Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Michigan

Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Michigan

Being a single mom is a challenge in itself. Fortunately, the state of Michigan extends a helping hand to single moms in a variety of ways. The objective of rental assistance programs for single moms in Michigan is to offer the neediest families the right safety net at times of hardship.

Benefits Of Rent Assistance Programs For Single Moms In Michigan

Single moms have the responsibility of providing all the basic needs for their children in different aspects of life including paying for rent and securing a comfortable home. However, this path is not easy for single moms who are going through financial strain. If you’re a single mom facing a problem securing low-cost and safe housing in Michigan then many state, federal, and nongovernmental programs can assist you in times of need. There is a wide range of programs and resources that you can apply for if you’re looking to attain home stability and fulfill your immediate housing needs. These programs can also help you with free childcare apart from housing help.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Michigan

The journey of a single mom symbolizes resilience and determination. The following rental assistance programs in Michigan offer a much-needed safety net for struggling single moms and provide them an opportunity to get a stable environment to raise their children properly.

1. Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA)

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority offers technical and financial assistance to single moms, low-income families, and other individuals so that they can secure affordable and safe housing. Some of the programs that can be available through the MSHDA website are homeownership assistance programs, rental assistance programs, and emergency housing assistance programs. The income limitations of the program may vary depending on the program you’re applying for and your location in Michigan. The State Housing Development Authority rental assistance program provided by MSHDA will enable low-income renters to receive rental help.

2. State Emergency Relief Program (SER)

The Department of Health and Human Services manages the State Emergency Relief Program in Michigan which aims to offer cash benefits to low-income households. Single moms looking for financial assistance to cover bills, mortgage agreements, rent, moving costs as well and home restoration will find this program to be a right fit. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to qualify for financial assistance. Besides the above-mentioned opportunities, the State Emergency Relief Program in Michigan also collaborates with nongovernmental organizations and local institutions in the state.

3. Michigan Family Independence Program (FIP)

This welfare program in Michigan offers cash assistance to low-income single moms and poor families with dependents including pregnant women. The Family Independence Program in Michigan is designed so that families can become self-sufficient. According to the Michigan Law participants cannot receive FIP benefits for more than 48 months in a lifetime. On becoming eligible for the program cash deposits will be credited to your EBT account twice every month. This program offers cash assistance as well as food, childcare, and state emergency relief assistance. Single moms who require short-term help with rent can be eligible for this program and use the cash benefits towards rent payments.

4. Michigan Housing Choice Voucher Program

There are around 28,000 housing choice vouchers that are administered presently by MSHDA and offer rent subsidies to low-income individuals living in the state. Eligible participants have to find housing in apartment buildings and private homes. Single moms will be eligible to receive rental vouchers for this program provided that gross-annual income does not exceed the income limitation for the county where they are residing. Once you are accepted into the program, you can cover around 60% to 70% of your rent through the voucher help. Eligible participants can also qualify for additional opportunities like the Key To Own Homeownership Program and Family Self-Sufficiency Program. It is important to note that applications are accepted only for the open waiting list and can be accessed online.

5. Salvation Army Rent Assistance Program In Michigan

The state of Michigan is popular for its vibrant cities and pristine lakes. The state is home to a lot of single moms who work tirelessly to provide a stable secure life for their kids. A significant challenge for single moms living in this state is obtaining affordable housing. This is where the assistance of the Salvation Army steps in. The organization offers critical support to single-parent families who are going through financial obstacles and helps them cover rent and prevent homelessness. You can also get emotional, spiritual, and financial support. In times of rent emergency Salvation Army will extend financial aid so that you can cover your rent payments and utility bills.

6. Wayne County’s Rent Assistance And Homeless Prevention Program

The Rent Assistance And Homeless Prevention Program in Wayne County offers cash benefits to people who are facing financial obstacles. The primary objective of this program is to eliminate poverty in the state. Single moms who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless can apply for this program. Eligible participants of the program receive cash assistance for mortgage payments and utility bills or rent assistance. Single moms need to prove that their financial situation is poor and they are unable to afford rent or mortgages to qualify for support.

7. Detroit Friendship House

This nongovernmental local organization in the state of Michigan offers financial help to needy families and single moms navigating economic difficulties in their lives. If you’re having a problem securing low-cost assistance to pay for rent, utility bills or mortgage plans then do not hesitate to apply for assistance from this organization. They will help you to get safe housing and cover your rent.


Single moms and other low-income families in Michigan have access to different housing assistance programs or rental support which makes it possible to attain safe, affordable, and comfortable housing. The eligibility requirements of every program may vary therefore it is important to review every program requirement before applying. You can also get in touch with MSHDA which is the administering agency of housing assistance resources and voucher programs in Michigan.

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