Cash Grants For Single Moms

Cash Grants For Single Moms

Low-income single moms are eligible to receive cash grants for single moms in the United States that provide them with a safe and secure place to live, access health care, higher education, and adequate food. Cash assistance programs include educational grants, housing grants, child care grants, and many other financial assistance programs designed to promote their well-being. If you’re looking for these grants in times of financial hardship, then you need to know the eligibility criteria, deadline and application process of every program to qualify for it.

How To Apply For Cash Grants For Single Moms?

Although grants are free money that can help single mothers to get through their financial hardship, however, becoming eligible for these grants is not so easy. To receive assistance through this program, single mothers have to locate these grants on the internet and meet all the eligibility criteria and fill the application procedure timely. You need to search for a federal, state and local cash assistance program in your state or near your region which covers low-income individuals and single mothers. To get eligible for the cash assistance you need to pay attention to the application process, provide proof of your household income, family status, job details and ensure to meet the eligibility criteria. Not only federal and state governments but many national organizations, local institutions, and charities provide support and financial assistance to single moms in the United States.

Free Cash Grants For Single Moms

Cash grants for single moms in hardship offer them access to financial support or cash so that they can pay for their rent or mortgages, income medical expenditures, or meet other emergencies like debt relief, home improvements, etc. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options that enable single moms to deal with their financial insolvency and pay for their necessities. Not only single parents but low-income students, young people, self-employed individuals, and jobless and disabled people are also covered in most of these programs. Single mothers looking for cash assistance to pay for various essentials can apply for the following resources and programs.

1. Single Parent Project

This is a national nonprofit organization that offers you free cash to cover costs like mortgage/ rent payments, childcare, gas, food, car repairs, or car payments. The organization has six-month programs that enable participating single parents to get back on their feet and reduce their financial pressure. The cash assistance program by the Single Parent Project may vary depending on your needs and financial position. The program promotes emotional, financial, and educational well-being among single parents.

2. SSI, Supplemental Security Income For Special Needs

If you are looking for grants or cash for single moms of autistic children, then the Supplemental Security Income For Special Needs Program will fit you. This program is designed exclusively for low-income families where a child has autism, down syndrome, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and blindness problems. Eligible candidates will receive cash assistance between $647 and $794 monthly. Single mothers must prove their children suffer from severe and marked functional limitations.


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, enables single mothers to pay for groceries and get nutritious diets. If you are a single mom and the sole breadwinner and provider for the family, you can seek food assistance through this program. The objective of this program is to offer nutrition assistance so that low-income single mothers can purchase healthy food and can feed an adequately nutritious diet to their kids. The program also offers cash to eligible candidates for a garden where they can grow their food. If you need emergency cash to spend on your groceries or other emergency needs, then you can apply for this program.

4. HUD Housing Grants

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has partnered with private landlords so that they can provide cheap rent to low-income families, disabled persons, single mothers, and senior citizens in the United States. You can qualify for the HUD Housing Program if you can meet the eligibility criteria, which require candidates to be citizens of the United States or eligible noncitizens and must meet the income restrictions as stated by the program. HUD offers state-sponsored housing programs for single moms who require housing assistance and even HUD Public Housing Programs. The financial assistance through HUD housing grants comes in vouchers that single moms can use to pay for their rent and seek safe and secure housing.

5. Emma Johnson Single Mother Grant

The Kickass Single Mom Grant, designed by Emma Johnson, enables single moms to afford better child care and healthcare. The grant helps single moms to deal with their financial struggles in a better way. If a single mom is unable to pursue her career due to financial struggle, they can receive necessary financial and childcare support through this program. The program donates $500 to eligible deserving single moms every month. The main objective of this grant is to lend support to single moms dealing with loneliness, money, stress, health, illness, childcare, etc.

6. Live Your Dream Award By Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International has more than 100,000 volunteers across multiple countries. This nonprofit organization enables single moms to acquire higher education and overcome all the financial obstacles to achieve financial stability and get back on their feet. Around $2.1 million worth of financial assistance programs are offered every year through this program to women who are facing life challenges like substance abuse, poverty, or the death of a partner. Eligible candidates, single mothers, and needy families can receive cash assistance up to $16,000 depending on their needs.

7. TANF, Temporary Aid For Needy Families Program

This program is for low-income families, primarily single mothers in financial hardship, and offers them monthly cash assistance so that they can pay their bills quickly. This temporary cash assistance is designed for low-income families or unemployed single moms with dependent children under 12 years. You need to contact your nearby welfare office to check if you qualify for this program or not. The TANF program also requires candidates to be a citizen of the United States or an eligible noncitizen.

8. DCA, Diversion Cash Assistance

DCA is a federally funded program available in most of the States of America. This financial aid program is designed to help single mothers cover their emergency costs and not their monthly expenses. Single mothers are a high priority in this program, especially if they cannot receive assistance through the TANF program. The program offers cash resistance of $1300 to eligible candidates so that they can meet their emergency requirements. You first need to know if the Division Cash Assistance Program is available in your state so you can contact the federal locator of your state’s welfare office and learn about this program and its eligibility requirements. Division Cash Assistance Program is a need-based grant and not income based. If you can demonstrate a solid financial need, then you will be eligible to receive cash assistance.

9. Education Support Award

This foundation offers $5000 to help low-income single moms and their dependent children. The main objective of this organization is to enable single moms to pursue further training or education and attend self-sufficiency. The eligibility criteria of this program require women to be at least 17 years of age and be a mother of minor children. If you’re a single mom pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized institution then you are eligible to receive financial assistance for this program. The income limitation of this program requires candidates to have less than $20,000 if they are a family of two members, less than $24,000 if there is a family of three, and less than $28,000 if they have a family of four members.

10. Federal Pell Grants

The Federal Pell Grant offers financial assistance to low-income families and single moms so that they can pay for their tuition and college-associated costs. The Federal Pell Grant, as well as the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, are a few popular educational grants for single mothers that help them with cash to pay for their education and pursue higher education. To be eligible for this program, candidates must complete FAFSA, which will determine their financial need and position to receive tuition costs. You can use the financial assistance to pay for lodging, tuition, books, etc. The exact grant award of this program may vary depending on the financial need.

11. LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Single moms can get emergency cash through Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs. Saving on energy bills and fuel can make a significant difference in managing finances for single moms, which is why this program is designed to keep your family comfortable and healthy. As a single mom, you can cover your home energy costs by applying for this program. The program provides weatherization for your home and emergency cash payments if you cannot pay bills for your heating and cooling system.

12. CCDF, Child Care And Development Fund

Single parents have to incur a significant expense on child care, starting from daycare,

after-school care to babysitting. There are a lot of government childcare assistance programs for single parents so that they can receive cash assistance and cover their childcare costs. One such program is the Child Care And Development Fund which enables single moms to get financial support and pay for their child care expenses when they go out for a job or work. The program offers vouchers that can be used for incurring child care expenses that would otherwise have been spent from your pocket. This is a federally funded program that you can apply for in the state in which you reside. If you want to apply for this program; you need to check the federal child care website and look at the phone number and website of your state.


Single mothers in the United States face immense financial pressure and crisis. Raising children, pursuing higher education, and incurring living expenses without availing resources and financial assistance programs from the government is becoming tremendous financial hardship for single-parent households. There is a wide range of financial support programs designed exclusively for single mothers, such as tuition assistance, cash assistance, income assistance, child care assistance, medical assistance, etc., that can help them to manage their resources and ease their financial burden.

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