Single Mom Housing Grants Pennsylvania

Single mothers in Pennsylvania can receive housing assistance and financial aid in almost all the counties and cities across Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania government, local agencies, and charitable organizations provide housing grants and assistance programs to low-income individuals and families. While locating single-mom housing grants in Pennsylvania, many options are available for women, such as housing grants, transitional housing, single-mother down payment assistance, rental assistance programs, etc. These resources help single moms to overcome financial difficulties and receive help to manage their home utilities, debt, mortgage, legal aid, and rental expenses.

How Can Pennsylvania Housing Grants And Assistance Programs Help Single Mothers?

Single mothers in Pennsylvania receive housing assistance and grants through nonprofit organizations and government programs. Many local housing agencies administer and manage federal programs to provide them with affordable public housing and rent subsidies. Some housing assistance programs enable single mothers to avoid foreclosure, pay rent, make mortgage payments, and even carry out housing repairs and modifications in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania housing grants and assistance programs help single mothers combat homelessness and get an affordable environment to live comfortably with their families. 

Grants And Housing Assistance Programs For Single Mothers In Pennsylvania

Housing assistance programs in Pennsylvania help single mothers to pay for their rent, housing costs, mortgages, and energy bills and get free legal aid as well. Although there are many assistance programs and grants which serve low-income individuals and needy families in Pennsylvania; however, it may not always be easy to locate the proper housing grants for a single mother. If you’re a single mom then you can find suitable housing assistance grants and programs in Pennsylvania from the following resources.

1. LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP enables low-income families, including single mothers, to pay their utility bills. This program helps families to stay cool in the hot summer and warm during the winter months. The weather in Pennsylvania is quite severe, so households require high energy. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program assists low-income people during financial crises and pays their utility bills.

2. The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

TANF Program benefits eligible program participants through utility bill payments and weatherization programs. Low-income single mothers and needy families who are living in the state of Pennsylvania can receive housing grants or financial assistance to reduce their financial burden. If you’re a single mom looking for cash assistance and other financial help, you can apply for this program by approaching your local county government office.

3. Pennsylvania Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing And Community Development Act Of 1974 formed Section 8 Pennsylvania Housing Choice Voucher Program. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development funds this program. This program aims to offer rental support to low and moderate-income families. Single mothers in Pennsylvania who cannot pay their rent can apply for this program. Section 8 offers rental assistance to eligible candidates who pay some of their rent and even negotiate with their landlords about rent payments. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development funds these programs so that needy families living in Pennsylvania can access an affordable, safe, and decent house

4. Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program By The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

The PHFA offers homeownership assistance to low-income families in urgent housing and financial need. The Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program provided by this organization covers low-income individuals, including single mothers. If you are facing eviction or the risk of losing your house, you can contact PHFA directly and apply for their program to get affordable mortgage payments. Eligible low-income families and individuals will get financial assistance through mortgage payments for about 24 to 36 months based on their household income.

5. Public Housing Program

The Local Housing Agencies in Pennsylvania administer and manage the HUD-funded public housing program. These housing agencies own and manage many public housing units, including single-family homes and apartments. The Local Pennsylvania Housing Agency determines the eligibility criteria of participants and the total rental amount for public housing. This program covers low-income individuals, community families, single mothers, seniors, and disabled people.

6. Pennsylvania Bridge Housing Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare formed the Bridge Housing Program to offer transitional emerging housing for moderate and low-income families. Single mothers who are at risk of becoming homeless or are currently homeless can seek housing assistance from this program. The program offers housing shelters to eligible candidates who can live with their families for at least 18 months. Candidates must pay a small portion of their income as rent to stay in this shelter with their families. 

7. CCCS, Consumer Credit Counseling Service Pennsylvania

This is a local housing counseling agency that provides budgeting services, credit report examinations, housing education programs, and debt counseling services to eligible candidates. They offer programs to enable candidates to manage their money wisely. Single mothers facing housing issues can seek housing assistance from this agency. 

8. Safe At Home am by Bethlehem Haven Of Pittsburgh Inc.

Safe At Home is a housing assistance program that this organization offers to assist homeless women. Single mothers who are on the verge of homelessness can benefit a lot from this program. It provides cash assistance and other support to single mothers seeking housing assistance to deal with their financial crisis. The organization ensures that every woman with financial difficulty can get an affordable and decent house to live securely with their family. If you’re a single mother facing unexpected housing issues or problems with your homeowner, you can apply for the Safe At Home Program.


Being a single mom is exhausting and challenging, especially if you have no shelter or your family is at risk of becoming homeless. Thankfully there are a lot of housing grants and assistance programs for single mothers in Pennsylvania which provide them priceless help and meet their housing needs. Single mothers in Pennsylvania have limited financial resources and less income, so they are vulnerable to poverty. If you’re a low-income single mom seeking to get a roof for your family and overcome your hardship, then applying for housing grants will help a lot to reduce your financial as well as housing burden.

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