Scholarships For Single Moms In Ohio

Scholarships For Single Moms In Ohio

Scholarship for single moms is an amazing resource through which they can complete their higher educational goals, grab good-paying job opportunities and provide a better lifestyle to their children and family members. Ohio is home to top universities and schools which paves the way for multiple scholarships and grants that empower single moms to pursue higher education.

How To Win Scholarship For Single Moms In Ohio?

Scholarships play a critical role in helping single moms meet their basic ends and provide them with the right financial support to acquire higher education and support their children. There is no doubt single moms face a lot of financial difficulties in fulfilling their educational goals as they live on one source of income. As more college-bound single moms students are depending on scholarships and grants to reduce their cost of education, competition for qualifying scholarships is intensifying. Single moms in Ohio are required to meet the eligibility criteria of the program, make an appealing application that reflects their skills, goals, and accomplishments, and apply early within the deadline to increase their chances of winning.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Ohio?

Following is the list of scholarship programs for single moms in ohio.

1. The Ohio Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship Program

The Ohio Regents Graduate/ Professional Fellowship Program offers assistance of up to $3200 annually to eligible students who are pursuing professional, graduate, or degree courses at a participating college or university in Ohio. Eligible single-mom students are required to pursue their professional graduate studies immediately upon receiving their bachelor’s degree if they want to qualify for financial assistance under this fellowship program.

2. American Legion Auxiliary Department of Ohio Department President’s Scholarship

Single moms who are residents of Ohio and are entering their first year of college are eligible to receive a scholarship from the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Ohio Department President’s Scholarship. To qualify for assistance you need to prove you are a veteran or an eligible family member of a veteran. The scholarship requires you to submit an essay, transcript, proof of service, and three letters of recommendation. The deadline for the scholarship program is 15th March and the financial assistance that you can receive ranges between $1000 to $1500.

3. The Ohio EPA Scholarship

This is a merit-based non-renewable scholarship program designed for eligible undergraduate students who have enrolled or attending Ohio private or state colleges and universities is known as the Ohio EPA scholarship. The program covers individuals who are specializing in environmental engineering or environmental science.

4. Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

The Ohio Department of Higher Education funds the Ohio War Orphan Scholarship Program which is managed by the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Board. To qualify for this scholarship program single moms must prove that they are children of deceased or severely disabled Ohio veterans or members of armed forces and have enrolled themselves as full-time students in undergraduate institutions. The maximum financial award is given to those students who are attending public institutions whereas students who are attending private schools in Ohio can receive assistance up to $5667.

5. Cyril W. Neff Memorial Scholarship

The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers sponsors the Cyril W. Neff Memorial Scholarship program. This fellowship is designed for students who are applying at one of the 16 participating schools in Ohio. Single moms or residents of Ohio are interested in pursuing a degree in engineering and apply for the program. The program covers students who belong to Medina, Lake, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Geauga, or Ashtabula County. Single-mom recipients should be graduating high school seniors and must have a GPA of 3.0.

6. Cincinnati Pathways

Scholarship opportunities are provided through the University of Cincinnati for students who have graduated from Cincinnati State Community College. Single moms who have received an associate degree from the college within the past two years can receive the Cincinnati Pathways Scholarship Program. The program requires single moms to have a GPA of 3.4 to qualify. You need to be admitted through the Cincinnati Pathway and transfer directly into the bachelor program from your associate program.

7. AOTF Scholarship

The American Occupational Therapy Foundation has sponsored the AOTF Scholarship Program which aims to financially support students including single moms who want to enter the occupational therapy field. To qualify for assistance you must enroll yourself in occupational therapy and complete at least one year of coursework. The foundation provides three different types of scholarship programs for eligible Ohio residents. Single moms also need to get a recommendation letter from their program director.

8. Brian Stoner Memorial Scholarship

The Fairfield County Foundation sponsors the Brian Stoner Memorial Scholarship Program which serves local students and helps them to get financial assistance to pursue higher education. The scholarship covers low-income students including single moms who are planning to pursue a career in the field of culinary arts and also have enrolled themselves in an accredited program in Ohio.

9. Harold K. Douthit Regional Scholarship

This Scholarship to encourage young people to enter fields related to the newspaper industry like advertising, journalism, communication, and marketing. To qualify for assistance you need to enroll yourself in an accredited program related to the newspaper industry. You also must graduate from high school in Lorraine, Geauga, Sandusky, Huron, Sandusky, Ottawa, Cuyahoga, or Lucas County. Single moms for a junior or senior attend accredited Ohio college and have a GPA of 3.0 can qualify for assistance.

10. The Ohio College Opportunity Grant

Single moms who can demonstrate robust financial need can get financial assistance through the Ohio College Opportunity Grant. Eligible candidates are required to have an expected family contribution of less than $2190 dollars with an annual household income below $75,000. Eligible single-mom students are required to pursue a degree at a participating university or College in Ohio.


The aforementioned scholarship programs in Ohio help single moms cover tuition, books, feeds, and other education-related expenses. To improve your chance of winning a scholarship in Ohio you need to maintain a good record of academic performance and involve yourself within the community. Single moms are urged to research every scholarship opportunity and keep an eye on the application deadlines to secure their chances.

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