Scholarships For Single Moms In Wisconsin

Scholarships For Single Moms In Wisconsin

Popularly hailed as ‘America’s Dairyland’, the state of Wisconsin is home to top universities and colleges that offer a plethora of grants, scholarship programs and financial assistance for low-income students and single moms. This guide will help you to know a wide range of funding possibilities that enable single moms to attain their educational goals.

How To Find Scholarship Programs For Single Moms In The State Of Wisconsin?

Finding and applying for scholarship programs in Wisconsin is an amazing way for single moms to increase the amount of money to pay for college and tuition fees. No matter whether you are studying or planning to attend a college or university in Wisconsin you are eligible to apply for a multitude of scholarship and financial aid programs.

A good place to start for this program is by looking into the programs as per your major or your field of study.

There are scholarship programs for every discipline in the state of Wisconsin and single moms belonging to traditionally underrepresented disciplines such as STEM fields can find a lot of options. The next step is to search for scholarship programs that relate to your hobbies and special circumstances. Follow the required instructions for every program and send the application within the deadline.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Wisconsin?

Single moms who are looking for ways to fund their college education in the state of Wisconsin can take a look at the below-mentioned programs to get started.

1. AOTF Wisconsin Scholarship

The AOTF Wisconsin Scholarship is a popular scholarship program designed for occupational therapy students who are legal residents of Wisconsin and are also members of the Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association. You can check the official website of the organization to learn about the application deadline and the eligibility criteria.

2. Wisconsin Tuition Grant

Financial assistance is provided to undergraduate students who are residents of Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Tuition Grant Program. Residents who have enrolled in certificate programs or degrees at independent colleges or universities in the state of Wisconsin for at least half time are eligible to get financial assistance through this program. The financial awards are based on the economic needs of the applicants and may range between $250 to $2300 per year.

3. WRA Education Foundation Scholarships in Foodservice

Scholarship opportunities are provided to Wisconsin residents through the WRA Education Foundation based on the plans and academic records, essays on food industry issues as well as professional recommendations. More than $36,000 in scholarships are provided every year to students who belong to culinary arts including hospital management in the state of Wisconsin.

4. The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

Grants of $1500 are provided to eligible high school seniors including single moms who are members of the Association Of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs. The recipients of the program should be a member of the club for two years before applying for the scholarship program and plan to attend an accredited college or university. The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs provides continuing education scholarship opportunities for single mom students who have enrolled in the state college or university.

5. The Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation

Scholarship opportunities are provided to students including single moms with bleeding disorders by the Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation. Single moms who are pursuing higher education and are the residents of Wisconsin should submit high school transcripts, an essay worth 500 to 750 words, and letters of reference to the foundation to receive scholarship opportunities. The foundation offers scholarship grants award ranging between $250 to $3000.

6. The Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant

Single-mom undergraduate students can apply for the Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grants if they are African American, Hispanic, Southeast Asian, or American Indian. The amount of grant that you can receive through this program may vary between $250 to $2500 annually and are based on the financial need of the individuals.

7. The Wisconsin Women’s Alliance Foundation Scholarship

The Wisconsin Women’s Foundation Scholarship is designed for women including single moms for 25 years or above who are enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in Wisconsin. The foundation selects recipients of the program based on community service, employment history, needs, and career goals. The financial assistance and the number of recipients of this scholarship program varies from one year to another however the maximum award given to students is up to $1000.

8. The Wisconsin Electric Security Association Scholarship

Two scholarship programs worth $1500 are provided to eligible graduating high school seniors by the Wisconsin Electric Security Association. One scholarship is awarded to eligible children of active duty members of the Wisconsin Police Department while the other is provided to children of active duty Wisconsin Fire Department members. Single moms who can fulfill the eligibility criteria and can showcase that they are children of active duty members of the police and fire department members can receive assistance. To receive financial support you need to submit your high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores, resume, and essay.

9. The Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship

Single-mom students with the highest GPA in Wisconsin public or private schools can apply for the Wisconsin Academy Excellence scholarship program. The recipients of the program are required to attend the University of Wisconsin Wisconsin Technical College or any other independent institution in the state. The winners of the scholarship program receive assistance up to $2250 annually for four years.

10. The WPS Foundation College Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities are provided by the Wisconsin public service to graduating high school seniors who are living within the WPS territory or are eligible children of WPS employees. Applicants are required to attend a recognized college or university in the state of Wisconsin. Single moms who can satisfy the eligibility criteria of the program can receive assistance up to $1000.


The state of Wisconsin provides a wide array of scholarship programs for low-income students. These programs are not specific to a particular discipline and open to every student within the state. Single moms are required to meet the eligibility requirements and program guidelines to receive assistance. The awards are subject to the availability of funds and the individual needs of the candidates.

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