Divorced Single Mom Support Groups 

Divorced Single Mom Support Groups 

Going through a divorce is a highly challenging phase for any single mother. The impact of divorce on household financial security and physical separation can negatively affect the couple, including the children and extended family members. Kids have to adjust to living without both parents at their home. Having a divorce means you have to adjust to living without a partner and deal with everything alone, starting from finances, emotions, responsibilities, and other aspects of life. The divorcee support group is an incredible coping mechanism for surviving single mothers going through a separation. It is an excellent way to connect to people facing similar situations and get valuable advice and suggestions from them. Divorce support groups are highly beneficial for those who feel they have lost a support system due to separation from their partner. Joining a support group will help you to cope with your situation in a better way and adjust to your new life.

What Are Divorce Support Groups?

Divorce support groups are an opportunity and therapy that enables single mothers and dads to connect to people going through significant life changes. These groups form a haven for people to share their experiences and struggles without judging you. These groups focus on ways through which you can process challenges in life in a healthy way. Depending on the type of divorce support group you are joining, there can be a wide range of activities in which you can take part and learn yourself. You’ll find new hobbies, develop skills, discuss divorce with others and connect with people willing to share their life problems with you. The recovery process for divorce is different for every person. Joining a divorce care group has many benefits for people who are finding it difficult to cope with the separation of their partner and are looking for support.

Why Should You Join A Divorced Single Mom Support Group?

Whether one or both parties have decided to split, a divorce is a challenging phase in life. It comprises a lifestyle change, giving up time with kids, and separating financial assets. Divorce support groups enable people to cope with the split, connect to others going through the same phase and get the motivation to live. Support groups help them navigate the struggles of separation or divorce. While mental health caregivers and professionals monitor some marriage separation support groups, others are simple places where divorced individuals struggling with life can share their struggles and seek valuable advice. Irrespective of whether a mental health professional is monitoring and is a part of the forum or not, these groups will make the divorce process easier for people going through difficult situations. Divorce support groups are undoubtedly a therapy that helps manage life struggles easily. It is significant to identify your support system before you begin the divorce process. Finding emotional guidance through a divorce care program and legal guidance from knowledgeable attorneys will help make your experience a bit easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Divorce Support Groups For Single Moms?

Single mothers who are upset, agitated, and stressed because of divorce can navigate through their difficulties and relationship problems by joining a divorce support group. Generally, divorce brings a lot of life changes. You not only have to move on to a different place from your former partner but also have to determine how to run the household and manage your children on one income. All these reasons can sometimes make it challenging for single mothers to cope and add additional stress for them. If you are not getting support elsewhere and want to cope with your divorce, you can become a candidate for a divorce support group near you or an online forum. These groups will not only help you to go through divorce challenges but also locate answers to the questions you are having. Following are the benefits that you can get by joining a divorce support group:

  • Divorce support groups are free of charge
  • You can connect with other single parents experiencing divorce or similar struggles
  • You can access support anytime, anywhere
  • You can benefit from the experience of other members who are coping with divorce and have the right wisdom to advise you
  • The group members can truly understand what is going on in your life
  • Marriage separation support groups act as a safe place for single moms and dads to discuss the struggles that they are facing in their personal life and also get suggestions on how to become better parents for their children during the divorce process.
  • As a divorce, you can find suggestions for emotional support, financial issues, or reconciliation after divorce.

Best Divorce Support Groups

There are a plethora of divorce support groups that are specific to gender or age. For example, some support groups provide support for teens and children, while some are meant for adults. Many divorce support groups allow both genders, while some are specific to particularly men or women. Often these groups also differ in the type of problems they address. For example, few marriage separation support groups cover financial aspects. Some help to assist people with parenting problems. Many also help to address problems like domestic violence and abuse in a marriage. You can avail of these support groups at community centers, counseling centers, and local churches. There are also in-person and online divorce support groups for single moms and dads.

1. WomansDivorce

It is one of the best survival forums for single moms going through a divorce. This is an online forum that is free to use and provides single mothers an incredible opportunity to seek advice from others and connect to people who are experiencing divorce. The website is visible to the public, so you must ensure you’re using your real name and information. The website comprises plenty of articles on different topics like affairs and co-parenting. Single moms can read through the posts of others and read questions and answers from life coaches. They can also post questions and doubts that they are having or respond to issues faced by others.

2. Midlife Divorce Recovery

This is one of the best women’s divorce support groups, which can be helpful for single mothers who find it difficult to cope with divorce. This program comes with a price tag of $23.99 per month. It provides users access to master plans and a community divorce support group, which offers divorce recovery resources. While the community divorce support group provides a divorce support forum for struggling women, the recovery master plan comprises sessions that offer valuable advice and help related to issues like parenting and how to cope with divorce. Users can get a book that helps them to recover from divorce. Not only single mothers but men who are facing divorce and looking for a divorce recovery program can join this support group.

3. Rainbows

This support group provides divorce help for children of different age groups. Single mothers who want to support their children while going through a divorce and cope with the loss of one parent, including the loss of their parent’s marriage, can get help from Rainbows. All the support programs given by Rainbows are free, and the program’s website provides valuable articles so that parents can support their children while going through separation or divorce. If you’re looking for a local divorce support group through Rainbow, use their search tool. Rainbows program has a curriculum to help teens and children process their parent’s divorce and separation. Even though the support group meetings are in-person, the programs provide numerous online resources.

4. DivorceCare For Kids

This forum provides online support to single parents who want to get help to support their kids while going through a divorce. Divorce Care for Kids program provides local support groups. You can find a support group near you. This will also help your children to benefit from the weekly support meetings. This support group is a safe and fun environment for children to meet other children of divorcing parents and engage in numerous activities. This support group is an incredible chance for school-age children to gather and make friends with those experiencing the same thing. This group mainly focuses on children between the age of 5 to 12.

5. Supportgroups.com

This forum provides a support group targeting single moms specifically. Single mothers who want to navigate the challenges of single parenting, vent their frustration, communicate with others, seek advice from other members or get guidance regarding how to deal with the loss of a partner can join Supportgroups.com. Women who are new to single parenting can also become a part of this support group. Joining this group is very easy as you need to create an account and post a concern or question for other members to read and respond to on the site.

6. Hope Recovery

There are a lot of support groups for single mothers who have faced domestic violence and abuse. Recovering from domestic violence and abuse can be difficult for parents and can be a big reason for the couple to split. Seeking support and help from others who have experienced similar challenges and battles in their life will help you to get motivation and recover better. Hope Recovery provides online support group meetings, especially for survivors of domestic abuse and violence. If you’re a single mom looking for divorce help and in case your marriage involves abuse and domestic violence, you can access support online through Zoom from this group. Users have to register to join the group and also sign a confidential agreement.

7. Daily Strength

Single mothers are new to living independently and raising children single-handedly. They can seek much support and advice from Daily Strength, a divorce support group formed for single parents. When you become a group member, you get access to create posts where you can share your struggles, ask questions, seek support from other group members, and feel better. Members share their battles of feeling alone, single parenting and offer emotional support to others. Single parents who are unhappy and are looking for a support group to adjust to single parenting can find this group to be very beneficial.

8. Fort Refuge

The online support group is provided by Fort Refugee, especially to survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Support forums on the website of Fort Refugee are private. These forums are a safe place to process the trauma of separation and domestic abuse. The group holds support meetings for the survivors of abuse and domestic violence to feel better and take positive steps to improve their situation.


Single moms looking for divorce support groups near their location or online support groups can get the right advice and emotional support from the above-mentioned programs and resources. Choosing any of the top divorce help groups will help you go through the divorce or separation process quickly and seek emotional support. While some programs are free, some may require an insignificant monthly fee. It will be a worthwhile decision to seek help from others if it is difficult for you to cope with a divorce. You and your children can also get support and connect to other kids of divorced parents.

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