Florida Pell Grants For Single Moms

Single mothers have to go through a lot of emotional and mental strain while raising their children and providing for their families all alone. Grants and scholarships for single mothers in Florida have been designed to assist women so that they can pursue higher education and restart their lives. With the financial support and assistance provided by the federally funded Pell Grants, single moms can work towards completing their education and improving their career prospects. Apart from the Pell Grant, the federal government issues many more grants and programs to support single mothers and needy students financially.

What Are Federal Pell Grants In Florida?

The Federal Pell Grant in Florida is a program that offers financial assistance and grants to low-income students and single mothers who cannot afford college as undergraduates. The financial support and assistance through the federal Pell Grant is received by students, depending on their financial situation. The good news about Florida Pell Grants for single moms is that there are no hard and fast income limitations for Pell Grants. The eligibility will be based on the cost of attendance and your expected family contribution. The income requirements to receive Pell Grant will also depend on your family and personal income, assets, and other eligible expenses, such as the number of members in your family attending school or college at the same time. Pell grants for single moms in Florida are offered to eligible candidates to meet their higher cost of college and education. These federally funded grants enable single moms to continue their education and afford college. Eventually, they can secure their future and provide a good standard of living for their kids.

What Is The Worth Of A Federal Pell Grant?

The maximum worth of Pell Grants for the academic year 2022-2023 is $6895. However, not all candidates will receive this amount in full. A higher expected family contribution factor will reduce the Pell Grant award.  Eligible single mothers and students will receive 150% of the scheduled Pell Grant amount if they can complete the three-year academic term in one year. This is also known as year-round Pell. Students whose parents have passed while serving the United States Armed Forces in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11 or whose guardian or parent was a public service officer and passed away in the line of duty are eligible to receive additional Pell Grant awards.

Florida Pell Grants For Single Moms: Basic Requirements

There are specific income and additional requirements that candidates must fulfill to qualify for financial aid. Single moms in Florida are eligible to receive federal grant assistance if they fulfill the following requisites:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  • Have earned a high school diploma degree
  • Have attended a full-time or part-time participating academic program as an undergraduate
  • Should not be in default on any student loans or federal aid programs
  • Should have no criminal records

Single mothers and low-income students who want to receive Pell Grant funding should complete filing FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid within the deadline to receive the Pell Grant award for a maximum of 12 semesters.

How Can Single Mothers Qualify For Florida Grants?

To determine your Pell Grant eligibility as a single mother in Florida, you must first calculate your EFC or expected family contribution. Measurement of EFC can be a complicated procedure as it will depend on the net available assets and income of your family. The EFC will be ascertained once the candidate fills out an application for FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Here you have to provide information about your child support, wages, family size, and other related household factors, such as the estimated cost your family can pay toward your education.

The next step is determining the COA or the estimated cost of attendance. Your academic institution will provide this information and consider many factors, such as the room, board, books and supplies, tuition and fees, and other necessary living expenses. The Department of Education has created the FAFSA Forecaster to enable students to get an idea about their financial needs and understand whether they will qualify for Pell Grant or not. Pell Grant money will be provided to students based on their EFC and COA. Single mothers and students can avail of Pell Grant if their expected household contribution is less than $6206 for the academic year 2022 to 2023. An important thing to note is that to be eligible for Pell Grants, single moms and low-income students must not hold a bachelor’s degree and be undergraduates.

Other Financial Aid Programs

Apart from the federal Pell Grant, there are a lot of federally funded aid programs designed for single mothers so that they can afford college and improve their living standards by getting a good job. Some of these federally funded aid programs are as follows:

1. FSEOG, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

This is a federally funded scholarship program which helps low-income undergraduates and single mothers who are in extreme financial need. Recipients are given grants and award amounts based on their financial needs and situation. The educational grant received through this program may range between $100 to $2000 per academic year. To be eligible for the Federal Supplement Education Opportunity Grant, it is essential to be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident. Candidates have to be an undergraduate and must be in exceptional financial need. They are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive Federal Pell Grant and should not have any default on all loans or previous financial aid programs.

2. FSAG, Florida Student Assistance Grants

This state-funded scholarship program enables qualified undergraduates and single mothers to attend accredited Florida institutions. Students in single mothers must show financial needs and promising academic results to get assistance through this program. To be eligible for this state-funded grant program, candidates must be a United States citizen or a resident of Florida for at least 12 months before beginning their academic year. They should have at least a 2.0 GPA as per the requirements of selective service registration. The grant amount received through this program ranges between $200 to $2610 per academic year.


Single mothers in Florida can access the federal Pell Grant program to attend college. To receive this financial assistance, candidates must fulfill their income, registration, and residency status. Apart from the Florida Pell Grant, Florida residents can access other financial assistance and scholarships. Single mothers who want to pursue their education and reduce the financial pressure can apply for a Pell Grant in Florida. The Pell Grant program has been operating since 1972 and enables low-income students and single moms to fund their college. Applying for the federal Pell Grant is a standardized and straightforward procedure that begins with filing a Free Application For Federal Student Aid application. Federal Pell Grants represent one of the most commonly used pillars or enduring support for all students.

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