs, you must collect and submit all essential documentation, as filing incomplete applications will lead to denial or delays. Single mothers looking for affordable housing assistance can use local resources such as Community Action Agency or local Housing Authority Office to learn about rental and affordable housing assistance programs near their area.

How To Find Affordable Housing For Single Moms?

Locating affordable housing for single mothers is a great way to reduce the financial burden and get a suitable shelter. In terms of affordable and cheap housing, the family size also counts. This is why governmental associations and nonprofit organizations locate housing that can fit all the family members of eligible candidates. Various programs, grants, and resources can help single mothers to secure decent and affordable housing for their families, such as the following:

1. Section 8 Or Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8, or Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a popular option for low-income families and single mothers to locate affordable and decent housing. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development manages and funds this program and enables eligible families and individuals to pay a part of their rent to their landlords. Obtaining voucher help through this program is challenging because of the high demand and the long waiting list. Therefore single mothers who want to secure affordable housing assistance faster through this program should know the correct way of applying for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

2. The Public Housing Program

The HUD, or the Department Of Housing And Urban Development, provides affordable and decent housing options to eligible families through the Public Housing Program. This program covers disabled individuals, elderly citizens, low-income families, and individuals, as well as single mothers. The HUD has designed this program to offer safe and affordable rental housing to low-income families who are going through financial difficulties. Single mothers who want to apply for safe and affordable rental housing through this program should visit the official website of HUD and contact their local Public Housing Authority. The low-income households in the United States of America can live with their families in these public housing units. The Public Housing Program is one of the most sought-after options for low-income families and single mothers seeking affordable housing. This program offers a wide range of affordable rental properties to families, such as apartment complexes, townhouses, and single-family homes.

3. Specialized Supportive Housing Programs By HUD

The Department Of Housing And Urban Development, or HUD, offers many specialized housing programs to vulnerable populations such as veterans, elderly citizens, single mothers with low or no income and disabled adults. Single mothers looking for an affordable housing option through this program should first meet the specific eligibility criteria. The Subsidized Housing Program provides financial assistance to property owners to encourage them to offer low-rent housing units or apartments to needy families. Single mothers looking for affordable housing can use the HUD housing locator near them to locate privately owned subsidized rentals. Low-income renters can apply with the property manager or the landlord directly. The landlord or the property manager will then disclose the income limits for every subsidized housing unit to the renters.

4. USDA Rental Assistance Program

USDA, The United States Department Of Agriculture, provides affordable rental programs to enable low-income families and single mothers to search for affordable and decent housing in rural areas. These programs are designed to enable low-income renters or tenants who cannot pay their rent in full and provide payment to their landlords or property owners on their behalf. Tenants from low or very low-income groups in rural areas of the US are eligible to apply for this program. Single mothers living in rural areas and looking for affordable homes can check the official website of USDA and locate affordable rural rentals near their location.

5. HCFP, The Housing And Community Facilities Program

The Housing And Community Facilities Program falls under the USDA and includes many housing assistance programs to eliminate homelessness. These programs are designed to enable low-income individuals and single mothers to find shelters for their families. Some of the best features of the Housing And Community Facilities Program are Preservation Funding, Housing Rehabilitation, Rental assistance to low-income tenants, and Assisted Housing schemes for single mothers with special needs or disabled. Low-income single moms who are searching for affordable housing assistance or require financial assistance to fund their payments are eligible to apply for this scheme.

6. CoAbode

This is a nonprofit organization that enables single mothers to connect as well as create a community. The primary mission of this organization is to enable two single moms to share a home and raise their kids in a safe and nurturing environment. In this way, both single mothers can benefit from a 40% reduction in their housing expenses. Not only does this organization work to reduce their financial burden, but also enables them to enjoy the support and companionship of one another. Single mothers who want to share a home together and reduce their housing expenses can learn more about this program by visiting the official CoAbode website.

7. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers housing assistance programs and other financial support to enable single mothers and low-income families to meet their housing needs. Their services cover affordable housing for recently evicted people, providing homeless shelters to people who do not have a roof or are living on the streets, housing for people dealing with housing crises or domestic breakups, and permanent supportive housing programs for low-income families and elderly citizens. Single mothers who are dealing with the housing crisis and are looking for a shelter can benefit from the programs designed by this organization.

8. CCUSA, Catholic Charities USA 

Catholic Charities offer many affordable housing programs in the USA to low-income and vulnerable residents. The organization also offers emergency shelter, long term housing help to needy people. There are affordable rent assistance programs for single mothers going through financial difficulty and those who do not have a roof over their heads. Catholic Charities USA has designed permanent housing units for more than 35,000 nationwide. Single mothers looking for an emergency shelter or affordable housing programs can visit the official CCUSA website and locate Catholic Charity services and programs nearby.

9. The Vision House

The Vision House is a nonprofit organization established in 1990 near Seattle, Washington. This organization provides homeless mothers and kids with housing assistance and other resources like counseling, clothing, healthcare, life skills training, and education to become independent and self-sufficient. There are many generous and affordable housing assistance programs that this nonprofit organization runs. Homeless single mothers or families at risk of becoming homeless can apply for this program. The minimum eligibility criteria for single mothers applying for this program is at or 30% below the area’s median income. 

10. The Habitat For Humanity Program

The Habitat for Humanity Program enables single parents, primarily single mothers, to search for shelters and affordable housing. People who have lost their homes as a result of natural disasters or those who are planning to relocate to a better environment for their children can apply for the affordable housing assistance program in this organization. This organization includes a supportive community that offers affordable mortgages to low-income families and gives them an excellent chance to get a home of their own. The organization funds microloans to offer home improvement to low-income people in many international locations. Some of its programs also focus on repairing old existing homes and home renovation programs. The application process for applying to this organization is relatively straightforward. Therefore single mothers who are looking for cheap housing options and a shelter to provide for their families can contact the Local Habitat for Humanity near them and connect to the community to learn about its programs and resources.


Raising children alone and providing for necessities like food, clothing, and shelter brings unique challenges and financial difficulties for single mothers. Fortunately, there are plenty of governmental organizations, nonprofit institutions, and local charitable organizations offering affordable housing and rent assistance to help single mothers. If you are facing housing issues or at risk of homelessness, then you can explore these housing assistance programs to locate an affordable, safe, and decent housing solution in the United States. Affordable housing programs for single moms are rising in demand as they enable eligible candidates to reduce their financial pressure. These programs provide shelter to struggling mothers who are facing eviction or homelessness and help them to live in a secure and safe environment.

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