Custody Lawyers For Single Moms

Custody Lawyers For Single Moms

Being a single mother you have to face a lot of challenges in your parental journey and one such toughest challenge is gaining custody of your children. As per the United Census Bureau, a significant percentage of mothers are the sole provider and custodian parents of their kids. Single mothers are involved in the day-to-day lives of their kids in many ways. A custody case is indeed an emotionally difficult journey for a child. If you’re a single mother going through a custody case then it is important to address the emotion of your children. It will be helpful if your kids attend therapies during the custody battle that will make the experience less traumatic and more easier for them. During a child custody case, the main objective of the judge is to make sure that the parent who gets custody meets the best interest of the child. For this, the judge will make sure that single mothers who are requesting full custody of their child’s emotional and physical needs can take proper parental guidance, impart emotional support and provide medical care to their kids.

What Are The Different Types Of Custody?

Custody for single moms is of the following types: physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, and joint custody. Physical custody is the right to live with your kids while legal custody includes the obligation and rights to make all the decisions related to the child’s upbringing and such type of custody includes education, child care, and so on. Sole custody on the other hand includes sole legal or sole physical rights and is awarded to a single mom or dad when the other parent is unfaithful. Joint custody includes joint legal and physical custody of kids. This type of custody goes to both parents who spend equal time with their kids and live close to each other. Joint legal custody requires both parents to share their rights and take a mutual decision for the child’s upbringing. Single moms should know the type of custody that they want and the file case accordingly. Whether you are on good terms with your spouse or ex-partner it is always best to have legal representation. So ensure to put the best interest of your child first as a single mother. Legal representation makes a significant difference in the custody case. Single moms should consider hiring the best child custody lawyer to navigate the complexities of custody and legal matters.

Who Decides The Child Custody?

Generally, the family law court where parents live is responsible to handle the child custody issues. A child custody agreement refers to a document that outlines guidelines for child custody between parents and is issued by the court in connection with the separation or divorce proceeding. Child custody agreement refers to instructions that parents who are the primary custodian of the child have to follow. Single mothers can come to a child custody agreement without going for a court hearing however the child custody agreement must be issued by the family court. It is important to come to an agreement and relieve this stress when it comes to deciding on child custody. It is less likely for the courts to intervene with divorcing parents who wish to cooperate and reach an agreement on their own. Another alternative source of dispute resolution is family mediation which includes a neutral third party and in this way, you can avoid time consuming and costly litigation.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Custody Lawyers For Single Moms?

Following are the benefits of hiring a child custody lawyer which will be helpful for single mothers.

1. Custody Cases Are Generally Complex

Custody cases are legally complex therefore it is in the best interest of both single mothers and children to involve a custody lawyer. Having the support and guidance of a custody lawyer will help you to represent your case and make sure you meet all the requirements and guidelines of the court. The custody lawyer has legal expertise including negotiating experience therefore he or she is aware of the courtroom procedures and can help you in your case. Hiring a child custody lawyer will enable single mothers to leverage their circumstances and benefit the best.

2. Hiring Custody Lawyer Will Reduce Stress And Consume Less Time

Having a custody lawyer will help you to handle child custody in a better way and relieve your stress. You will undoubtedly get peace of mind without navigating the complicated legal process. Single mothers can get an assurance that they have someone knowledgeable who can handle their case and can help them to win child custody. Custody lawyers will make sure everything is in order and will resolve your case as quickly as possible.

3. Your Ex Partner Or Spouse May Have Legal Representation

You will not be at a disadvantage if your spouse or ex-partner has legal representation in the case. Without having a custody lawyer by your side you can make a big negative impact on your case and may lose.  Considering the advantages it is evident that having a custody lawyer is critical while handling child custody cases. However, a lot of single mothers wonder whether they can afford a private lawyer or attorney. Fortunately in the United States, there are many options through which they can get child custody lawyers.

What Are The Different Websites To Find Free Child Custody Lawyers For Single Mothers?

Following is the list of websites through which single mothers can avail free child custody lawyers:


Single moms can find free legal aid programs within their community by taking the help of the website.

2. Legal Services Corporation

Single moms can find legal assistance and aid from the Legal Services Corporation if they belong to low-income backgrounds.

3. Free Legal Answers

Free Legal Answers is a website where single mothers can qualify for legal programs if they belong to low-income status. Once you qualify for the program you can submit legal questions to the American Bar Association for free and get answers from a volunteer.

What Are The Different Options Of Free Child Custody Lawyers For Single Mothers?

Single mothers have different options for availing of free child custody lawyers through which they can seek legal help.

1. Child Custody Legal Aid

This legal aid and assistance is available for single mothers in every state. Not-for-profit legal agencies and organizations provide assistance and free legal help to low-income single mothers and families who are unable to hire a lawyer because of financial difficulties. Single mothers who are coming from low-income status can benefit a lot through these legal aid agencies and organizations. The best thing about taking legal help from a child custody legal aid organization is that the legal aid lawyers have the same qualifications similar to any other lawyer and all the information that you share with them will remain completely confidential. A prime benefit of finding a legal aid custody lawyer for single moms who can represent you in court is that they will be justifying your low-income status in your child’s custody case. To learn more about how to seek child custody legal aid in the United States you can visit your local legal aid agency.

2. Free Legal Advice Family Law

Many agencies help single mothers with their child custody cases even if they are unable to pay fees for a lawyer or an attorney. However, such an agency may not represent your case in court. However, they can help you in preparing the case, getting useful advice and suggestions, and ways to conduct yourself in court. Getting useful advice and free suggestions from the free legal advice family law will help you to get child custody.

3. Government Agencies

There are many government agencies and organizations in the USA which help single mothers and low-income individuals with child custody issues if they are unable to afford a lawyer. These agencies and organizations will work for parents completely free especially if they belong to low-income or extremely low-income backgrounds.

Agencies offering free legal services and nonprofit institutions help single mothers with their child custody cases such as the family law where you can get information about your case and how to conduct yourself in the court. Family Law is not the only agency that provides similar services. Single moms need to research and find suitable organizations and institutions that can help them in their cases and solve their doubts concerning legal custody battles.

What Are The Factors That Single Moms Need To Take While Applying For Child Custody?

Single mothers need to take a lot of factors into consideration before applying for child custody lawyers such as the following: single mothers need to make sure they have a plan ready for their children. Having a well-structured plan requires you to include information and details about the schools that you are planning to send them, how you are planning to pay for their expenses, your living environment, and other factors. Before heading ahead in the custody battle try to talk to your kids and address their wants and emotions. The living environment that you are providing for your kids must be stable and safe to win the custody battle. There must be no abuse, drugs, or anything that can harm the child physically or emotionally in your living environment. Single mothers need to be cautious about how they’re conducting themselves on social media. Social media being a public place can go against them in child custody cases. If your ex-partner spouse makes more money than you then they can pay for better legal representation therefore preparing well in advance will help you in your custody battle in the future.

What Are Your Rights To Child Custody As A Single Mom?

Child custody in legal terms refers to the legal relationship which parents share with their heads. Child custody arrangements are of different types however all the decisions related to child custody are made by the judge. Previously mothers were granted the sole custodian right compared to fathers by numerous courts. However, the courts have evolved and are recognizing the changing and progressing societal roles of the family and they also take the factor that mothers have to work outside the home to provide for their children. In the earlier days, mothers by default were given child custody rights as kids have the strongest relationship with mothers. However today judges in the United States apply the child’s best interest standard or policy therefore fathers also have equal rights to claim child custody.

Single mothers can obtain full legal and physical custody of their children. If they are single and unmarried at the same time during the child’s birth then they will become the custodial parent and will be granted the legal rights of the child custody. This is more effective if the biological father’s name is not listed on the birth certificate and he did not come to claim his right over the child at the time of the birth. Single mothers can claim the sole right over their children if paternity has never been established. Child custody issues generally arise when the biological father petitions the court to grant him child custody in the form of sole or joint custody.


If you are a single mom going through a child custody battle then it is in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable and skilled child custody lawyer. They will help you to understand the specific child custody laws in your state, file all the relevant and important documents of child custody within the court, and also represent you at the court hearings to make sure that the right of the parents is well protected. There are many organizations, institutions, and websites through which you can get free legal help if you are facing financial difficulties to afford a private lawyer in your child custody battle.

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