Single Mom Support Group Pittsburgh

Single Mom Support Group Pittsburgh

It is common for single mothers to feel that they are constantly failing their children and are not perfect mothers. Joining a support group for single moms in Pittsburgh will make you realize that it is normal to feel anxious, make mistakes, and doubt yourself on your way to single motherhood. Sharing your experiences and struggles in a nonjudgmental, warm, and supportive setting will help you reduce isolation and feel more comfortable. Fortunately, there are a lot of support programs and resources available in Pittsburgh for single moms and other women.

Are There Single Mom Support Groups In Pittsburgh?

Yes, there are a lot of single mom support groups and valuable resources available for single parents in Pittsburgh. Single mothers who are depressed and anxious can get support, hope, and encouragement from other single moms in Pittsburgh by joining these support groups. It is also an excellent place to make friends and expand your social circle. You can exchange babysitting duties, plan playdates, have fun participating in group events and activities, and receive positive feedback on your parental achievements.

Single Mom Support Groups In Pittsburgh

Do you feel you are doing everything wrong and have second guesses about your parental decision? It is normal to feel guilty, frustrated, mad, or impatient at times with yourself. Here you get to hear and learn the stories of other single parents who can give you the wisdom and encouragement never to stop giving up on yourself. Following are the single mom support groups that are designed in Pittsburg.

1. Mom Parenting Group

Single mothers in Pittsburgh who want to be honest about their single parenting and wish to share their highs and lows with other single moms can benefit from this group. The group has been designed so that mothers can discuss the real challenges of parenting and talk about crucial areas like sleep issues, managing behaviors, balancing work, relationships, and family, daily dinner battles, workload balance, etc. Working parents, stay-at-home parents, and adoptive parents are welcome to this group, where they can vent their emotions and seek emotional support.

2. Connecting to Self and Other (Virtual Group)

This group enables single mothers in Pittsburg to explore boundaries, self-worth, and communication with other parents throughout ten weeks to stay in a happy and healthy relationship. The group addresses that a healthy relationship starts within you. Therefore, when you join this group, you learn different communication styles, ways to cope with anxiety and stress, practice mindfulness, set boundaries, and build relationships with others. To be a part of this virtual group, you must pay $30 per week or $300.

3. Surviving Grief And Loss

Single mothers going through a divorce or separation may share their pain and suffering with others. The Surviving Grief And Loss group is designed so that single moms and others can explore all the stages of grief and can share their experiences and struggles with others in the process. Death is an overwhelming process, and the pain of losing a child, a co-parent, a family pet, or a friend is tremendous. This is a small group with 10 participants designed to facilitate peer interaction and bonding among participants so that they can get through the grieving process and learn coping skills and other valuable strategies.

4. Women In Transition

This group is dedicated solely to problems faced by women within the group. Single mothers in Pittsburgh have to struggle daily and face many challenges single-handedly. The group focuses on enhancing professional and personal relationships, finding individual power, and providing strategies that can lead to a fulfilled and satisfying life. The Women In Transition group uses discussion from educational programs and experiential exercises to create or heal new ways of living.

5. Self-Love Women’s Group

The Self-Love Women’s Group is created for all women who are above 18 years of age and want to boost their self-confidence and embrace themselves both inside and out. This group in Pittsburgh focuses on comfortability, notions of acceptance, and respect for the self. These aspects are essential healing methods that can boost self-esteem. Single moms often do not get time to ensure self-love practices, and as a result, they suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. This group will not only teach you self-care traits but also self-respect and self-compassion to enhance your sense of self-esteem.

6. Women’s Group

The Women’s Group in Pittsburgh enables single mothers and other women to discuss relationships, healing from trauma, mental health, getting older, vulnerability, close friendship, transitioning out of school and to a new career, and parental skills. This group will allow you to learn skills and get support from other group members. It is difficult for single mothers to thrive in a society where they must deal with everyday challenges like coping skills, perfectionism, weight and appearance, social anxiety, fears, complex PTSD, attachment styles, and many more.

7. Birth of a Mother: A Support Group for New Moms

Single motherhood is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for any woman. This woman group is created for new or expectant mothers having children less than two years of age. Here single moms can share their challenges, stories, successes, ups, and downs and listen to stories shared by other mothers. The group sessions include guided exercises, breath work, movement, and exploration of a wide range of problems relevant to adjustment to everyday life. The group meets every first and third Tuesday of the month between 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Infants are also welcome in this group, and the cost is around $30 per session.


The experience of sharing and connecting with other single mothers in Pittsburg through support groups can positively impact your well-being. In addition to learning new strategies and insights, you also learn that you are not alone, and as you hear stories of other parents, you realize that it is normal to feel frustrated, self-doubt, and make mistakes along the way. The above-mentioned single mom support groups in Pittsburgh will help you to socialize and make new friends as a single mother.

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